Speech to the 2022 Richard Edmonds, Colin Jordan and John Tyndall Memorial Meeting

Today, I was among the speakers at this meeting in Preston, organized by Heritage and Destiny.

The review of my speech by Heritage and Destiny said that I “gave a cogent analysis of the burgeoning threats to traditional British values and freedoms – and to the Christian values that are the bedrock of British and European civilization. The dictatorial grip of the political establishment is at last being resisted: the forces of resistance are no longer marginalised – our agenda of maintaining and restoring British traditions is now at the centre of political debate.”

The text of my speech follows below. A video recording can be found here.

“The New World Order”

Mr Chairman, thank you. I want to begin today by drawing your attention to the two greatest shocks that the globalist establishment has received since it began its work in the years after the end of the Second World War.

The first of these events was when, on the 23rd of June 2016, against the combined power of everything the establishment did and stood for, the British people, and largely the indigenous British working class, told the European Union to get lost. The Eurofederalists, every media outlet and every global corporation stood against us. They never wanted us to have a vote. But the British people had had enough. The European Union began as a Common Market but was fast developing into a socialist superstate in which our nationhood would be lost and we would be relegated to a mere region controlled from outside our borders. And the EU’s open border policy meant unlimited mass immigration to Britain.

The second was later that same year, on the 8th of November 2016, when Donald Trump was, again contrary to every media outlet, every global corporation and the vast amount of money and resources deployed against him, elected President of the United States of America, principally again by White working class voters. Everything was done to prevent Trump’s election and to frustrate his Presidency, including two failed impeachment attempts. But he served his term, delivered on most of his campaign promises, and became the first President to defy the political establishment openly.

We should not think that these things have been allowed simply to go unremarked by the globalist establishment. That establishment has spent a lot of time, money and energy trying to ensure that nothing similar can ever happen again. And in doing so, they have identified as their principal enemy the White working class.

The globalists have gained at least a temporary victory in the United States, and they are also well on the way in Britain. The answer is what the World Economic Forum announced in 2020 as The Great Reset, with a launch video by our now King Charles III.  This means among other things that control will move from government to large multinational companies, thus rendering the voting public impotent, that we will “own nothing and be happy” by 2030, that policy will be driven by environmental priorities made by those who believe in man-made climate change, and that taxes, trade and regulations will be harmonized to achieve so-called “fairer outcomes”. It also promotes the idea of implanting our children with microchips and running increasing parts of our lives via artificial intelligence. We are already seeing systems like Facebook and Google turn over large parts of their decision-making not to human beings but to artificial intelligence algorithms. Banks have been doing this as well, and now it is not just “computer says no”, but a situation where humans cannot override the policies the computers implement.

We should not think that all this is driven by any regard for our benefit. It is driven by the billionaire class and by global corporations that long ceased to be about just making money and are now convinced their mission is to tell us how to live our lives. There is a new class system developing, and it is to consist of the super-rich at the top, everyone else at the bottom, and a middle class that people can aspire to if they do what the super-rich want. How will it work? In China, they are rolling out what they call a social credit system that will turn every interaction with authority into a system of rewards and punishments, with dissenters shut out from the privileges reserved for the compliant.

In Britain, there are two Brexits; the one that we voted for and the one the politicians have given us. Our politicians have talked tough, but what they have delivered is far closer to what Brussels wanted than what British voters wanted. We have been landed with a mess in Ireland that threatens our sovereignty and the Union, and this comes after years of our own government selling Ulster out to the Republicans. And in place of mass immigration from the European Union we now see mass immigration, both legal and illegal, from Africa and the Middle East. The globalists are still pulling the strings. But now they have the White working class in their sights. They are determined to destroy our culture so that our people are atomised and isolated, to force multiculturalism on us, and to replace us with immigrants who have no loyalty to our way of life or our nation, but who can be used by their masters to create a society of compliant wage-slaves.

If you are a Marxist-leaning billionaire who wants to influence government and global corporation policy, the methodology is simple. You ensure that the media carries your message both online and in print. You fund supposedly independent think-tanks which produce policy reports which are then used as levers for decision-makers to act. You endow universities with funding to produce graduates and research that conform to an agreed common leftist ideology. You fund scientific research that produces the answers you want to see to questions that you hand-picked. You fund charities that are in fact campaigning fronts for particular ideological views. And that’s without the direct and indirect influence you can have on politicians themselves. There is a web of influence here, and all of it is intimately connected. It is being used to push Cultural Marxism on our society in such a way that it is permanently baked-in to our institutions and anyone who dissents is pushed out.

In our institutions, the priority is now diversity before all else. The agenda is openly anti-White and opposed to the nuclear family. If you are from an ethnic minority, you are promoted as a victim of racial oppression, regardless of whether that is actually the case, and automatically given a superior status because of your race. If you are White,  the only way you can attain a similar status is to identify as a member of a sexual minority, the more esoteric the better, and claim victim status as a result. The media seems to feel now that it cannot create television programmes, advertising or films without representing Black people in a way that used to be criticized as tokenism; where they are given automatic privilege for their race regardless of their actual merits. And even the government seems to follow suit. Could you imagine the governments of Nigeria or Ghana promoting Whites to the senior positions in their cabinets in order to parade their diversity credentials? I have worked closely with both Nigerians and Ghanaians and I can tell you that they have preserved something which should be cherished by all of us – pride in their race and pride in the nations it has created.

Of course, diversity doesn’t extend to opinions. For many years the middle class in Britain has been a class that is not so much defined by money and possessions as by shared opinions and values. To be middle class today means to agree with diversity and wokeism, not least because all of the professions now impose those values on their members, so that they are now socially promoted and accepted as the only way to be. From time to time, one of their members finds that they are turned upon for a real or imagined transgression against these rules, often by a Twitter mob, and thrown out of the middle class club. They are made an example of so that the others will toe the line.

That is not the only way that the New World Order is being imposed. One of the oldest lessons from history is that one of the best ways to ensure compliance is to create fear. Frightened people do as they are told. Now, you could frighten people by creating a totalitarian state, but that’s far too obvious to win mass support. Far better to use an authority figure that almost everyone obeys without question – the doctor.

To further the purposes of the New World Order, it would not really matter what the chosen disease was. It could be Covid-19, it could be flu, it could be monkeypox or almost anything else. The key is the way that this is then used to create mass fear and to destroy civil liberties on a scale never before seen in peacetime. Lockdowns did immense and possibly irreparable damage to our nation. They were vastly disproportionate to the risk that Covid actually posed, and they were imposed in a way that silenced any dissenters.

The response to any objection was fear, fear and more fear. This is how you control people. Everyone deferred to the experts, particularly scientists and the medical establishment, because they had been encouraged by the system to do this rather than thinking for themselves or seeing the wider picture. If they had seen the wider picture, they would have seen that the multinationals were being protected by lockdown rules while small businesses were left to go to the wall. Our way of life and our society, even our family bonds, were being attacked and the damage is still evident. It is time we saw lockdown tactics for what they are, because there are plenty of people who would love to see them reimposed on us. What we need to remember is that a life lived in fear is no life at all. Could you imagine the Britain of even thirty years ago giving up its freedoms so easily? Freedom is hard won but easily lost. Let us resolve that whatever health crises our country may face in the future, as far as lockdown is concerned our answer must be never again.

In 2015, the World Economic Forum was talking about making injectable rNA vaccines to create genetic changes in mice. Every time this technology was tried in humans, it was abandoned because the side effects were too severe. But come Covid, and rNA vaccines suddenly became the answer, despite their very limited effectiveness and side effects that include death and debilitating illness. We are told that only a very small proportion of those taking the vaccines will suffer any side effects, though we will not know for sure until there is any proper long-term testing on them – which there has never been. So effectively, that’s like saying you should play Russian Roulette with better odds against getting the bullet. There is also now significant evidence that the vaccines are indeed bringing about a reduction in the population. Mortality rates per hundred thousand in Britain are lowest among the unvaccinated in all age groups. In UK government data quietly released during the weekend of the Queen’s funeral, we also find that there have been over twenty-four thousand “unexplained” excess deaths since April, while the triple vaccinated accounted for 91% of Covid deaths throughout 2022.

The most important thing I’m going to say to you is this. Yes, the globalists have the money. They have the control over the institutions, the media and the government. But we have something far more important. And a time is coming when our people will tell the New World Order where to go.

It will not be easy. In fact, it will be the hardest fight of our lifetimes. To win, we must focus on what victory means for us. What are we fighting for? We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

Now how are we going to do it? The globalists fear us because we have already shown that when we get together and exercise our power, there is nothing that can stop us. When they try to divide us, we will come together. When they try to silence us, our voices will grow ever louder. When they try to make us live in fear, we will show them that the British spirit will never be ground down by faceless authority. To be part of this great nation is to have won first prize in the lottery of life. It is our birthright, and the weight of thousands of years of noble history is on our shoulders. Let us tell our children and grandchildren in the years to come that we faced down our enemies; we looked them straight in the eye and we took our country back.