Honours and awards: Knight of the Order of the Sacred Cup

The Order of the Sacred Cup is a fraternal fellowship of Christian men. While chivalric in its character, it is not an Order of Chivalry in the classical definition of that term. It acknowledges Jesus Christ, Son of God, as its Grand and only Master. These knights exalt the Sacred Cup and defend the symbolic meaning of the elements of the Last Supper as representing the broken body and shed blood of Jesus. The Order gives forth no code of conduct except that which is handed down through the teachings of Holy Scripture.

The Order of the Sacred Cup was founded in Grafton, West Virginia, USA, on 1 August 1970, with the main purpose to be that of helping and aiding needy children. It still pursues this goal on a selected basis. The order also functions as an honorary award given in recognition of outstanding service to the Church of Jesus Christ.

The Order is truly Ecumenical in nature. The founders and original officers were mostly drawn from Protestant churches. Its original religious charter was bestowed by Patriarch Peter II Zhurawetsky of Miensk, and the Patriarch of Jerusalem, Benedict I, conferred Apostolic Blessings on the Order. His successor Patriarch Diodoros likewise extended his Patriarchal Blessing to the Knights of the Sacred Cup. In 1988 Prince Kermit William of Miensk became Grand Knight Chancellor and held that position with distinction, building up the work and membership of the Order. He appointed me as a Knight of the Order in September 2012. On his death in 2015 he was succeeded by me as his adopted son and heir.