Honours and awards: Honorary Fellowship in Music of ICMA

It may justly be said that ICMA (Independent Contemporary Music Awards) was one of the first examining bodies to take seriously the concept of examinations combining both serious and popular music, through the grades to diploma level, a concept that has since been widely adopted by the “traditional” institutions. They were the first to offer an options list of supporting tests for practical examinations, and candidates are able to offer alternative pieces for approval to play at the examination.

ICMA is notable for its highly flexible approach to examining, arranging times at the candidate’s convenience and conducting the examination in surroundings familiar to the candidate. It has a substantial and loyal following throughout the UK.

In addition to its principal work of examining, ICMA offers an advice line, a regular newsletter and endeavours to organise both formal and informal social events for students and teachers.

As well as their main office in Witney, Oxfordshire, ICMA has also maintained a base in Scotland.

I was awarded an Honorary Fellowship in Music by ICMA in 2002.