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Walter Niemann: Ancient China, op. 62

“The Composer, having in a dream joined the Poet, Paul Claudel (author of “Aus der Erkenntnis des Ostens”, translated into German by Jakob Hegner, and published by Insel-Verlag), on a journey to China, relates here in music some of his experiences. They do not pretend to be Chinese, as the Composer does not deliberately employ the five-tone scale, whole-tone combinations with abstention from the leading-note, strange rhythms, and other primitive auxiliary means of producing exotic music; they are intended to be Chinese only in so far as they reproduce the delicate, exotic, fairy-tale atmosphere of the Far East, occasionally coloured with the primitive element in music. The work should be regarded as a musical picture of Ancient China, as conceived in a dream-fantasy by a modern German composer.”

Walter Niemann: Holstein Idylls, op. 8

“And suddenly an idyll lay before him. Over by the pond the stately courtyard with the mighty residential building and the linden-shaded living rooms, the green panelwork of the walls, the bright red of their bricks reflected in the clear water, the bridge rolling and roaring dully under the wheels, the dusting mill wheel and in the background the vast radiant and bursting forest in the spring sun.” – Timm Kröger