Honours and awards: Medaglia Europea of the Federazione Italiana dei Combattenti Alleati

I have been honoured to receive the Medaglia Europea of the Federazione Italiana dei Combattenti Alleati. FIDCA was founded in 1972 as an association of European ex-combatants and others who were supportive both of the European ideal and of the sacrifices of those who had sacrificed themselves for freedom. FIDCA was recognized as a distinct legal personality in Italy by Presidential Decree n.305 of 9/4/1986, and by means of DPR 27-2-1990, it was placed under the direct patronage of the Italian Ministry of Defense.

The Medaglia Europea, or European Cross, is awarded after nomination from a participating organization both to ex-combatants and to supporters, remembering the service and sacrifice of those who fought not only for Italy but in the Allied cause all over Europe. This has a particular resonance for me since my maternal grandfather was killed in action in Belgium in 1945 while fighting for the Allies in World War II.