Honours and awards: Fellow of the Metropolitan College of Music

The Metropolitan College of Music was founded in 1996 and re-constituted in 2002. Following its re-constitution, it awarded the diploma of Fellow only. This was awarded to persons considered worthy of the award by the Governing Council of the College. It was not an “honorary” award; recipients became full Fellows of the College, usually in recognition of service to music. Fellows, after a period of one year from their own election, could recommend candidates to Council for consideration. In exceptional circumstances Council might, through the Registrar, consider nominations from non-members of the College.

The College subsequently changed its name to the Metropolitan College of Musicians. I was admitted as a Fellow and then served as a Member of Governing Council between 2003 and its closure in 2015. Although serious differences had emerged between members of Council in 2005, the College continued to function for a decade subsequently. I was strongly opposed to its closure, believing that the College fulfilled a distinctive role for musicians, but was outvoted.