Honours and awards: Honorary Fellowship of the National College of Music

The National College of Music has awarded an Honorary Fellowship to me in recognition of services to music.

The National College of Music and Arts, London, was established in 1894 by the Moss family and friends and incorporated in 1898. A number of eminent musicians, aristocrats and other distinguished people of the day were persuaded to become Founder Patrons.

As a result of the wish of Mr William J. Moss, the senior member of the family, for the College to remain in the hands of the founders for as long as possible, a company was established entitled The Musical Reform Association in order to secure this objective. The design of the unusually large certificates of the NCM continues to follow the pattern established by Mr William J. Moss.

Until the Second World War the College operated from premises in London and established many centres throughout the country for the conduct of external examinations. During the war, the College lost its London building and since then has concentrated upon the work of examining, carrying out this activity not only within the UK but also increasingly overseas.

The position of General Secretary was held successively by Messrs Harold and Noel Moss and then by Mr Noel Moss’s widow Violet until she was well into her eighties. The current management of the College is in the hands of its College Council, which meets a number of times each year in order to formulate policy.

In 1994 the NCM celebrated its centenary with a concert and service of thanksgiving in the Archway Central Hall in London. That year also saw the recognition of the College’s diplomas by what is now the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.

The ethos of the NCM is firmly towards the creation of the well-rounded musician, and the College encourages the enjoyment of the candidates’ studies in both music and speech subjects. A very wide range of syllabuses is offered, covering all major disciplines at Grades 1-8, Medal and Diploma examinations. Diplomas are available by examination, composition and thesis.