Honours and awards: Doctor of Divinity and Doctor of Theology from the William Laud Seminario de Ciencias Humanas Integrales, Ecuador

Between 2021 and 2022, the Iglesia Anglicana Tradicional de Santa Maria Virgén, which is headquartered in Ecuador with communities throughout the Spanish-speaking world, joined the Apostolic Episcopal Church of which I am Primate and Presiding Bishop, becoming constituted as the Province of St Mary the Virgin of the AEC. The William Laud Seminario de Ciencias Humanas Integrales was established in Santo Domingo, Ecuador, as the seminary of the church, which was recognized by the Ministry of Human Rights and Worship of the Ecuadorian government by ministerial agreement no. 1130 of December 17, 2015. I was honoured to receive the degrees of Doctor of Theology and Doctor of Divinity, jure dignitatis, from the Seminary.


Honours and awards: Grand Cross Chaplain of the Ordo Equestris Reginae Caeli

I have been pleased to accept the appointment of Grand Cross Chaplain of the Ordo Equestris Reginae Caeli, a religious order of knights in the spirit of the Benedictine tradition. An agreement of partnership has also been entered into between the Order and the Abbey-Principality of San Luigi under my leadership.

More information about the Order and its charitable works can be found at its website https://www.oerc.eu

Honours and awards: Fellow of the Central School of Religion and Fellow of the Faculty of Church Music

Central School of Religion was founded and chartered as Central University in Indiana, USA, in 1896 to provide external facilities for those whose circumstances did not permit work at a residential college. In 1968, the University was revised, and only its religious programmes were continued as the Central School of Religion.

Central School of Religion has always borne witness to the unique and divine inspiration of Holy Scripture and is non-denominational in character. Members of many different churches are tutors, graduates or members of the School. The School continues to derive its degree-granting authority from its 1896 charter in Indiana, but since 1968 has also had a presence in the United Kingdom.

Central School of Religion in the United Kingdom functions as a theological society and offers diplomas in Theology (and related subjects) and Church Music. It is the aim of the School to follow as closely as possible the standards and practices of British universities. Degrees are conferred by the School in America upon the recommendation of examiners. Central School of Religion has never sought accreditation, but is a member of the Association of Centres of Adult Theological Education, a premier fraternity of theological colleges and institutions.

The School enjoys links with a number of colleges and academics. Tutors and examiners are recruited from all major Christian churches and hold recognised qualifications. Although there is no provision for the recognition of American degrees by the State in the United Kingdom for general purposes, and thus the degrees awarded by the School itself are unaccredited, the co-operation in scholarship achieved by the School is the accreditation most valued by its members who may be found in many areas of Christian service.

The School holds an annual Reunion in London which typically includes the presentation of academic awards, several academic talks, and the performance of music, usually with a sacred focus. This is followed by Choral Evensong.

I was responsible for writing a History of the CSR, involving research on both sides of the Atlantic, which was published in 2002 (European-American University Press). At that time, I had no formal affiliation with the School, and was interested in its history principally because it was one of the oldest purely distance learning institutions still in existence today. A paper later published with the History was devoted to the academic dress of the School.

I have been delighted to receive the distinction of Fellow of the School.


In 2014, I was appointed an Honorary Associate of CSR’s Faculty of Church Music. In 2021, I received the Fellowship of the Faculty of Church Music.


Honours and awards: Academic Senator of the Centro Studi Accademici “Studiorum Popularis Universitas Ss. Petri et Pauli”

I have been honoured by the Centro Studi Accademici “Studiorum Popularis Universitas Ss. Petri et Pauli”, which has conferred an honorary appointment as Academic Senator upon me. The Centro is incorporated in Florida, USA, as a religious institution, and is under the Presidency of Prof. Dr. Vincenzo Cortese of Italy. My thanks to all at the Centro, which has been recently founded and will look to expand its activities during the coming year.


Honours and awards: International Honorary President of the International Association for Financial Managers and Administrators and Association of Chartered Professional Managers of Nigeria

I have been delighted to receive the International Honorary Presidency of the International Association for Financial Managers and Administrators and the Association of Chartered Professional Managers of Nigeria. Both of these institutions are recognized as professional associations by the Federal Government of Nigeria. I have also been appointed to the Fellowship of both institutions.