Honours and awards: Doctor of Divinity and Doctor of Theology from the William Laud Seminario de Ciencias Humanas Integrales, Ecuador

Between 2021 and 2022, the Iglesia Anglicana Tradicional de Santa Maria Virgen, which is headquartered in Ecuador with communities throughout the Spanish-speaking world, joined the Apostolic Episcopal Church of which I am Primate and Presiding Bishop, becoming constituted as the Province of St Mary the Virgin of the AEC. The William Laud Seminario de Ciencias Humanas Integrales was established in Santo Domingo, Ecuador, as the seminary of the church, which was recognized by the Ministry of Human Rights and Worship of the Ecuadorian government by ministerial agreement no. 1130 of December 17, 2015. I was honoured to receive the degrees of Doctor of Theology and Doctor of Divinity, jure dignitatis, from the Seminary.