Honours and awards: Medal of Honour for Science and Art, Austrian Albert Schweitzer Society

In October 1984, a number of committed Christians, including Helmut and Johanna Bräundle-Falkensee, Josef Gamperl, Elisabeth Gräfin Polzer-Hoditz and Olga Leitinger, decided to found the Austrian Albert Schweitzer Society (ÖASG) as a Christian-humanitarian, non-profit and non-political aid organization. In February 1985 it was registered as an association in Austria. By decision of April 15, 1991 (GZ 63.337/23-5-2/91) the awards of the ÖASG were certified by the Federal Ministry of Defense for the general wearing permit for the uniform of the Austrian army. By letter dated April 28, 1995 (12.410/1365-II/13/95), the Ministry of the Interior expressly permitted the appearance and shape of the uniform, distinctions and badges of the ÖASG. Over the years, a worldwide organization developed from a relief organization to support the Albert Schweitzer Primeval Forest Hospital in Lambarene (Gabon). The ÖASG today has around 500 members around the world and is a member of the United Nations Global Compact.

In 2002 I was successfully nominated by the founder of the ÖASG, the late Helmut Bräundle-Falkensee, for the award of the Medal of Honour for Science and Art of the ÖASG. Three awards of this medal were made each year, presented at ceremonies in Brussels or Vienna.