john-kersey1Welcome to my website. I am Professor John Kersey, educationalist, musician and Anglican clergyman. Based in the United Kingdom, I work internationally, leading a group of private-sector educational organizations at the university level that offer bespoke professional education for high achievers, as well as maintaining a busy consultancy in my specialism of comparative international education, chiefly for the benefit of law firms in the United States preparing immigration petitions.

Alongside these commitments, I am an award-winning concert pianist, having founded my own niche recording label which has issued over one hundred world premiere CD recordings of piano music of the Romantic era, including the first ever recording of a rediscovered Beethoven piano sonata.

Following eighteen years of lay service in the Church, I undertook ministerial training and was ordained as a non-stipendiary minister in 2006. Since 2008, I have been a senior clergyman in the Apostolic Episcopal Church, one of the older “continuing” Anglican communions, and in 2015 succeeded as that church’s fifth Primate and Presiding Bishop.

I also maintain professional interests in several specialist areas of law, and work on a consultancy basis as an independent legal assistant undertaking non-reserved legal activities. As a paralegal, I have worked in and alongside law firms for more than twenty years.


I combine this diverse and demanding portfolio of professional and vocational commitments with several wide-ranging avocations, including but not limited to extensive interests in the areas of nobility and chivalry, the study of Western esotericism, and speaking and writing on matters affecting our society and culture from a traditionalist perspective.

I advocate for a society based on the principles of monarchy, feudal aristocracy, private property, and tradition, and for the creation of a counter-establishment that embodies these elements. Many aspects of my work serve as an active contribution to this latter aim.