Honours and awards: Honorary Fellow of the Central Academy of Music

The Central Academy of Music was founded as an examining board in 1985 by Dr Donald Heath and the late Ray Turnecliffe in order to encourage the playing of the electronic keyboard. It was a company limited by guarantee in the United Kingdom. The Academy offered Grades 1 to 9 initially, and later on diplomas were introduced. At that time no other college offered examinations in electronic keyboard. Subsequently, the Academy also offered examinations in piano and electronic organ, and had centres throughout the UK and Ireland leading to a busy programme of examining throughout the year.

CAM syllabuses were wide-ranging and flexible, and the Academy’s friendly but rigorous approach won a loyal following in the popular organ world and beyond.

I was appointed as an examiner for the Academy by Dr Heath, and subsequently examined for graded examinations at their centres in Ipswich and Wolverhampton. In 2002, the Academy awarded me an Honorary Fellowship.