Honours and awards: Royal House of Susiana

Giuseppe Ambrosini was an Italian scientist and expert in alternative medicine, who published widely and often appeared on television and in the newspapers discussing his ideas. Born in Varese in 1936, he undertook most of his studies in Rome and obtained a professorship in zoology. In science, his chief area of expertise was in the study of rodents, particularly the chinchilla, and he published a number of books on the genetic selection and breeding of chinchillas in captivity. He also worked on the subject of animal communication, and published a book on communication in cats.

From the 1970s onwards, he became increasingly interested in alternative medicine and parapsychology. Ambrosini’s research concentrated on one main question: when natural healers such as Reiki practitioners raise or place their hands on a subject, what actually happens? The scientific answer is “nothing”, and yet the subject often claims to undergo some form of transformative experience during or after such an encounter – which some assert amounts to healing. Ambrosini asserted that what was transferred from the healer to the subject in a successful healing session was an essence that he called bioplasma, which he identified as a life force capable of effecting rejuvenation. He devised and patented a number of machines (including the elettrovisore) and systems that aimed to provide evidence of the transmission of bioplasma and these were enthusiastically discussed in the press and presented at several public trials.

Ambrosini’s interests ranged widely, and he also made contributions to the areas of anthropology and criminology. He made over 300 appearances on national and regional television, and devised and presented a 200 episode series on art called Arte, civiltà dei popoli. Of an aristocratic family, he also took a great interest in chivalry and nobility, and received many ranks and appointments in international Orders. In 2003, he was honoured by His Royal and Imperial Highness Prince Pascal I Bandeira Moreira, Chief and Head of the Name and Arms of the House of Great Gothia (whose House was recognized by decree of the deposed Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II of 1 May 1910), and elevated to the ranks of Theocratic King of Elam and King of Susiana. Ambrosini, who took the regnal title of Tammaritu III Yosef I, went on to establish several dynastic Orders.

In 1981, Ambrosini established the Accademia Superiore di Studi di Scienze Naturali e Psicobiofisiche Prof. Ambrosini – Diandra University (Deed 7-2-81 N°17942/3382) which was registered as a nonprofit association under Italian law. There were further registrations in Brazil, Spain and California, USA.

The Diandra University became affiliated with the World University, Arizona, USA, in 1986.

The Diandra University was also affiliated to the Parthasarathy International Cultural Academy in Madras, India. It offered a Masters degree in collaboration with the Centro de Altos Estudio en Ceremonial de Buenos Aires “General don Manuel Belgrano”, Argentina, as well as a PhD program in social (humanitarian) service and a diploma in criminology.

In 1988, a treaty of recognition was signed between the European Bureau of the United Nations University for Peace (whose main campus is in Costa Rica) and the Diandra University. This provided that the University for Peace would accept the degrees issued by the Diandra University.

In 2003, in my capacity as Secretary-General of the Institute of Arts and Letters, London, I wrote to inform Ambrosini of the decision of that body to elect him to their Fellowship. Following our correspondence, Ambrosini appointed me to the rank of Knight Grand Cross in his Corps of Volunteers of Assistance and of Peace “The Knights of Holy Mary of Angels”.

I was also awarded an honorary PhD of the Diandra University and appointed as its Honorary President for the UK.