Publication of “Attacco alla Massoneria”

I have contributed a preface to the book “Attacco alla Massoneria” by Prof. Dr. Luca Scotto Tella de’ Douglas di Castel di Ripa, published by Aracne Editrice in Rome.

This powerful monographic text on Freemasonry and its enemy, Anti-Freemasonry, is not only the umpteenth valuable cultural and didactic work of the author, well known and appreciated for his detailed, painstaking, exquisitely interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research (for example, his latest book, on the Kamikaze, Vento Divino, was published by Aracne in January 2019) but also represents an encyclopedic and university-level publication of a unique scientific and academic importance, of international and world caliber, since such a monumental study on Freemasonry, richly illustrated and enriched both by many footnotes, and by a large and highly accurate Masonic, religious, philosophical, spiritual and numerological glossary-dictionary, was never created, much less conceived before now. The topic is treated as usual across the board and so as to allow even those who are not already experts in the field – Freemason, esotericist, Gnostic or professor of History of Religions – to understand this ancient initiatory path, with a core of Solomonic and Hiramitic wisdom and with sapiential, mystical and initiatory contributions from the greatest and most ancient civilizations of our planet. This theme is still unfortunately unknown and misunderstood to most, so much so that the Free Masonry, or Freemasonry, or Royal Art, in the collective imagination, in Europe and especially in Italy, has always been wrongly connected to Satanism, thanks to the totally fictional books invented by Léo Taxil (1854–1907), to the underworld, and even to organized crime, while in reality the greatest philosophers, religious, statesmen, scientists, artists, musicians, captains of industry and philanthropists of history have been Masons. Freemasonry has been and is, in the history of humanity, similar to the sun in that everyone has enjoyed its salutary and life-giving effects (even unwittingly) and whose rays have shone and still shine refracting on every side. Nobody knows how to penetrate its sacred origin, because it is divine, to discover its luminous process and its intimate essence.

With interviews with Lidia Reghini di Pontremoli, Davide Scaranari, Ilenia Mastroscusa, Agostino Mario Cannataro; a Glossary, a Masonic Dictionary and multiple culturally useful curiosities.

The book is of 1,656 pages published in two volumes. It is available from Amazon and other booksellers.