Welcome to my website. I am Professor John Kersey (in full, Edmond John Kersey de Polanie-Patrikios), and this website is a guide to my professional work in education, music and the Church. I live with my family and our two cats in north Shropshire, UK, and when not working enjoy the stunning countryside of the Welsh borders.

I am a polymath, working simultaneously in multiple academic fields, and offer some thoughts on this and a defence of polymathy here.

The leading factor influencing the directions and development of my professional life has been intellectual giftedness, and I offer some personal perspectives on living with this here. I also discuss my superpower, which is Asperger’s syndrome (a form of autism),  here.

Below, I offer an outline of the principal areas of my work, with links to more detailed information. In addition, I offer the following professional services on a freelance basis. To enquire about any of these, please contact me by email.

  • Piano recitals (UK only) – solo piano concerts or lecture-recitals, often showcasing some of the neglected works that I have rediscovered and brought to public notice.
  • Lecturing/speaking engagements (UK only) – in any of my areas of expertise, and British culture and politics.
  • Writing – articles on any of my areas of expertise, experienced and widely-published reviewer of music and books.
  • Piano teaching (at my home studio in Shropshire only) – advanced level tuition, preparation for examinations and concerts.
  • Consultancy – in any of my areas of expertise, particularly distance and experiential education and the equivalency of international credentials.

If you would like to make a donation to support my scholarly work (which receives no form of public funding), please use the PayPal link below. Donations can be used to support my ongoing recordings of neglected piano music of the Romantic era, or can be applied to any other aspect of my work that interests you.

Principal areas of work

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Based in my native United Kingdom, I work internationally, leading a group of private-sector educational organizations at the university level that offer bespoke professional education for high achievers, as well as maintaining a busy consultancy in my specialism of comparative international education, chiefly for the benefit of law firms in the United States preparing immigration petitions.

I am currently Chancellor and Richard Williams Morgan Professor of History and Education at European-American University (Bunyoro-Kitara (Uganda); Florida (USA); France), Chancellor and Supreme Head of the Western Orthodox University (Florida, USA), International President of OXCEL – The Oxford Centre for Leadership, and a Full Professor in the International Program of the Universidad Empresarial de Costa Rica. I hold several other honorary and emeritus professorships.

I also work as a senior consultant and Director of Expert Opinion Services for Career Consulting International (Florida, USA), where I evaluate and advise on the equivalency of international credentials, with particular application to their role in the immigration procedures of the USA.

I am an award-winning classical pianist, having founded my own niche recording label which has issued over one hundred world première CD recordings of piano music of the Romantic era, including the first ever recording of a rediscovered Beethoven piano sonata. Many of my recordings are now available on my YouTube channel, together with new performances of nineteenth and twentieth-century works that range from the justly celebrated to the newly rediscovered.

After many years of lay service in the Church, I undertook ministerial training and was ordained in 2006. Since then I have served as a non-stipendiary clergyman, being appointed bishop in the Apostolic Episcopal Church in 2008. In 2011, I was elected the eighth Prince-Abbot of San Luigi, and thereby took on responsibility for an international ecumenical foundation that includes Western Orthodox, Traditional Catholic and Continuing Anglican jurisdictions, as well as several Orders of Chivalry and related bodies. I also have research interests in the Western esoteric tradition.

I have worked as a specialist legal consultant in a number of areas of law both in the UK and internationally, and a number of my academic writings also deal with aspects of law. I have also worked with others to develop a small general legal practice undertaking non-reserved legal activities chiefly for the benefit of clients who would not otherwise be able to afford legal representation. This work is undertaken under the trade name West Mercia Law.

I advocate for a society based on traditional conservative values, for the defence of Western civilization, its values and its people, and for the creation of a traditionalist counter-establishment. Many aspects of my work serve as an active contribution to this latter aim. Since 2014, I have been a Vice-President of the Traditional Britain Group.

Honours and awards
My work has been recognized by honours and awards from organizations around the globe, including the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Volunteer Service from President Barack Obama. I have been honoured by the governors of four states in the USA, and have also received numerous international chivalric and nobiliary honours from both the Christian and Islamic worlds.