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  1. Creative outputs as a musician
    1. Public performances
    2. Recordings released online
    3. CD recordings
  2. Books, articles and related outputs
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    3. Edited books and monographs
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1. Creative outputs as a musician

a. Public performances
A list of principal concerts can also be supplied.

I am a professional concert pianist; I have also performed professionally as an organist, harpsichordist and harmonium player. I was formerly also a choral and ensemble singer with both large and small groups to semi-professional level.

My first major professional appearance as a pianist was aged seventeen at the Purcell Room, London South Bank Centre. Other performance venues include all of London’s major concert halls, cathedral and church venues in the Midlands, East Anglia and the South, and concerts in Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Portugal.

I have given many modern-era premières of rediscovered works of the nineteenth-century including works by Beethoven, S.S. Wesley, Alkan, Kirchner, Beliczay and numerous others, often prepared from manuscript sources or early editions, and with spoken historical introductions. Several premières of contemporary music include works by Jonathan Dove and by contemporary Asian composers. As soloist, I performed much of the major repertoire of the Romantic era in concert and performed the transcriptions of Godowsky and Schulz-Evler while still a teenager. As ensemble artist and choral répétiteur I performed the major duo and oratorio repertoire of the Classical and Romantic eras. I have appeared in ensemble concerts performing my own compositions.

Between 1988 and 2000, I held permanent positions as organist at London churches; I also undertook freelance work as an organist, including some recital work concerned with the eighteenth-century English tradition.

b. Recordings released online
on my YouTube channel at

Those items indicated * are believed to be the world première recordings of these works performed by a human pianist, excluding previous MIDI or other electronically-realized recordings. Certain of the Walter Niemann works were also recorded by the composer and Georg Liebling on piano rolls (which have never been transferred to disc), but have not otherwise been recorded; these are marked +. In some cases the recordings below may also constitute the first complete recording of a work where one or more movements have previously been recorded by others.

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: The Abode of Happiness, op. 163*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Masks, op. 59

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Tchaikovsky Symphony no. 6 in B minor op. 74 “Pathetique”, transcribed by Walter Niemann for solo piano

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Six Rondinettos, op. 130*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Before the forest smithy*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: From a little city, op. 154*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Variations on an old English minuet, op. 118 no. 1*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: The Yellow Tango (1933)*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Tales from the Mountains, op. 41*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Scarlattiana, op. 126 – Sonata no. 3 in G major

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Pictures from Chiemsee, op. 131*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Der Artushof, op. 158*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Pickwick, op. 93*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Scarlattiana, op. 126 – Sonata no. 2 in A minor

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Five Little Poesies, op. 11*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Scarlattiana, op. 126 – Sonata no. 1 in D major

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Introduction and Toccata, op. 106*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Merry Prelude, op. 85*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Arabeske, op. 52+

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Hermitage, op. 140*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Sevillana, op. 63*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Romantic Suite, op. 189

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: A Day at Schloss Dürande, op. 62*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: For the House, op. 34*

Kersey, J.: Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov transcr. Walter Niemann: Hymn to the Sun

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Theme and Variations inspired by Camoẽns’ Lusiaden, op. 25*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Waltzer-Kaprice, op. 79*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Dreams of Autumn, op. 63 or 64*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Ancient Idylls, op. 99*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Wasserspiele, op. 69+

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Suite after words by Friedrich Hebbel, op. 23*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: To be sung on the gondola – Barcarole, op. 64*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: From Forest and Field, op. 17*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Fairy Tales from the Forest, op. 29*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: La Cascade, etude-poésie, op. 14*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Music for an old castle, op. 147*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Präludium, Menuett and Capriccio, op. 133*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Christmas Bells; little variations on an English air by Matthew Camidge (1795), op. 129*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Three Poetical Waltzes, op. 182 (*first recording of piano solo version)

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Pavane and Gavotte**, op. 108* (**first recording of piano solo version)

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Ciacona – The Church Window, op. 169*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: The Spring Morning, op. 167*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Valse-Impromptu, op. 183*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Bunte Lampions, op. 186*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Voices of the Wood, op. 184*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Two Barcarolles, op. 144*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: The Garden of Orchids, op. 76+

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Musical Picture Book after Kate Greenaway, op. 19*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Romantic Miniatures, op. 33*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Yule Slumber Lilt, op. 143

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Im Kinderland, op. 46*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Brazilian Rhapsodies, op. 110*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: 3 Compositions, op 7

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: 24 Preludes, op. 55*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Three Miniatures (without opus number)

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Tokkata, op. 78*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Black Forest Idylls, op. 21*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Hans und Grete, op. 36*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Suite for piano, op. 87*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Three Nocturnes, op. 28*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Fantasie-Mazurka, op. 53

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Kocheler Ländler, op. 135*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Holstein Idylls, op. 8*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Butterfly Etude, op. 82+

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: The Singing Fountain (Nocturne), op. 30

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Meissen Porcelain, op. 6*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Romantic Impromptu, op. 31+

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Piano Sonata no. 1 in A minor, op. 60 “Romantic”

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Suite after words by Jens Peter Jacobsen, op. 43+

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Sonatina in D major, op. 24 no. 3*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Trianon – Menuet favori, op. 66*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Sonatina in A minor, op. 24 no. 2*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Sanssouci Gavotte, op. 65*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Sonatina in C major, op. 24 no. 1*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Janmaaten, op. 136*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Vier Balladen, op. 81*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Der Kuckuck, op. 38*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Von Gold drei Rosen, op. 42*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Eight Mazurkas, op. 74*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Aus alter Zeit: little suite after Theodor Storm, op. 39*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Pharaonenland, op. 86

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Präludium, Intermezzo und Fuge, op. 73*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Chaconne, op. 44*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Immensee, op. 54*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Japan, op. 89

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Die Harzreise, op. 77*

Kersey, J.: Brahms: Violin Sonata no. 1 in G major, op. 78, transcribed for solo piano by Paul Klengel*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Suite after pictures by Carl Spitzweg, op. 84*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Piano Sonata no. 2, op. 75 “Nordic”

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Porcelain, op. 120*

Kersey, J.: Mompou: Impresiones intimas

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Aus vergangenen Tagen: Ballade, op. 49*

Kersey, J.: Janacek: In the Mists

Kersey, J.: Medtner: Piano Sonata no. 9 in A minor, op. 30 “War Sonata”

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Galante Musik, op. 109*

Kersey, J.: Schumann: Fantasie in C major, op. 17

Kersey, J.: Brahms: Four Piano Pieces, op. 119

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Silhouetten, op.47*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Bali, op. 116*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Modern Dance Suite, op. 115

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Ilsenburger Sonate (Piano Sonata no. 11), op. 150*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Sonatina “Voices of Autumn”, op. 103*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Piano Sonata no. 7 in E minor, op. 98 no. 2

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Piano Sonata no. 6 in D major, op. 98 no. 1*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Ein Bergidyll, op. 100*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Deutsche Ländler und Reigen, op. 26*

Kersey, J.: Heller Nicholls: Alsatian Echoes

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Eine kleine Wassermusik, op. 32*

Kersey, J.: Peter Warlock: Folk-Song Preludes

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Rokoko Suite, op. 148a*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: The White House, op. 80*

Kersey, J.: Medtner: Piano Sonata no. 4 in C major, op. 11 no. 3

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Impressions, op. 112*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Piano Sonata no. 3 in D minor, op. 83 “Elegaic”*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Summer night on the river, op. 45*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: On the Fjord, op. 9 no. 1*

Kersey, J.: Friedrich Nietzsche: Im Mondschein auf der Puszta; Heldenklage

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: From Watteau’s Era, op. 18*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: The House with the Golden Scales, op. 145*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Messplatz – At the Fair, op. 127*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Little Sonata “Franconian” (Piano Sonata no. 4), op. 88*

Kersey, J.: Ravel: Mother Goose Suite, transcribed for solo piano by Jacques Charlot

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Little Variations on an old Irish folk song, op. 146

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Variations on a Sarabande by Froberger, op. 168*

Kersey, J.: Alfred Frederic Mullen: Highways and Byways*

Kersey, J.: Alfred Frederic Mullen writing as “Gustave Lind”: In an old Italian garden*

Kersey, J.: Alfred Frederic Mullen: A Garland of Memories*

Kersey, J.: Alfred Frederic Mullen writing as “Gustave Lind”: Eventide*

Kersey, J.: Alfred Frederic Mullen writing as “Pierre Lescaut”: The Enchanted Isle*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: The Cheery Music-Master, op. 123*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Fantasies in the Bremen Ratskeller, op. 113

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Hamburg, op. 107

Kersey, J.: Sibelius: Five Sketches, op. 114

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: The Magic Book, op. 92*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: From an Old Patrician House, op. 121*

Kersey, J.: Alfred Frederic Mullen writing as “Gustave Lind”: The Black Iris Suite

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Suite after words by Hermann Hesse, op. 71+

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Pompeii, op. 48*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Sonatine op. 152 no. 2 “Country Music”*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Sonatine op. 152 no. 1 “Forest Music”*

Kersey, J.: Alfred Frederic Mullen writing as “Jean Morel”: Roses and Rue*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Kleine Marburger Sonate (Piano Sonata no. 12), op 162

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Kleine Suite, op. 102*

Kersey, J.: Alfred Frederic Mullen writing as “Jean Morel”: O’er Moorland and Mountain*

Kersey, J.: Alfred Frederic Mullen writing as “Victor Salcede”: Three Romantic Idylls*

Kersey, J.: Alfred Frederic Mullen writing as “Pierre Lescaut”: The Valley of Repose*

Kersey, J.: Alfred Frederic Mullen writing as “Gustave Lind”: Edda

Kersey, J.: Alfred Frederic Mullen writing as “Pierre Lescaut”: The city of dreams*

Kersey, J.: Alfred Frederic Mullen writing as “Gustave Lind”: Spring Tales*

Kersey, J.: Percy Elliott: Dream Lagoon Suite*

Kersey, J.: Alfred Frederic Mullen writing as “Gustave Lind”: Saga

Kersey, J.: Alfred Frederic Mullen: Twelfth Night*

Kersey, J.: Percy Elliott: Sunbeams and Moonbeams*

Kersey, J.: Percy Elliott: Under the Summer Moon*

Kersey, J.: Heller Nicholls: Changing Moods

Kersey, J.: Montague Ewing: In Arcady*

Kersey, J.: Alfred Frederic Mullen: Venetian Suite*

Kersey, J.: Bach-Busoni-Siloti: Chaconne in D minor

Kersey, J.: Cuthbert Harris: Poetic Pictures*

Kersey, J.: Cuthbert Harris: Five Impressions*

Kersey, J.: Heller Nicholls: In the Wood

Kersey, J.: Heller Nicholls: Evesham Vale Suite*

Kersey, J.: Ernest Austin: English Pastorals, op. 43*

Kersey, J.: Roger Quilter: Three English Dances, op. 11

Kersey, J.: Roger Quilter: Where the Rainbow Ends (complete*)

Kersey, J.: Schubert transc. Liszt “Wanderer” Fantasy, S.565a

Kersey, J.: Busoni: Sonatina no. 4 “In diem nativitatis Christi MCMXVII”

Kersey, J.: Liszt: Legend no. 2; Sunt lacrimae rerum; Aux cypres de la Villa d’Este I; Mosonyis Grabgeleit; Abschied; Unstern!-Sinistre-Disastro; Romance oubliée; Nuages gris; Piano piece in F sharp major; La lugubre gondola I and II; En rêve-nocturne; Am Grabe Richard Wagners; R.W. – Venezia

Kersey, J.: Ervin Nyiregyhazi: Checkmate no. 2*

Kersey, J.: Ervin Nyiregyhazi: A Soldier of Fortune*

Kersey, J.: Alec Rowley: The Festival of Pan, op. 33*

Kersey, J.: Alec Rowley: First Rhapsody (of Erin), op. 43*

Kersey, J.: Schubert: Sonata in G major, D.894

Kersey, J.: Brahms: Sonata in F minor, op. 5

Kersey, J.: Schubert: Moments musicaux, D.780

Kersey, J.: Alec Rowley: Suite for piano*

Kersey, J.: Beethoven: Sonata no. 23 in F minor, op. 57 “Appassionata”

Kersey, J.: Alec Rowley: Piano Sonata no. 1 in A minor*

Kersey, J.: Alec Rowley: Piano Sonata no. 2 in D major*

Kersey, J.: Schumann: Arabeske, op. 18; Humoreske, op. 20

Kersey, J.: Schubert: String Quartet in G major, D.887, transcribed for solo piano by Boullet*

Kersey, J.: Schubert: String Quartet in D minor, D.810 “Death and the Maiden”, transcribed for solo piano by Jadassohn*

Kersey, J.: Sibelius transc. Taubmann: Spring Song, op. 16*

Kersey, J.: Sibelius transc. Gärtner: The Bard, op. 64*

Kersey, J.: Brahms: 3 Intermezzi, op. 117

Kersey, J.: Brahms: 6 Piano Pieces, op. 118

Kersey, J.: Brahms: 2 Rhapsodies, op. 79

Kersey, J.: Chopin: Polonaise in F sharp minor, op. 44; Scherzo no. 2 in B flat minor, op. 31; Scherzo no. 4 in E major, op. 54; 2 Nocturnes, op. 32; 2 Nocturnes, op. 62; Barcarolle, op. 60; 2 Polonaises, op. 26; Polonaise-fantasie, op. 61; Piano Sonata no. 3 in B minor, op. 58

Kersey, J.: Wagner transc. Mottl and Singer: Prelude to Tristan und Isolde

Kersey, J.: Fauré: Barcarolles 3,4 and 5 (live recording)

Kersey, J.: Debussy transc. Durand: Danse sacrée et danse profane

Kersey, J.: Debussy transc. Roger-Ducasse: Lindaraja

Kersey, J.: Mompou: Musica callada

Kersey, J.: Mompou: Paisajes

Kersey, J.: Mompou: Cants magics

Kersey, J.: Wagner transc. Stradal: Verwandlungsmusik from Parsifal

Kersey, J.: Wagner transc. Rubinstein: Charfreitagszauber from Parsifal

Kersey, J.: Wagner transc. Rubinstein: Sigmund und Sieglinde from The Ring

Kersey, J.: Franck: Prelude, Chorale and Fugue

Kersey, J.: Wagner transc. Bendel: Preislied from Die Meistersinger

Kersey, J.: Bruckner transc. Hynais: Adagio from Symphony no. 7*

Kersey, J.: Wagner transc. Rubinstein: Siegfried Idyll

Kersey, J.: Wagner transc. von Bülow; Overture from Die Meistersinger

Kersey, J.: Rachmaninoff: Symphonic Dances, op. 45 for solo piano*

Kersey, J.: Beethoven: Piano Sonata no. 30 in E major, op. 109 (live)

Kersey, J.: Beethoven: Six Bagatelles, op. 126 (live)

Kersey, J.: Percy Elliott: The Glamour of the East*

Kersey, J.: Percy Elliott: My Garden of Dreams*

Kersey, J.: Leonard Butler: Outdoor Life*

Kersey, J.: Leonard Butler: Rhapsody (At Twilight)

Kersey, J.: Leonard Butler: On a Summer Shore*

Kersey, J.: Leonard Butler: Monastique (Tintern Abbey)

Kersey, J.: Leonard Butler: Sweet Auburn: The Deserted Village*

Kersey, J.: Walter Niemann: Garden Music, op. 117

Kersey, J.: Leonard Butler: In the Heart of the Garden*

Kersey, J.: Alfred Frederic Mullen writing as “Pierre Lescaut”: Indian Scenes*

Kersey, J.: Leonard Butler: From the Surrey Hills

Kersey, J.: Alfred Frederic Mullen writing as “Jean Morel”: In Fancy’s Realm*

Kersey, J.: Alfred Frederic Mullen writing as “Gustave Lind”: Rubaiyat*

Kersey, J.: Fauré: Barcarolles nos. 1-11; Nocturnes no. 3,4,6

Kersey, J.: Beethoven: Piano Sonata no. 21 in C major “Waldstein” (original version)

Kersey, J.: Medtner: Canzona matinata and Sonata tragica from op. 39

Kersey, J.: Medtner: Sonata reminicenza, op. 38 no. 1

Kersey, J.: Medtner: Sonata-elegie, op. 11 no. 2

Kersey, J.: Brahms: Violin Sonata no. 2 in A major, op. 100 “Meistersinger” transcribed for solo piano by Paul Klengel*

Kersey, J.: Brahms: Variations and Fugue on a theme by Handel, op. 24

Kersey, J.: Brahms: 7 Fantasias, op. 116

Kersey, J.: Beethoven: Piano Sonata no. 32 in C minor, op. 111

Kersey, J.: Beethoven: Piano Sonata no. 31 in A flat major, op. 110

Kersey, J.: Beethoven: Piano Sonata no. 30 in E major, op. 109

Kersey, J.: Beethoven: Piano Sonata no. 29 in B flat major, op. 106 “Hammerklavier”

Kersey, J.: Beethoven: Piano Sonata no. 27 in E minor, op 90

Kersey, J.: Beethoven: Piano Sonata no. 17 in D minor, op. 31 no. 2

Kersey, J.: Schubert: 3 Piano Pieces, D.946; Allegretto in C minor, D.915

Kersey, J.: Schubert: Piano Sonata no. 21 in B flat major, D.960

Kersey, J.: Schubert: Piano Sonata no. 20 in A major, D.959

Kersey, J.: Schubert: Piano Sonata no. 19 in C minor, D.958

c. CD recordings
issued commercially on the Romantic Discoveries Recordings label, which I founded in 2005. The majority of these recordings, which were made between 2005 and 2014, are the first recordings of the works in question. Most recordings have also been released online on my YouTube channel at

CD recordings by John Kersey available from Romantic Discoveries Recordings

Kersey, J. Recital at the Guild of Musicians and Singers, 17 May 2014 Gabriel Fauré: Barcarolles nos. 2,3,4,5; Nocturnes nos. 3,6. Charles-Valentin Alkan: Symphonie for solo piano, op. 39 nos. 4-7. Recorded live. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD103.

Kersey, J. Franz von Holstein (1826-78): Piano Sonata in C minor, op. 28 1. Allegro con brio, un poco maestoso 2. Andante 3. Allegro appassionato. Otto Klauwell (1851-1917): Drei Stücke in Kanonform, op. 38: 4. Praeludium 5. Scherzo 6. Romanze. 7. Variations in D minor, op. 22. Hans Seeling (1828-62): 8. Impromptu, op. 8 no. 1 9. Romance, op. 8 no. 2. Wilhelm Speidel (1826-99): Suite (quasi Sonata), op.111: 10. Praeludium 11. Andante espressivo 12. Scherzo 13. Marcia funebre 14. Finale. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD102.

Kersey, J. Piano Music of Friedrich Gernsheim (1839-1916) volume 2 Sonata in F minor, op. 1: 1. Langsam, getragen 2. Lebhaft 3. Leidenschaftlich bewegt. Zwei Klavierstücke, op. 39: 4. Lied 5. Gavotte. Tondichtung, op. 72: 6. Hymnus 7. Romanze 8. Intermezzo 9. Jubilate 10. Waltz, op. 70 Symbole, op. 59: 11. Nachtstück 12. Elegie 13. Im Schilf 14. Romanze 15. Aeolus. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD101.

Kersey, J. Piano Music of Friedrich Gernsheim (1839-1916) volume 1 1. Fantasie, op. 27 Ins Stammbuch, op. 26: 2. Andantino 3. Allegretto grazioso 4. Andante 5. Allegro con brio e giocoso 6. Andante espressivo 7. Allegro 8. Lento e sostenuto 9. Fantasie, op. 81 10. Legende, op. 44 11. Romanze, op. 15. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD100.

Kersey, J. Piano Music of Sydney Smith (1839-89) volume 2 1. Nadeshda, fantasia on the opera by Arthur Goring Thomas (1850-92), op. 211b 2. Aspiration (mélodie), op. 208 no. 1 3. Inquiétude (impromptu), op. 208 no. 2 4. Gavotte and Musette, op. 188 5. Vie orageuse (Deuxième ballade), op. 203 6. Chant de berceau, op. 156 7. Harmonies du soir (morceau élégant), op. 54 8. Menuet romantique, op. 174 9. Rayons d’or (Bagatelle), op. 176 10. Happy memories (morceau de salon), op. 77 11. Kermesse (Scène hollandaise), op. 181 12. Voix du coeur (Mélodie), op. 178 13. Zeffiretta (Morceau de salon), op. 159 14. Bacchanale, op. 170. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD99.

Kersey, J. Piano Music of Herrmann Scholtz (1845-1918) 1. Nocturne op 41 no 1. 2. Nocturne op 41 no 2. 3. Variationen über ein norwegisches Volklied, op 27. Traumbilder, op 22: 4. Langsam 5. Im mässigen Tempo 6. Langsam 7. Sehr rasch. 8. 14 Variationen über ein Original-Thema, op 31. Albumblätter, op 20: 9. Ziemlich langsam 10. Mässig bewegt 11. Innig bewegt 12. Ziemlich bewegt 13. Innig bewegt 14. Ziemlich langsam und äusserst zart zu spielen 15. Nicht zu langsam und etwas graziös 16. Ziemlich belebt und sehr gesangvoll zu spielen 17. Still und träumerisch 18. Ziemlich bewegt 19. Ziemlich langsam und mit innigem Ausdruck 20. Freudig bewegt. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD98.

Kersey, J. The Little Russians Alexander Alexandrovich Kopylov (1854-1911): 1. Feuille d’album in G Gennari Ossipovich Karganov (1858-90): 2. Serenade, from “Album lyrique”, op 20 no 4 3. Menuet all’antico, op 20 no 5 4. Dans le gondole, op 20 no 6 5. Kopylov: Polka de salon on the theme B-la-F, op 16 6. Karganov: Reverie du soir, op 20 no 7 7. Scherzino, op 20 no 8 8. Berceuse, op 20 no 11 9. Kopylov: Album leaf in C minor, from “3 Album Leaves”, op 26 no 3 10. Karganov: Romance, op 20 no 9 11. Nocturne, op 18 no 1 12. Kopylov: Chanson sans paroles 13. Karganov: Valse-caprice, op 16 14. Kopylov: A drop of rain, op 13 no 4 15. Mazurka 16. Karganov: Capriccietto, op 20 no 10 17. Mazurka, op 20 no 12 18. Nocturne, op 18 no 2 19. Kopylov: Feuille d’album in C 20. Karganov: Berceuse, from “Aquarelles”, op 22 no 3 21. Polka, from “For the Youth”, op 21 no 7. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD97.

Kersey, J. Piano Music of Jakob Rosenhain, vol 2 . 1. Grand Caprice brillant, op. 23. Deux Reveries, op. 26: 2. Andantino doloroso 3. Andantino con moto Quatre Romances, op. 14: 4. Allegro non troppo 5. Andantino 6. Scene suisse au bord du lac de Genève 7. Andante espressivo 8. Etude op 17 no 6 – The Fisher’s Serenade 9. Etude op 17 no 8 – Lied 10. Etude op 17 no 11 – Con passione, tempo rubato. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD96.

Kersey, J. Piano Music of Jakob Rosenhain, vol 1 Sonata in F minor, op 40: 1. Allegro con fuoco 2. Andantino 3. Scherzo – Allegro molto 4. Rondo – Presto 5. Slavonic Dance, op. 67 no. 1 6. Poeme, op. 24 Deux Morceaux de Salon, op. 28: 7. Nocturne 8. Rondo-valse 9. Grande valse de concert, op. 33. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD95.

Kersey, J. The Circle of Brahms, vol. 6 1. August Bungert (1845-1915): Aus meinem Wanderbuch: Unter Palmen (Bordighera), op. 53 no 1. 2. Bungert: Variations and Fugue on an original theme, op. 13. 3. Woldemar Bargiel (1828-97): Nachtstück, op. 2. Bungert: Albumblätter: Characterstücke, op. 9 book II: 4. Allegro moderato, op. 9 no. 4 5. Andante, op. 9 no. 5 6. Moderato, op. 9 no. 6. 7. Heinrich von Herzogenberg (1843-1900): Eight Variations, op. 3. 8. Ernst Rudorff (1840-1916): Impromptu, op. 51. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD94.

Kersey, J. The Circle of Brahms, vol. 5 1. Friedrich Gernsheim (1839-1916): Variations in E flat major, op. 18 2. Gernsheim: Variations in C minor, op. 22 3. Gernsheim: Weihe der Nacht, op. 69 4&5. Gernsheim: Fantasie und Fuge, op. 76b Ernst Rudorff (1840-1916): 3 Romanzen, op 48: 6. Andante con moto tranquillo 7. Allegro capriccioso 8. Larghetto – Allegro vivace 9. Rudorff: Variazioni capricciose, op 55 10. Rudorff: Capriccio appassionato, op. 49. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD93.

Kersey, J. The Circle of Brahms, vol. 4 Carl Georg Peter Grädener (1812-83): Piano Sonata in C minor, op. 28: 1. Allegro molto e con brio 2. Grave assai lento 3. Scherzo finale molto vivace. Heinrich XXIV Prinz Reuss zu Köstritz (1855-1910) 4. Andante Grädener: Fantastische Studien und Träumereien, op. 52, vol. 1: 5. „Immer zu immer zu/Ohne Rast noch Ruh!” 6. Beschaulichkeit 7. Jüngling und Mädchen 8. Kampf, Entsagung, Kampf  9. Resignation. Gustav Nottebohm (1817-82): Six Romanesques, op. 2: 10. Andantino 11. Allegro poco agitato 12. Andante cantabile 13. Allegro grazioso 14. Allegro 15. Allegro brioso. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD92.

Kersey, J. Piano Sonatas of Eduard Franck (1817-93) vol. 3 8 Klavierstücke, op. 62: 1. Allegretto 2. Allegro molto 3. Andante 4. Presto 5. Allegro appassionato 6. Andante 7. Allegretto 8. Vivace. Piano Sonata in F major, op. 44 no 3: 9. Allegro 10. Allegro 11. Andante – Più tranquillo 12. Allegro vivace. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD91.

Kersey, J. Piano Music of Algernon Ashton (1859-1937) 6 Pieces, op. 140: 1. Rêverie 2. Capriccio 3. Scherzo 4. Ballade 5. Impromptu 6. Romance. 3 Traumbilder, op. 83: 7. Elegie 8. Intermezzo 9. Ballade. 5 Piano Pieces, op. 127: 10. Elegie 11. Humoreske 12. Romanze 13. Toccata 14. Berceuse. 7 Pieces, op. 125: 15. Capriccio 16. Idylle 17. Cavatine 18. Intermezzo 19. Silhouette 20. Nocturne 21. Impromptu. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD90.

Kersey, J. Piano Music of Hugo Wolf (1860-1903) Twelve Mörike Lieder, transcribed for solo piano by Max Reger (1873-1916): 1. Jägerlied 2. Er ist’s 3. Begegnung 4. Fussreise  5. Verborgenheit 6. Elfenlied 7. Der Gärtner 8. Schlafendes Jesuskind  9. Gebet 10. Rat einer Alten 11. Gesang Weyla’s 12. Selbstgeständnis. 13. Albumblatt 14. Kanon Piano Sonata in G major, op. 8: 15. Allegro gracioso 16. Largo et sostenuto  17. Scherzo 18. Rondo Allegro (incomplete). Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 89.

Kersey, J. Piano Sonatas by Eduard Franck (1817-93) vol. 2 Piano Sonata in F major, op. 40 no. 1: 1. Allegro 2. Allegretto 3. Allegro vivace. Piano Sonata in C major, op. 40 no. 2: 4. Allegro risoluto 2. Andante sostenuto 3. Allegro vivace. Piano Sonata in G minor, op. 40 no. 3: 7. Allegro 8. Allegretto 9. Allegretto. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 88.

Kersey, J. Piano Music of Robert Fuchs (1847-1927) Improvisationen, op. 11: 1. Grazioso 2. Andante con espressione 3. Un poco con moto 4. Allegretto 5. Presto 6. Allegretto tranquillamente 7. Allegro 8. Allegro moderato (scherzando) 9. Tranquillo. Sommermärchen und Herbstblätter, op. 39 (excerpts) 10. Anmuthig 11. Etwas langsam, gemüthvoll. 12. Capriccietti, 11 Stücke, op. 12: Mässig bewegt – Im selben Tempo – Etwas ruhiger – Ziemlich geschwind – Mässig bewegt – Im selben Tempo – Langsam breit – Unruhig – Sehr ruhig – Bewegt – Finale. Ländliche Scenen, leichte Stücke, op. 8: 13. Sommer-Morgen 14. Auf dem Teich 15. Verlassen! 16. Plaudernde Mädchen 17. Trauliches Plätzchen 18. In der Dorfschmiede 19. Die Schule ist aus! 20. Auf der Waldweise 21. Im stillen Grunde 22. Waldvögelein 23. Heimkehr vom Felde 24. Zur Kirmess. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 87.

Kersey, J. Piano Music of J.P.E. and Emil Hartmann and August Winding Johan Peter Emilius Hartmann (1805-1900): 1. Fantasistykke: Allegretto grazioso e moderato. August Winding (1835-99): Sommerminder, op 26: 2. Feriestemning 3. Nyt Liv 4. J Sukkenes Allee I 5. J Sukkenes Allee II 6. Valse Impromptu 7. Serenade 8. Notturno. J.P.E. Hartmann: 9. Introduction et Andantino religioso, op. 26. August Winding and Emil Hartmann (1836-98): Fjeldstuen, ballet by A. Bournonville: 10. Sæterpigernes Dands om det nydødbte Barn (Winding)  11. Astas Dands til Faderens Spil (Hartmann)  12. Bornene Fortælle om Astas Dands (Hartmann) 13. Menuet (Hartmann) 14. Huldredands (Winding) 15. Springdands (Winding) 16. Scherzo (Hartmann). J.P.E. Hartmann: Novelletten: Sechs kleine Stücke, op 55: 17. Allegretto 18. Allegro giocoso 19. Menuet-Tempo 20. Allegro vivace, assai 21. Andantino sostenuto 22. Allegro assai. Emil Hartmann: Sonata in F major, op 17: 23. Allegro 24. Cantilene: Andantino 25. Rondo: Allegro grazioso. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 86.

Kersey, J. Piano Music of August Winding (1835-99) Preludes in all the Keys: A Cycle, op 26: 1. in C major: Poco Adagio, maestoso e con nobilità 2. in A minor: Allegro agitato ed affetuoso 3. in F major: Comodo 4. in D minor: Allegro risoluto e energico 5. in B flat major: Allegro non troppo. Giocoso, con allegrezza 6. in G minor: Moderato con fierezza 7. in E flat major: Andante innocente e tenero 8. in C minor: Presto impetuoso 9. in A flat major: Allegro non troppo con dolcezza 10. in F minor: Allegro moderato, poco agitato 11. in D flat major: Con moto. Soave e con grazia 12. in B flat minor: Andantino quasi Allegretto, Grave e mesto 13. in G flat major: Allegro vivace con calore e molt’ animato 14. in E flat minor: Presto furioso e con strepito 15. in B major: Allegretto tranquillo e dolce 16. in G sharp minor: Allegretto dolente e malinconico 17. in E major: Moderato grazioso e con tenerezza  18. in C sharp minor: Allegro energico e molt’ appassionato  19. in A major: Allegretto dolce e piacevole 20. in F sharp minor: Andantino con duolo 21. in D major: Allegro con vivacità ed anima 22. in B minor: Adagio grave e lugubre 23. in G major: Allegro molto con gran vivacità 24. in E minor: Andante sostenuto, quasi una fantasia 25. Postludium in C major: Poco Adagio, maestoso e con nobilità. Landlige Scener: Skizzer for Piano, op 9: 26. Med Tilegnelsen 27. Ved Daggry 28. Ved Kornmarken 29. I det Frie 30. Løvfald 31. Aftenstemning 32. Afsked. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 85.

Kersey, J. Piano Music of August Halm (1869-1929) August Halm: 1. Prelude and Fugue in E minor 2. Pastorale and Andantino 3. Prelude and Fugue in C minor 4. Prelude and Fugue in F sharp minor 5. Praeludium and Invention. Adolf Schulz-Evler (1852-1905) 6. Echo de la Partita de J.S. Bach. Rudolph Niemann (1838-98): Concert Suite, op. 34: 7. Praeludium 8. Sarabande 9. Alla Gavotte 10. Bourrée. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 84.

Kersey, J. The Circle of Brahms vol. 3 Ignaz Brüll (1846-1907) 1. Theme with Variations, op. 35 no 1 2. Mazurka, op. 35 no 2. Ernst Rudorff (1840-1916) 3. Fantasie, op. 14 – first movement. Brüll: 4. Ballade, op. 84 5. Theme with Variations, op. 39. Drei Klavierstücke, op. 101: 6. Menuett 7. Gavotte 8. Novelette. Karl Georg Peter Grädener (1812-83): Fliegende Blätter, op. 5: 9. no. 1: Presto assai 10. no. 4: Allegretto poco vivace. Brüll: 11. Impromptu, op. 37 no. 1. 12. Idylle, op. 37 no. 2. Zwei Klavierstücke, op. 94: 13. Gondoliera 14. Marche a la japonaise. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 83.

Kersey, J. The Circle of Brahms vol. 2 Albert Dietrich (1829-1908): 6 Klavierstücke, op 6: 1. Allegretto 2. Ziemlich langsam 3. Langsam, sehr ausdrucksvoll 4. Lebhaft 5. Mässig, im Menuettempo 6. Larghetto. Heinrich von Herzogenberg (1843-1900): 5 Klavierstücke, op. 25: 7. Notturno 8. Capriccio 9. Barcarole 10. Gavotte 11. Romanze. Friedrich Gernsheim (1839-1916): 4 Klavierstücke, op. 61: 12. Idyll 13. Capriccio 4. Legende 5. Impromptu. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 82.

Kersey, J., Eduard Schütt (1856-1933): Piano Works 1. Thème varié, op. 62. Poésies – 3 Romances, op. 21: 2. Lento ma non troppo 3. Poco moderato, non troppo lento 4. Andante tranquillo. 5 Piano Pieces, op. 8: 5. Humoreske 6. Ariette 7. Menuett 8. Intermezzo 9. Walzer. 10. Thème varié et Fugato, op. 29. Scènes de bal, op. 17: 11. Gavotte-Humoresque 12. Valse lente 13. Polka rococo 14. Mazurka. 15. Theme with Variations, op. 95. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 81.

Kersey, J., Johann Carl Eschmann (1826-82): Piano Works volume 2 Sonata in A flat major op 72 no 2: Spring: 1. Moderato espressivo 2. Am Waldbach: Romanze: Allegretto 3. Allegro vivace. Three Salon Pieces, op 21: 4. Humoreske 5. Polonaise 6. Waltz. Twelve French Folk Songs, op 54: 7. La bonne aventure 8. En revenant de Bâle en Suisse 9. Air de la pipe de tabac 10. Fournissez un canal au ruisseau 11. Eh! lon lon la, Landerinette! 12. Air de la ronde-de-camp de Grandpré 13. Une fille est un oiseau  14. La Vivandière 15. Ce jour-là, sous son ombrage 16. Le bruit des roulettes gâte tout 17. La marmotte a mal au pied 18. Epilogue: J’ai vu partout dans mes voyages. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 80.

Kersey, J., Nicolai von Wilm (1834-1911) Völker und Zeiten im Spiegel ihrer Tänze, op 31, etc. Völker und Zeiten im Spiegel ihrer Tänze (Nations and Epochs illustrated by their Dances), op. 31: 1. Roundelay (German) 2. Sarabande (Spanish) 3. Gavotte and Tambourin (Old French) 4. Ländler (Bavarian) 5. Rigaudon (Provençal) 6. Mazurka (Polish) 7. Minuet (Old French) 8. Bolero (Spanish) 9. Bourrée (Old French) 10. Rustic Dance (Norwegian) 11. Gigue (Old French) 12. Dance of the Rhinelanders (German) 13. Csardas (Hungarian) 14. Loure (Old French) 15. Pavane (Old Spanish) and Gaillarde (Old French). 16. Melodie, op 113 17. Bilder vom Lande, op 146: no 1 Ankunft 18. Klage, op 194 vol 1 no 2 19. Ergebung, op 194 vol 2 no 6 20. Entblätterte Rose 21. Loure (Old French Dance) 22. Frohe Botschaft, op 196 no 6. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 79.

Kersey, J., Nicolai von Wilm (1834-1911): Fantasie, op. 68. Rondo, op 69 no 2, etc. von Wilm: Fantasie in F minor, op 68: 1. Praeludium und Recitativ 2. Intermezzo: Assai vivo 3. Adagio cantabile e sostenuto 4. Finale: Allegro con brio. Hugo Reinhold (1854-1935): Traunseebilder: 5 Tonstücke, op 55: 5. Morgengruss 6. Abendämmerung  7. Echo 8. Barkarole 9. Irrlicht. von Wilm: Rondo in E flat major, op 69 no 2. Josef Rheinberger (1839-1901): Passacaglia: Free concert transcription of the final movement of the Organ Sonata op 132. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 78.

Kersey, J., Johann Carl Eschmann (1826-82): Piano Works Piano Sonata op 72 no 3 “Summer” 1. Allegro moderato, giocoso 2. Andante sostenuto – Scherzo, non troppo presto, leggiero – Tempo di Andante sostenuto 3. Allegro non troppo. Rosen und Dornen (Roses and thorns), op 25: 4. Sanft träumerisch, nicht schnell 5. Presto 6. Allegretto, grazioso 7. Sehr rasch, feurig 8. Polonaisen-Tempo: Fröhlich 9. Sehr rasch, unruhig 10. Ziemlich langsam, ausdrucksvoll 11. Rasch, flüchtig 12. Allegretto grazioso. Piano Sonata op 72 no 4 “Autumn (The Hunt)” 13. Allegro vivace, non troppo presto 14. Abseits: Andante con moto 15. Abends in der Herberge (Allegro vivace) Piano Sonata op 72 no 1 “Winter” 16. Allegro moderato, risoluto 17. Allegretto scherzando e grazioso 18. Allegretto risoluto. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 77.

Kersey, J., Johan Peter Emilius Hartmann (1805-1900): Piano Works Fantasy Pieces, op 54: 1. Allegro poco moderato, pastorale 2. Allegretto capriccioso 3. Allegretto moderato – Canto marziale religioso 4. Allegro molto assai 5. Tempo di Menuetto moderato, con espressione 6. Andantino innocente quasi Allegretto. 6 Tone Pieces in Song Form, op 37: 7. Allegro agitato grazioso 8. Moderato 9. Allegro assai 10. Allegro moderato vigoroso 11. Allegretto quasi Andantino 12. Vekselsang. 13. Bellmanske Billeder: Menuetter. 8 Sketches, op 31: 14. Allegro non troppo, grazioso 15. Canzonetta 16. Mazurka 17. Scherzo 18. Scherzo 19. Allegro assai 20. Introduction-Allegretto mouvement de valse 21. Allegro passionato assai. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 76.

Kersey, J., Victor Bendix (1851-1926): Piano Sonata. Frederic Chopin (1810-49): Nocturne oubliée Victor Bendix: Piano Sonata in G minor op. 26 (1900) 1. Allegro moderato 2. Intermezzo scherzando: Allegretto un poco vivo 3. Andante con variazioni 4. Allegro con fuoco, ma non troppo vivo. Frederic Chopin (1810-49) 5. Nocturne oubliée in C sharp minor, A.1/6. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 75.

Kersey, J., Piano Sonatas of Eduard Franck (1817-93) Piano Sonata in E flat major, op 40 no 4: 1. Allegro con brio 2. Adagio 3. Allegro vivace. Piano Sonata in F major, op 40 no 5: 4. Allegro 5. Andante con moto 6. Presto. Piano Sonata in E minor, op 44 no 2: 7. Allegro 8. Scherzo 9. Andante. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 74.

Kersey, J., Piano Music of Alexander Ilynsky (1859-1920) 1. Three Pieces, op 30: no. 2, Nocturne. La journée d’une petite fille, op 19: book 4 (nos. 19-24): 2. Rêverie 3. La vieille bonne 4. Conte 5. Prière 6. Berceuse 7. Sommeil. from Six Pieces, op 17: nos. 1-4: 8. Prélude 9. Récit interessant 10. Rêverie 11. Menuet. Three Pieces, op 18: 12. Romance 13. Valse 14. Nocturne. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 73.

Kersey, J., Piano Sonatas of Alexander MacFadyen (1879-1936) and Eduard Franck (1817-93), with other works of MacFadyen and Adolph Bergt. Alexander MacFadyen 1. Concert Etude, op. 26  Piano Sonata, op. 21: 2. Allegro energico 3. Romanza: Adagio con espressione 4. Scherzo: Allegro con brio 5. Finale: Allegro maestoso Adolph Bergt (1822-62) 6. Introduction and Valse Sentimentale, op. 4 Eduard Franck: Piano Sonata in F minor, op. 44 no. 1: 7. Presto 8. Andante con moto 9. Allegro. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 72.

Kersey, J. (piano) Piano Sonatas of Gustav Weber (1845-87) and Hugo Kaun (1863-1932), with works of Alkan and Loeschhorn. Gustav Weber: Piano Sonata in B flat major, op. 1: 1. Allegro 2. Scherzo: Presto 3. Andante espressivo 4. Allegro vivace. Hugo Kaun: Piano Sonata in A major, op. 2: 5. Allegro moderato 6. Andante espressivo 7. Intermezzo: Presto 8. Rondo: Allegretto grazioso Charles-Valentin Alkan (1813-88): 9. Transcription of the Chœur des Scythes from Gluck’s “Iphigenia in Tauris” Albert Loeschhorn (1819-1905): 10. Song without words 11. Arabeske, op. 90 no. 1 Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 71.

Kersey, J. (piano) Piano Sonatas of Julius Röntgen (1855-1932) Sonata no. 1 in A major, op. 2: 1. Allegro 2. Scherzo: Presto 3. Adagio 4. Vivace quasi presto. Sonata no. 2 in D flat major, op. 10: 1. Allegretto, sempre tranquillo 2. Scherzo: Allegro vivace 3. Andante cantabile 4. Finale: Allegro con fuoco. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 70.

Kersey, J. (piano) Piano works of Stefano Golinelli (1818-91) 1. Fantasia, op 105. Sonata no. 3 in G major, op 54(b): 2. Allegro 3. Andante 4. Prestissimo 5. Allegro vivo 6. Scherzi e follie, op. 182 Sonata no. 5 in E minor, op. 140: 7. Andante sostenuto – Allegro agitato 8. Andante 9. Allegro 10. Allegrissimo 11. Fantasia villerecchia, op. 116. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 69.

Kersey, J. (piano) Rudolf Viole (1825-67): The Piano Sonatas volume 3 Sonata no. 7 in D minor, op 26 (dedicated to L.A. Zellner): 1. Allegretto 2. Andantino grazioso, Allegro scherzando. Sonata no. 10 in F sharp minor, op. 29 (without dedication): 3. Allegretto 4. Andantino 5. Allegro agitato molto. 6. Sonata no. 11 in E flat major, op. 27 (dedicated to Franz Liszt): Allegro affrettando – Maestoso – Allegro con agilita – Moderato recitativo – Allegro 7. Caprice héroique, op 13. Hans von Bronsart: Three Mazurkas, op 4: 8. Allegretto capriccioso 9. Moderato 10. Allegro ma non troppo 11. Hans von Bülow: Elfenjagd: Impromptu. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 68.

Kersey, J. (piano) Rudolf Viole (1825-67): The Piano Sonatas volume 2 Sonata no. 4 in F major, op 23 (dedicated to Franz Brendel): 1. Allegretto con moto 2. Moderato giusto 3. Presto agitato. Sonata no. 6 in B minor, op. 25 (dedicated to Carl Tausig): 4. Romanze – Andantino cantabile 5. Intermezzo – Allegro scherzando – Trio 6. Allegro appassionato. Sonata no. 8 in E major, op. 27 (dedicated to Dionys Pruckner): 7. Allegro 8. Romanze – Andantino con moto 9. Presto 8. Sonata no. 9 in F minor, op 28 (dedicated to Richard Wagner). Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 67.

Kersey, J. (piano) Rudolf Viole (1825-67): The Piano Sonatas volume 1 1. Grande Sonate no. 1 in B flat minor (on a theme by Franz Liszt), op. 1 (dedicated to Hans von Bülow). Sonata no. 2 in C major, op. 21 (dedicated to Ernst Hentschel): 2. Allegretto 3. Andante. Alla Marcia funebre 4. Presto. Sonata no. 3 in A minor, op. 22 (dedicated to Countess Louise von Ahlimb-Saldern): 5. Allegro 6. Andante 7. Prestissimo 8. Sonata no. 5 in D minor, op. 24 (dedicated to Franz Bendel). Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 66.

Kersey, J. (piano) Piano music of Salamon Jadassohn (1831-1902) volume 3 Maskenball (Masked ball): 7 Airs de Ballet, op 26: 1. Tempo di bolero 2. Allegretto un poco vivo 3.  Andantino quasi Allegretto 4. Mouvement de valse 5. Tempo di mazurka 6. Allegro moderato 7. Molto Allegro agitato. Improvisations, op 75: 8. Bolero 9. Ländler 10. Zwiegespräch (Duologue) 11. Frühlingslied (Spring Song) 12. Bitte (Entreaty) 13. Capriccio. Maskenball: 7 Characterstücke, op 121: 14. Entrata 15. Arlecchino 16. Intermezzo 17. Promenade 18. Divertimento 19. Siciliana 20. Finale. 21. Arabeske, op 53 no 1 (reconstruction by John Kersey). Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 65.

Kersey, J. (piano) Piano music of Salamon Jadassohn (1831-1902) volume 2 Serenade no. 1 in 8 Canons, op 35: 1. Marsch 2. Adagio 3. Scherzo 4. Steyrisch 5. Intermezzo 6. Andantino 7. Minuetto 8. Finale. 9. Variations in serious style upon an original theme, op 40. Serenade no. 2 in E major in 12 Canons, op 125: 1. Allegretto amabile 2. Andantino 3. Allegretto scherzando 4. Humoreske 5. Andante 6. Appassionato 7. Adagio 8. Capriccietto 9. Minuetto 10. Intermezzo 11. Allegretto grazioso 12. Allegretto di marcia. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 64.

Kersey, J. (piano) Piano music of Rudolf Viole (1825-67) with works of Hans Bronsart von Schellendorff (1830-1913) and Hans von Bülow (1830-94) Viole: Sonata no. 7 in D minor, op 26: 1: Allegretto 2: Andantino grazioso – Allegro scherzando. Bronsart: Three Mazurkas, op 4: 3. Allegretto capriccioso 4. Moderato 5. Allegro ma non troppo. 6. Viole: Caprice héroique, op 13. 7. Bülow: Elfenjagd: Impromptu. 8. Viole: Grande Sonate no. 1 in B flat minor (on a theme by Franz Liszt). Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 63. Deleted and all items reissued on CD66 and CD68.

Kersey, J. (piano) Piano music of Julius Röntgen (1855-1932) 1. Ballade in D minor, op 6. 2. Impromptu. 3. Variations on the Swedish folk song “Neckens Polska”, op 11. 4. Sérénade mélancolique. Scenes from Dutch Folk Life (Uit Neerlands Volksleben), op 81: 5. Spring Dance 6. Easter Bells 7. Lazybones 8. Wedding Dance 9. Easter Song 10. Polish Sara 11. Cramignon I 12. Cramignon II 13. Procession 14. Dance of the Cobblers 15. Scotch Dance 16. An English Melody 17. The Carillon of Sneek 18. The May Flute 19. Flight of the Seagulls. Joseph Joachim Raff (1822-82) transc. Claude Debussy (1862-1918): Humoreske in Waltz Form, op 159. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 62.

Kersey, J. (piano) Emil Hartmann (1836-98): Skandinavisk Folkemusik – Viser og danser, op 30. Volume 1 (nos. 1-37) 1. Mellem Fjeldene (Between the mountains) 2. Amagerdans (Amager Dance) 3. „Go Kvel, mi Mari!” (Vexelsang) 4. Springdans (Spring Dance) 5. Agnete 6. Polska (Mazurka) 7. Nattergalen (Nightingales) 8. Halling 9. Edmund og Benedict  10. Domara-Dansen 11. Norsk Bondedans (Norwegian Leaping Dance) 12. Den første Kjaerlighed (The first love) 13. I Dansen (In the dance) 14. Hymne 15. Polska 16. I Morgenstunden (In the morning) 17. Dans og Skjæmtevise (Dance and Skjæmtevise) 18. En Sommerdag (One summer) 19. Dans i Borgegaard (Dance in the castle keep) 20. I Kvæld (At eve) 21. „Allt under himmelens fäste” (All under heavens fixed) 22. Ved Arnen (By Arnen) 23. „En yndig og frydefuld Sommertid” (A sweet and delightful summertime) (2’09”) 24. Norsk Folkedans (Norwegian folkdance) (1’58”) 25. Reel 26. Til Sæters (On the set) 27. Sjællandsk Bondedans (Sjællandish Leaping Dance) 28. Paa Fjorden (On the fjord) 29. Dans og Vise (Dance and scene) 30. Polska 31. Gangerpilten (Noble boy) 32. Elverskud (The elves’ shoot) 33. Polska 34. Svend Vonved 35. Halling og Vise 36. Kulldansen 37. Klagesang (Song of complaint). Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 61.

Kersey, J. (piano) Piano music of Ferdinand Hiller (1811-85) 1. Huit mésures variées, op 57. Sechs Klavierstücke, op 130:
2. Ballade 3. Idylle 4. Romanze 5. Rondino 6. Ghazel 7. Toccata. Fantaisie, op 110: 8. Allegro espressivo un poco agitato 9. Allegro ma non troppo 10. Allegro con fuoco. La Sérénade, op 11: 11. Prelude (Poco agitato) – Romance (Andante espressivo) 12. Finale (Non troppo vivace e grazioso). Three Marches, op 55: 13. Marcia giocosa (Vivo) 14. Marcia elegiaca (Moderato) 15. Marcia scherzosa (Vivace) 16. Bagpipe (An Imitation), op 198. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 60.

Kersey, J. (piano) Piano music of Stephen Heller (1813-88) Piano Sonata no. 2 in B minor, op 65: 1. Feurig, und mit kräftigem Ausdruck 2. Ballade – Mässig 3. Intermezzo – Mässig schnell 4. Epilog – Ausserst lebendig, und mit characterischem Ausdruck 5. Aux mânes de Frédéric Chopin. Élégie et Marche funebre, op 71. Three Songs without Words, op 105: 6. Assai lento 7. Vivamente 8. Allegro. “Es ist bestimmt in Gottes Rath” – Volkslied by Mendelssohn. Fantasie in the form of a Sonata, op 69: 9. Poco sostenuto – Allegro vivace 10. Scherzo – Presto 11. Lento – Poco maestoso (In the style of a folksong) 12. Finale – Allegro assai. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 59.

Kersey, J. (piano) First recordings of Mendelssohn: Original works and transcriptions by his contemporaries 1. Felix Mendelssohn (1809-47): Song without words in F 2. Stephen Heller (1813-88): Caprice caracteristique on two themes by Mendelssohn, op 76 3. Mendelssohn transc. Dietrich Krug (1821-80): Auf Flügeln des Gesanges (On Wings of Song) 4. Sydney Smith (1839-89): Mendelssohn’s Two Part Songs – reminiscence, op 141b Mendelssohn transcribed Theodor Kirchner (1823-1903): Songs: 5. Bei der Wiege (By the Cradle) 6. Frühlingslied (Spring Song) 7. An die Entfernte (To the Distant Beloved) 8. Reiselied (Journeying Song) 9. Reiselied 10. Suleika I 11. Suleika II 12. Schilflied (Reed Song) 13. Venetianisches Gondellied (Venetian Gondola Song) 14. Volkslied (Folk Song) 15. Stephen Heller: 3 Melodies of Mendelssohn, op 72: no 2 – Chant du Troubadour (Song of the Troubadour) 16. Mendelssohn: Adagio in D (ca. 1820) 17. Stephen Heller: Saltarello on Mendelssohn’s Finale from the “Italian” Symphony, op 77 18. Sydney Smith: Transcription of Mendelssohn’s “O for the Wings of a Dove”, op 244. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 58.

Kersey, J. (piano) Piano music of Carl Reinecke (1824-1910) 1. Novelette, op 226. Lieder der Nacht (Songs of the Night), op 31: 2. Mit innigem Ausdrucke 3. Lento, ma non troppo 4. Presto – Rasch und wild 5. Spanische Serenade. 6. Funeral March on the death of Kaiser Wilhelm I, op 200. Old and new dances, op 57: 7. Gigue 8. Courante 9. Ländler (Tyrolienne) 10. Polka. 11. Rhapsodie in B minor (unpublished) (1844). Märchengestalten (Fairy tale forms), op 147: 12. Prolog 13. Aschenbrödel (Cinderella) 14. Heinzelmännchen (Gnomes) 15. Gute Fee (The Good Fairy) 16. Rübezahl (The Mountain Spirit) 17. Schneewittchen (Snow White) 18. Die Roggenmuhme (The Rye-Wolf) 19. Der Königssohn (The King’s Son) 20. Dornröschen (Sleeping Beauty) 21. Rothkäppchen (Red Riding-Hood) 22. Die sieben Zwerge (The seven dwarves) 23. Böse Fee (Bad Fairy) 24. Melusine 25. Undine 26. Die Regentrude (The Rain Maiden) 27. Epilog. 28. Nocturne. 29. Variations on a theme by J.S. Bach, op 52. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 57.

Kersey, J. (piano) Piano music of Theodor Kirchner (1823-1903) Nachklänge, op 53: 1. Non troppo vivace 2. Poco lento 3. Animato 4. Andante (poco lento) 5. Kräftig, nicht zu schnell 6. Dolce animato. Polonaise, Walzer und Ländler, op 77: 7. Im Polonaisen-Tempo 8. Comodo 9. Animato 10. Comodo 11. Comodo 12. Comodo 13. Animato 14. Allegretto 15. Comodo 16. Comodo 17. Allegretto 18. Comodo 19. Poco vivace 20. Comodo 21. Comodo 22. Poco Allegro 23. Poco lento 24. Poco vivace 25. Comodo 26. Allegro. 27. Transcription of Tchaikovsky’s Waltz from the Serenade for Strings. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 56.

Kersey, J. (piano) Piano music of Ludvig Schytte (1848-1909) Three Illustrations for Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tales:
1. Elves on a Hill 2. The Nightingale 3. The Steadfast Tin Soldier. 4. Poème lyrique, op 80 no 2. Moonlit Rambles, op 43: 5. Moderato 6. Andantino 7. Allegro moderato 8. Moderato 9. Allegretto 10. Allegro molto. 11. Valse-caprice, op 13. 12. Nocturne. Voices of Nature, op 22: 13. In the Woods 14. At the Gulf 15. To the Mountains 16. At the Lake 17. Down the River 18. On the Sea 19. Over the Steppe. 20. Impromptu. Two Waltzes, op 102: 21. Valse capriccietto 22. Valse noble. 23. Barcarole from “Piazza del Popolo” – Little Italian Suite, op 110 no 3. 24. Polonaise from Ambroise Thomas’ “Mignon”. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 55.

Kersey, J. (piano) Piano music of Emil Hartmann (1836-98) Four Pieces, op 31: 1. Elegi 2. Impromptu 3. Canzonetta 4. Etude. Arabesque and Caprice, op 16: 5. Arabesque (Theme varié) 6. Caprice. Fra Høilandene – Nordic Tone Pictures for Piano, op 11: 7. Moderato 8. Gamle Minder (Old Memories) 9. En Leg (A Game) 10. Paa Fjorden (On the Fjord) 11. Folkedands. Ballscenen – Dances and Arabesques for Piano, op 23: 12. Introduction et Valse Gracieuse 13. Polka 14. Menuet 15. Intermezzo I – La Coquette 16. Contredanse 17. Valse 18. Galop Furioso 19. Intermezzo II – Scene d’amour 20. Tyrolienne 21. Valse-Finale. 22. Albumleaf. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 54.

Kersey, J. (piano) Piano music of Adolph Bergt (1822-62) Fünf Charakterstücke op.7 (Leipzig, Peters, April 1849) 1. Un poco Moderato 2.  Allegro giocoso 3. Andantino 4. Molto vivace 5. Andante molto moderato. Fünf Clavierstücke op.10 (Leipzig, Breitkopf & Härtel, Oktober 1855) 6. Allegretto vivace 7. Presto 8. Andante con moto 9. Agitato 10. Allegro assai. Fantasiestücke op.9, Heft 1 (Leipzig, Whistling, März 1850) 11. Marcia 12. Maskentanz-Scene 13. Andantino. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 53.

Kersey, J. (piano) Piano music of Hans Huber (1852-1921) vol. 3 Sechs Impressionen: 1. Am See – Barcarola 2. Impromptu-Valse 3. Intermezzo – Rêverie 4. Scherzo – Regennacht 5. Romanze 6. Humoreske. Jugendalbum: 1. Gebet 2. Rondoletto 3. Romanze 4. Menuett 5. Perpetuum mobile 6. Wiegenlied 7. Gavotte 8. Kleiner Marsch 9. Waltzer 10. Variationen 11. Träumerei 12. Bourrée 13. Elegie 14. Novellette 15. Nachtstück 16. Marsch. Drei Stücke im alten Styl, op 14: 1. Gavotte 2. Menuett 3. Bourrée. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 52.

Kersey, J. (piano) Piano music of Hans Huber (1852-1921) vol. 2 Sechs kleine Konzertstücke, op 131: 1. Präludium – Im breiten Lapidarstile 2. Gavotte 3. Wiegenlied 4. Arabeske 5. Intermezzo 6. Impromptu (Menuett). Drei Stücke, op 48: 1. Gavotte 2. Etude (Schneeflocken) 3. Valse-Caprice. 10. Studien über ein Originalthema, op 7. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 51.

Kersey, J. (piano) Theodor Kullak (1818-82) Symphonie for solo piano, op 27; Grande Sonate in F sharp minor, op 7 Symphonie de piano: Grande Sonate en quatre parties in E flat major, op 27:1. Allegro 2. Andante con moto 3. Scherzo – Allegro vivace 4. Finale – Allegro con fuoco. Grande Sonate in F sharp minor, op 7: 1. Allegro 2. Adagio 3. Finale – Allegro. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 50.

Kersey, J. (piano) Piano music of Hans Huber (1852-1921) vol. 1 Zu Maler Nolten (Ed. Mörike): Sonate, op. 47: 1. Andante – Allegro con fuoco 2. Adagio ma non troppo 3. Presto 4. Allegro con fuoco. Drei Melodien, op 21: 5. Anfangs sehr ruhig, fast wehmüthig gehalten 6. Zart leidenschaftlich 7. Mit Anmuth und feinem Vortrag. Blätter und Blüthen – Neun Clavierstücke, op 2: 8. Maestoso 9. Herbstgefühle (Autumn Feelings) 10. Viel Humor! (Much Humour) 11. Aus alter Zeit (From times past) 12. Eine Frage (A Question) 13. Die Antwort (The Answer) 14. Bauerntanz (Farmers’ Dance) 15. Spielereien (Playthings) 16. Ungeduld (Impatience) 17. Tändelei (Toying). Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 49.

Kersey, J. (piano) Piano music of Adolf Jensen (1837-79), volume 2 Romantic Studies, op 8: 1. Gelübte (The Vow) 2. Neues Leben (New Life) 3. Unerwartetes Glück (Unexpected Luck) 4. Nach vollbrachtem Tage (At the Close of Day) 5. Sehnsucht (Longing)  6. Frohe Botschaft (Joyful News) 7. Träumerei (Reverie) 8. Lose (Fate) 9. Arme Gefangene (The poor Captive) 10. Weiße Rose (White Rose) 11. Am Meeresstrand (On the Sea-Shore) 12. Ein Nachklang (An Echo) 13. Liebeszeichen (Love-token) 14. Meine Ruh’ ist hin (My Peace shattered) 15. Deingedenken (Thinking of you) 16. Liebesfrühling (Love’s Spring) 17. Epilog. 18. Ländler aus Berchtesgaden, op 46: 1. Praeludium – Vivace con Allegrezza 2. Allegretto comodo 3. L’istesso tempo 4. Poco animato 5. Poco meno mosso 6. Più animato 7. Poco più vivace 8. Con vivacità 9. Allegro energico 10. Poco Allegretto 11. Con espressione 12. L’istesso tempo 13. Poco più mosso 14. Tempo risoluto – Più mosso – Con brio. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 48.

Kersey, J. (piano) Piano music of Adolf Jensen (1837-79), volume 1 1. Impromptu, op 37. Erinnerungen (Memories), op 48: 2. Allegro appassionato 3. Con espressione 4. Allegro vivace 5. Allegretto scherzando 6. Andantino trasognato. Lieder und Tänze (Songs and Dances), op 33: 7. Widmung (Dedication) 8. Trompeterstücklein (Trumpeter’s Little Piece) 9. Intermezzo 10. Ländler 11. Reigen (Round Dance) 12. Romanze 13. Erster Walzer 14. Zweiter Walzer 15. Intermezzo 16. Lied 17. Menuett 18. Kindermarsch (March of the Children) 19. Ungarisch (Hungarian) 20. Reiterlied (Song of the Rider) 21. Walzer 22. Barkarole 23. Ländler 24. An der Wiege (To the Cradle) 25. Polonaise 26. Abendlied (Evening Song). Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 47.

Kersey, J. (piano) The Circle of Brahms Woldemar Bargiel (1828-97): Piano Sonata in C major, op 34: 1. Allegro moderato, ma con passione 2. Andante, un poco con moto 3. Adagio maestoso – Allegro molto – Prestissimo – Presto possibile. Ludvig Norman (1831-85): Two Character Pieces, op 1: 4. no. 1: Allegro commodo 5. no. 2: Der Sonntagsritt (The Sunday Ride) 6. Reality. Albert Dietrich (1829-1908): from Four Piano Pieces, op 2: 7. no. 2: Canon 8. no. 4: Sehr ruhig, ausdrucksvoll. Julius Otto Grimm (1827-1903): from Abendbilder (Evening Scenes), op 2: 9. no. 1: Abendlandschaft (Evening landscape) 10. no. 4: Elfenchor (Elves’ Chorus). Friedrich Gernsheim (1839-1916): Six Preludes, op 2: 11. no. 1: Un poco lento e sostenuto 12. no. 2: Andante espressivo  13. no. 3: Allegro energico 14. no. 4: Andantino 15. no. 5: Allegretto vivace e leggiero 16. no. 6: Allegro molto agitato. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 46.

Kersey, J. (piano) Piano music of Woldemar Bargiel (1828-97) Albumleaf in B flat major. Acht Pianofortestücke, op 32: 1. Allegro con grazia 2. Andante con moto 3. Presto 4. Lento 5. Allegretto, un poco Allegro 6. Allegro commodo 7. Andante sostenuto 8. Con moto grazioso. Drei Notturnos, op 3: 1. Allegretto 2. Andante 3. Andante. Acht Pianofortestücke (Folge von op. 32), op 41: 1. Tempo di Menuetto 2. Allegro, non troppo 3. Andante, molto cantabile 4. Con grazia 5. Con moto 6. Presto e leggierissimo 7. Andante 8. Allegro molto. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 45.

Kersey, J. (piano) Stimmen der Nacht – Piano music of Heinrich von Sahr (1829-98) vol 2 Zehn Phantasiestücke, op 10: 1. Widmung – Andante con moto – Zum Abschied 2. Moderato 3. Allegretto 4. Zum 4 November 5. Andante 6. Dolce far niente 7. Vivace 8. Scherzo 9. Venetianisches Gondellied 10. Abendlied. Piano piece in G major (unpublished). Ludwig Norman (1831-85): Vier Clavierstücke seinem Freunde Heinrich von Sahr gewidmet, op 9: 1. Allegro non tanto e grazioso 2. Allegro moderato 3. Molto vivace 4. Andante sostenuto. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 44.

Kersey, J. (piano) Piano music of J.P.E. (1805-1900) and Emil Hartmann (1836-98) Emil Hartmann (1836-98) 3 Mazurkas, op 28: 1. Moderato 2. Vivo 3. Allegretto. Johann Peter Emilius Hartmann (1805-1900) Studier og Novelletter (Studies and Novellettes), op 65: 4. Moderato con espressione 5. Allegro appassionato 6. Moderato 7. Allegro agitato, con passione 8. Moderato pastorale 9. Allegro 10. Allegro vivo scherzando 11. Moderato 12. Allegretto grazioso. Emil Hartmann (edition: Denis Waelbroeck) Sonata in G minor (unfinished): 13. Allegro 14. Andante 15. Finale. Johann Peter Emilius Hartmann Klaverstykker fra ældre og nyere Tid (Piano pieces from older and newer times), op 74: 16. Allegro moderato, con passione 17. Allegro energico, non vivace 18. Andantino sostenuto 19. Allegretto moderato 20. Allegro moderato e cantabile. Emil Hartmann 21. Im Mondschein – Introduction und Waltzer, op 34. 22. Jean de France – Sarabande. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 43.

Kersey, J. (piano) Stimmen der Nacht – Piano music of Heinrich von Sahr (1829-98) Acht Clavierstücke, op 1: 1. In Nordischer Weise (In Nordic Style) 2. Allegretto 3. Andante 4. Allegro 5. Andante 6.Jagdlied (Hunting Song) 7. Allegretto 8. Andante con moto. Stimmen der Nacht (Voices of the Night), op 3: 1. Allegro vivace e appassionato 2. Larghetto, ma non troppo 3. Allegro molto vivace e appassionato 4. Andante tranquillo 5. Andante sostenuto. Variationen über ein eigenes Thema (Variations on an original theme), op 10. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 41.

Kersey, J. (piano) Theodor Kirchner – Romantic Tales Romantische Geschichten, op 73: Volume 1: 1) Eintritt (Entrance) 2) Frühlingsgruss (Spring Greeting) 3) Ein Davidsbündlertanz (A Dance of the David’s-League) 4) Damals (Days gone by) 5) Ländler  Volume 2: 6) Romanze 7) Humoreske 8) Legende 9) Im Circus (At the Circus) 10) Menuett Volume 3: 11) Novellette 12) Nachtstuck (Nocturne) 13) A la Hongroise (In Hungarian style) 14) Impromptu 15) In’s Album (Albumleaf)  Volume 4: 16) Elegie 17) Daheim (At home) 18) Klage (Complaint) 19) Balladenmässig (In the style of a Ballade) 20) Abschiedslied (Song of Parting). Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 39.

Kersey, J. (piano) Theodor Kirchner – Old Memories Alte Erinnerungen (Old Memories), op 74: 1) Poco lento, espressivo 2) Allegretto  3) Andantino espressivo (poco lento) 4) Moderato 5) Andantino 6) Con espressione 7) Cantabile 8) Allegretto 9) Andantino 10) Vivace scherzando 11) Comodo 12) Poco lento. 13) Scherzo no. 2, op 54.  “Aus der Jugendzeit” (From Childhood), op 88: 14) Allegro moderato 15) Poco Allegro 16) Moderato 17) Risoluto 18) Vivace scherzando 19) Poco Allegro 20) Lento 21) Vivace 22) Poco lento  23) Allegretto. Federzeichnungen (Pen and Ink Sketches), op 47:  24) Moderato 25) Allegro ma non troppo 26) Moderato 27) Poco lento 28) Allegro vivace 29) Andantino 30) Moderato, cantabile 31) Poco lento 32) Intermezzo (Allegretto con moto) 33) Zum Schluss (Poco lento). Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 38.

Kersey, J. (piano) Leopold Rosenfeld – Lyric Fantasy Pieces Characteerstykker (Character Pieces), op 3: 1) Allegro moderato e agitato 2) Fra Gammel Tid 3) Slot I Skoven 4) Allegro agitato 5) Latter; Lyriske fantasistykker (Lyric Fantasy Pieces), op 47: Book 1: 6) Humoreske 7) Legende 8) Cracovienne 9) Bondedans 10) Sylfelet 11) Valse érotique 12) Scherzino Book 2: 13) Hilsen 14) Stille Tider 15) Alene 16) Foraarsmorgen 17) Af et Digt 18) Vekselsang  19) I Dag 20) Hilsen 21) Til Afsked 22) Hvorfor? 23) Forsilde 24) Øde 25) Farvel 26) Langfredag 27) Et Gravmæle 28) Epilog. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 37.

Kersey, J. (piano) Theodor Kirchner – Fallen Leaves Verwehte Blätter (Fallen Leaves), op 41: 1) Moderato 2) Allegretto 3) Poco Allegretto 4) Allegro 5) Ziemlich langsam, zart 6) Andante. Albumblätter (Albumleaves), op 80: 7) Lento espressivo 8) Allegro 9) Moderato assai 10) Allegretto 11) Poco lento 12) Poco animato 13) Comodo 14) Vivace 15) Lento. An Stephen Heller (To Stephen Heller), op 51: 16) Andantino 17) Moderato 18) Allegro moderato 19) Etwas langsam und still 20) Poco Allegretto 21) Ruhig 22) Allegretto 23) Moderato 24) Sanft bewegt. Nicht schnell. 25) Sehr zart, nicht schnell 26) Con comodo 27) Langsam, ausdrucksvoll. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 36.

Kersey, J. (piano) Theodor Kirchner – From my Sketchbook Four Nocturnes, op 28:  1) Ruhig, singend 2) Con sentimento 3) Moderato 4) Molto moderato; Aus meinem Skizzenbuche, op 29: 1) Ungarisch 2) Deutscher Walzer 3) Humoreske 4) Frühlingsgesang 5) Ständchen 6) Jagdstückchen; Album for piano, op 26: i. Moderato – ii. Allegretto scherzando- iii. Ruhig – iv. Allegretto – v. Moderato – vi. Allegretto semplice – vii. Vivace – viii. Comodo – ix. Ziemlich bewegt – x. Nicht zu schnell – xi. Allegretto comodo – xii. Ziemlich schnell; Four Polonaises, op 43: 1) Maestoso 2) Allegro ma non troppo 3) Lebhaft 4) Moderato. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 35.

Kersey, J. (piano) Friedrich Bürgmuller – Original piano works and fantasies 1) Les Patineurs – Valse brillante from Le Prophète by Meyerbeer 2) Memoria speranza, valse expressive 3) Rondo for pianoforte or harp, op 1 4) Chanson de Fortunio – valse de salon 5) Valse sentimentale du ballet Lady Henriette 6) Les Parisiennes, 3 Nouvelles Polkas no 1 -L’Enjouée, no 2 – La Coquette, no 3 – La Gracieuse 9) Rondino sur une Tyrolienne de Ch.M. de Weber, op 48 no 2 10) Pharsalia, valse brillante, op 89 11) Valse pastorale en forme de rondeau, op 24 12) 6 Morceaux caracteristiques no 1 – On the Spanish Girls, no 2 –  Sea Picture, no 3 – Ave Maria,  no 4 – Having Oranges, no 5 – Morning Sea, no 6 – By the beach 18) La Peri, ballet pantomime in 2 acts – valse favorite 19) La Peri, ballet pantomime in 2 acts – Le Rêve 20) Fantaisie sur le Père Gaillard d’Henri Reber, op 103. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 34. Produced in association with the Norbert Bürgmuller-Society Dusseldorf; with programme notes by Dr. Klaus Zehnder-Tischendorf.

Kersey, J. (piano) Julius von Beliczay – Original piano works and Hungarian national music by his contemporaries 1) Hermann Adolf Wollenhaupt (1827-65): Marche hongroise, op. 66 2) Beliczay: from Stammbuchblätter, op. 31: 1. Träumerei; 2. Intermezzo 3) Beliczay: Gavotte op. 43 4) Beliczay: Aquarellen, op. 26: 1. Moderato; 2. Andantino; 3. Allegretto; 4. Andante con moto; 5. Allegretto grazioso “Es lächelt der See”; 6. Vivace; 7. Allegretto vivace 5) Benjamin Egressy (1814-51) arr. Ferdinand Beyer (1803-63): Ungarische Volkshymne no. 61: Szosat 6) Beliczay: Nocturno, op. 24 7) Beliczay: from Miniaturen, op. 67: 1. Allegretto; 2. Allegro; 3. Moderato; 4. Allegro scherzando; 5. Vivace; 6. Allegretto 8. Adagio rubato – Allegro; 9. Tempo di Valse; 10. Vivace; 11. Andante; 12. Moderato “Égböl szólok” 8) Beliczay: Novellette and Romanze, op. 2 9) Beliczay: 8 Variations on a Hungarian theme, op. 23 10) Ferenc Erkel (1810-93) arr. Ferdinand Beyer: Ungarische Volkshymne no. 60: Gott erhalt Ungarn. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 33.

Kersey, J. (piano) Theodor Kirchner: Conversations with the Piano; original works 1) Humoresken, op 48: 1. Allegro non troppo 2. Con moto 3. Allegretto 4. Allegretto 5. Allegretto grazioso 6. Allegretto 2) Romanze, op 45 no 6 3) Plaudereien am Klavier, op 60: 1. Con moto 2. Allegretto 3. Allegro 4. Nicht zu schnell 5. Poco Allegretto 6. Poco Allegro 7. Mässiges Tempo 8. Con moto 9. Allegretto 10. Allegro 11. Allegretto 12. Poco Andante 13. Con troppo vivace 14. Zart nicht schnell 15. Poco moderato 16. Allegro ma non troppo 17. Comodo 18. Molto moderato 19. Poco animato 20. Comodo 21. Tempo di Gavotta 22. Con fuoco 23. Poco Allegro 24. Allegretto (Gavotten tempo) 25. Andantino 4) Tempo di Valse. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 32.

Kersey, J. (piano) Theodor Kirchner: Robert Schumann transcriptions for solo piano; original works Kirchner: Ein Gedenkblatt: Serenade op 15. Schumann trans. Kirchner: Romanzen und Balladen. 1) Der Schatzgräber op 45 no 1 2) Frühlingsfahrt op 45 no 2 3) Abends am Strande op 45 no 3 4) Die Beiden Grenadiere op 49 no 1 5) Die Nonne op 49 no 3 6) Blondel’s Lied op 53 no 1 7) Loreley op 53 no 2 8) Der Arme Peter op 53 no 3 9) Die Soldatenbraut op 64 no 1 10) Das verlassene Mägdelein op 64 no 2 11) Tragödie op 64 no 3. Kirchner: In stillen Stunden, op 56 Heft IV 1) Klage 2) Freundliches Erinnern. Schumann trans. Kirchner: Bilder aus Osten: 6 Impromptus 1) Lebhaft 2) Nicht schnell und sehr gesangvoll zu spielen 3) Im Volkston 4) Nicht schnell 5) Lebhaft 6) Renig, andächtig. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 31.

Kersey, J. (piano) Unknown Piano Music of Alkan – Original Works and Transcriptions Handel trans. Alkan: Chœur des Prêtres de Dagon from ‘Samson’; Alkan: ‘Il était un p’tit homme’: Rondoletto, op. 3; Weber trans. Alkan: Chœur-Barcarolle d’Obéron (Les filles de la mer); Beethoven trans. Alkan: Chant d’Alliance (Wedding Song); Alkan: Désir, petit fantaisie; Alkan: Variations quasi fantaisie sur une barcarolle napolitaine, op. 16 no. 6; Grétry trans. Alkan: Marche et Chœur des Janissaires; Alkan: Nocturne no 3 in F sharp major, op. 57; Marcello trans. Alkan: ‘I cieli immensi narranno’ from Psalm 18; Gluck trans. Alkan: ‘Jamais dans ces beaux lieux’ from ‘Armide’; Alkan: Variations on ‘La tremenda ultrice spada’ from Bellini’s ‘Montagues and Capulets’, op. 16 no. 5; Alkan: Réconciliation: petit caprice mi-partie en forme de zorcico, ou Air de Danse Basque à cinq temps, op. 42; Alkan: Variations on ‘Ah! segnata è la mia morte’ from Donizetti’s ‘Anna Bolena’, op. 16 no. 4; Anon. trans. Alkan: Rigaudons des petits violons et hautbois de Louis XIV. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 30.

Kersey, J. (piano) Theodor Kirchner – Robert Schumann: The Song Cycles transcribed for solo piano Frauenliebe und -Leben, op 42: Seit ich ihn gesehen; Er, der Herrlichste von Allen; Ich kann’s nicht fassen, nicht glauben; Du Ring an meinen Finger; Helft mir, ihr Schwestern; Süsser Freund, du blickest; An meinem Herzen, an meiner Brust; Nun hast du mir den ersten Schmerz getan. Liederkreis, op 39: In der Fremde; Intermezzo; Waldesgespräch; Die Stille; Mondnacht; Schöne Fremde; Auf einer Burg; In der Fremde; Wehmuth; Zwielicht; Im Walde; Frühlingsnacht. Dichterliebe, op 48: Im wunderschönen Monat Mai; Aus meinen Thränen spriessen; Die Rose, die Lilie; Wenn ich in deine Augen seh’; Ich will meine Seele tauchen; Im Rhein, im heil’gen Strome; Ich grolle nicht; Und wüssten’s die Blume; Das ist ein Flöten und Geigen; Hör’ ich das Liedchen klingen; Ein Jüngling liebt ein Mädchen; Am leuchtenden Sommermorgen; Ich hab’ im Traum geweinet; Allnächtlich im Traume; Aus alten Märchen winkt es; Die alten bösen Lieder. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 29.

Kersey, J. (piano), German Romantic Rarities Gustav Satter (1832-79): Second Legendary Ballade; Salamon Jadassohn (1831-1902): Albumleaves, op 63: 1. Lento melancolico 2. Andantino quasi Allegretto non troppo vivo 3. Andante tranquillo (Canone alla Quarta) 4. Allegretto scherzando alla Siciliana (Canone alla Quarta) 5. Andantino quasi Allegretto; Robert Schumann (1810-56) transcribed by Fürchtegott Theodor Kirchner (1823-1903): Andante with Variations op 46; Salamon Jadassohn: from Three Characteristic Pieces, op 12: 1. Scherzino (Vivace, ma non troppo) 2. Valse (Tempo moderato); Johannes Brahms (1833-97) transcribed by Ludwig Stark (1831-84) Variations on a theme of Haydn (St Anthony Chorale) op 56a. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 28.

Kersey, J. (piano), Piano Music of Salamon Jadassohn (1831-1902) Sechs Klavierstücke, op 49. Improvisationen, op 48. Mazurka brilliante, op 19. Suite, op 124. Vier Phantasiestücke, op 31. Valse, op 132 no 3. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 27. All items re-recorded in 2008 and issued as CD42.

Kersey, J. (piano), Franz Schubert (1797-1828): The Transcriptions String Quintet in C major, D.956, transcribed for solo piano by Ludwig Stark (1831-84): 1. Allegro ma non troppo; 2: Adagio; 3. Scherzo: Presto; 4. Allegretto. Octet in F major, D.803, transcribed for solo piano by Richard Ehrmann: 2. Andante. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 26.

Kersey, J. (piano), Clara Schumann (1819-96) – Complete transcriptions of Lieder by Robert Schumann (1810-56) Widmung, op 25 no 1; Freisinn, op 25 no 2; Schöne Fremde, op 39 no 6; Dein Angesicht, op 127 no 2; Ich wand’re nicht, op 51 no 3; Märzveilchen, op 40 no 1; Berg’ und Burgen, op 24 no 7; Mondnacht, op 39 no 5; Er ist’s, op 79 no 19; An den Sonnenschein, op 36 no 4; Mit Myrthen und Rosen, op 24 no 9; Die Stille, op 39 no 4; Geständniss, op 74 no 7; Der Nussbaum, op 25 no 3; Rose, Meer und Sonne, op 37 no 9; Philinen’s Lied, op 98 no 7; Volksliedchen, op 51 no 2; Nichts Schöneres, op 36 no 3; Du bist wie eine Blume, op 25 no 24; Er, der Herrlichste, op 42 no 2; Intermezzo (Dein Bildniss), op 39 no 2; Dem rothen Röslein, op 27 no 2; Der Knabe mit dem Wunderhorn, op 30 no 1; Die Lotosblume, op 25 no 7; Sehnsucht, op 51 no 1; Sonntags am Rhein, op 36 no 1; In der Fremde, op 39 no 1; Frühlingsnacht, op 39 no 12 (version 1); Helft mir, ihr Schwestern, op 42 no 5; Ständchen, op 36 no 2; Frühlingsnacht, op 39 no 12 (version 2). Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 25.

Kersey, J. (piano), Piano Music of Sydney Smith (1839-89) Reminiscence de Bruges (Le Carillon) – Esquisse, op 55; The Spinning Wheel, op 39; Second Fantasia on Flotow’s “Martha”, op 119; Maypole Dance: A Rustic Sketch, op 45; Barcarolle, op 88; Paraphrase de concert on Mendelssohn’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, op 76; Brilliant fantasia on “The Hardy Norseman”, op 5; Paraphrase on Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto, op 108; En route – Marche brilliante, op 132. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 24.

Kersey, J. (piano), Romantic Discoveries in search of Adventure Ignace Xavier Joseph Leÿbach (1817-91): Fantaisie on “Un ballo in maschera” (Giuseppe Verdi), op 56; Benjamin Godard (1849-95): Guitarella, serenade op 55; Franz Hünten (1793-1878): Souvenir of a Great Master: Impromptu on a favourite air of Ch. M. von Weber, op 216: Theodor Oesten (1813-70): The Carnival of Venice, with 10 Metamorphoses: Capriccietto Brilliant, op 37; In a boat, op 366; Alpine Bells, tyrolienne, op 175; Wilhelm Kuhe (1823-1912): Fantasia on Sir Arthur Sullivan’s opera “The Chieftain”; Henry Brinley Richards (1819-65): The Danube River; Evening; The Liquid Gem; Carl Czerny (1791-1857): Third Fantasie Brilliante on the opera “Il Furioso” (The Madman on the Isle of San Domingo) by Donizetti, op 328; Ludvig Schytte (1848-1909): Rhapsodie. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 23

Kersey, J. (piano), Piano Music of Heinrich Hofmann (1842-1902) Volume Two Flying Leaves: Five Little Pieces, op 85: 1. Impromptu 2. Song 3. March 4. Nocturne 5. Ondines. Sketches, op 77: 1. Rogue! 2. Elegy 3. Ländler 4. Birthday March 5. Melody 6. Dancesong 7. Scherzo 8. Humoreske 9. Sleep. Atmospheric Paintings (Stimmungsbilder), op 88: 1. Gavotte 2. At Evening 3. Notturno 4. Hungarian 5. Dancesong 6. Elegy 7. Minnelied 8. Play of the Waves 9. Ballade 10. Impromptu 11. Rider’s March. Norwegian Songs and Dances (arranged from the duet versions by L. Stark): 1. Frau Holle’s Shepherd’s Magic Song 2. Dancesong 3. Sennerlied 4. Folk Hymn 5. Dancesong 6. Song of the Bard 7. Song 8. Springing Dance. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 22

Kersey, J. (piano), Piano Music of Heinrich Hofmann (1842-1902) Volume One The Trumpeter of Säkkingen: Six Characteristic Pieces, op 52: 1. Young Werner’s Arrival 2. Gnomes 3. Confession 4. Separation 5. In Rome 6. Happy Solution. from Albumleaves, op 11: 1. Akrostichon 2. In May. from Six Pieces, op 101: 1. Humoreske 2. Evening Song 3. Reminiscence. from From my Diary, op 46: 1. Over the Waters 2. The Last Farewell 3. Along the Brook 4. Under the Village Linden-Tree 9. At Parting 10. Snowflakes 11. In the Forest Inn 12. Roving Bird. Three Pieces in Dance Form, op 55: 1. Ländler 2. Springing Dance 3. Polonaise. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 21

Kersey, J. (piano), Romantic Discoveries at the Opera and Beyond Ludvig Schytte (1848-1909): Polonaise from Mignon (Ambroise Thomas); Hugo Bussmeyer (1842-1912): Souvenirs of the Opera no. 11: Les Huguenots (Meyerbeer); Carl Czerny (1791-1857): Rondos in the Lightly Brilliant Style on the best loved Themes from the opera “Rienzi” by Richard Wagner, op 758 nos. 1; 2 and 5; C.A. Caspar: Un Fragment de Mendelssohn; Wilhelm Kuhe (1823-1912): Casta Diva, study in the cantabile, from Bellini’s “Norma”; Ignace Xavier Joseph Leÿbach (1817-91): Fantaisie brilliante on “La fille de Mme. Angot” (Charles Lecocq), op 169; Ignace Xavier Joseph Leÿbach (1817-91): Norma (Bellini): divertimento, op 118 no 7; Ignace Xavier Joseph Leÿbach (1817-91): Fantasie brilliante on “Norma” (Bellini), op 65; Joachim Raff (1822-82) transcribed by Claude Debussy (1862-1918): Humoresque en forme de Valse (op. 159). Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 20

Kersey, J. (piano), First Recordings of Beethoven Piano Sonata in D, Biamonti 213 (original, incomplete version), fragments and sketches: Sonata in D, Biamonti 213 (original, incomplete version); miniatures, fragments and sketches; Tulip Waltz and Spirit Waltz (doubtful authenticity). Piano Exercise in B flat major and minor, Hess 58. Adagio in G major, Hess 70. Adagio in G major, Hess 71. Melodie in C minor, Hess 324. Piece (Allegro) in D, Hess 325. March in C minor, Hess 330. Minuet in B flat major, Hess 331. Anglaise in G, Biamonti 48 (two versions). Adagio and Allegro, Biamonti 96. Sketch for Sonata in E flat, Biamonti 98. Allegretto in A, with other sketches, Biamonti 99. Intermezzo for Sonata op 10 no 1, Biamonti 191. Fragment in A major producing effect of Horns, Biamonti 268. Andante molto in E flat major, Biamonti 269. Fragment in F, Biamonti 270. Fragment in E flat, Biamonti 271. Andante in B flat, Biamonti 272. Draft in F, Biamonti 273. Drafts in C and G, Biamonti 276. Succession of Chords, Biamonti 278. Allegro in C, Biamonti 279. Passage in B, Biamonti 280. (Finale) in G, Biamonti 282. Andante in D flat (Bagatelle), Biamonti 283. Allegro in A flat and A, Biamonti 284. Notation in E flat, Biamonti 317. Sketches for a Sonata in A minor, Biamonti 318. Sketches for the finale to the Eroica Variations, op 35, Biamonti 319. Pastorale in C, Biamonti 622. Fragment in G, Biamonti 720. Minuet in D minor, Gardi 10. Instrumental Draft, Biamonti 849. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 19

Kersey, J. (piano), Piano Music of Sir Frederic Cowen (1852-1935) La Coquette – Scherzo (1873); Serenade (1869); Rondo à la Turque (1870); Twilight Reveries no 1 (1869); Fairy Flowers, Morceau de Salon (1869); Berceuse, op 2; The Language of the Flowers: suite (1880): 1. Daisy (Innocence); 2. Lilac (First Emotions of Love); 3. Fern (Fascination); 4. Columbine (Folly); 5. Yellow Jasmine (Elegance and Grace); 6. Lily of the Valley (Return of Happiness). Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 18.

Kersey, J. (piano), Romantic Discoveries: Rosenfeld Leopold Rosenfeld (1849-1909) Lyriske fantasistykker, op 47 book 1 and book 2 nos 1-15. Book 1: 1. Humoreske 2. Legende 3. Cracovienne 4. Bondedans 5. Sylfelet 6. Valse érotique 7. Scherzino. Book 2: 1. Hilsen 2. Stille Tider 3. Alene 4. Foraarsmorgen 5. Af et Digt 6. Vekselsang 7. I Dag 8. Hilsen 9. Til Afsked 10. Hvorfor? 11. Forsilde 12. Øde 13. Farvel 14. Langfredag 15. Et Gravmæle. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 17.

Kersey, J. (piano), Romantic Discoveries: Pauer Ernst Pauer (1826-1905) Suite of Pieces in the form of Ancient Dances, op 75. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 16.

Kersey, J. (piano), Romantic Discoveries: Character Pieces Alphonse Leduc (1804-68): La Chatelaine: Fantaisie à la Valse, op 139; Wilhelm Kuhe (1823-1912): Silvery Shower, Caprice Etude, op 78; Ignace Xavier Joseph Leÿbach (1817-91): Fleur de salon; second Nocturne; Ludvig Schytte (1848-1909): Voices of Nature: Seven Character Pieces, op 22; 1. In the Wood 2. At the Gulf 3. To the Mountains 4. At the Lake 5. The River Below  6. On the Sea 7. Over the Steppe; Fritz Spindler (1817-1905): L’Oisillon – Morceau characteristique, op 75 no 1; Samuel Sebastian Wesley (1810-76): Albumleaf in E minor (1834) (unpublished); Samuel Sebastian Wesley (1810-76): Jeux d’esprit. Quadrilles à la Herz; Samuel Sebastian Wesley (1810-76): Rondo in G major (unpublished); East John Westrop: Der Alpen Sanger, March (as Performed by the Guards and other Military Bands), arranged for the pianoforte (c.1830). Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 13

Kersey, J. (piano), Romantic Discoveries in Scotland Emile Berger (1838?-?): Annie Laurie, with variations; Thomas Valentine (1790-1878): The White Cockade arranged as an Easy Rondo for the Pianoforte; Theo H. Northrup: All the go schottische; Mary, Queen of Scots, arr. “Charles Morley” (Franz Behr (1837-98)): Musette; Thomas Valentine (1790-1878): Aria alla Scozzese with variations; Henry Marsh: Knights Templar: Grand Entrée March; from D. Browne’s Selection: Kinloch of Kinloch, with variations; Francesco Berger (1834-1933): Bonnie Dundee; E. Heimberger: The Scartins; the scotch song for the piano; anon, arr. Charles Schultz: Highland polka; Thomas Valentine (1790-1878): The Campbells are Coming arranged as an Easy Rondo for the Pianoforte; E.C. Perry: The Favourite Scottish Melody ‘Scots wha hae wi’ Wallace bled” arranged with Variations for the Pianoforte or Harp; Wilhelm Kuhe (1823-1912): Charlie is my darling: study in octaves; Ignaz Pleyel (1757-1831): The Yellow Hair’d Laddie; Henry Brinley Richards (1819-65): Marie – nocturne, op 60;Variations on “The Blue Bells of Scotland”. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 12

Kersey, J. (piano), Romantic Discoveries: British and Foreign Popular Airs Charles Arnold: The Alpine or Styrian Melody, also the Celebrated Belgian Waltz, arranged for the pianoforte;  Nicholas Charles Bochsa (1789-1856): The Band at a Distance, a celebrated French March; Joseph de Pinna: Viva tutti le Vezzose, no. 2 from British and Foreign Popular Airs adapted as familiar Rondos and Variations for the pianoforte; Joseph de Pinna: Hermosa y Dueña Querida, no. 12 from British and Foreign Popular Airs adapted as familiar Rondos and Variations for the pianoforte; Joseph de Pinna: By dimpled Brook, no. 17 from British and Foreign Popular Airs adapted as familiar Rondos and Variations for the pianoforte; Joseph de Pinna: Over the hills and far away, no. 20 from British and Foreign Popular Airs adapted as familiar Rondos and Variations for the pianoforte; Joseph de Pinna: Planxty Connor, no. 21 from British and Foreign Popular Airs adapted as familiar Rondos and Variations for the pianoforte; Durand de Grau: Les clochettes – galop brilliante, op 15; W. Grosse: Camelford House Entertainment, the much admired Honey Moon Waltz arranged as a Rondo; Stephen Heller (1813-88): Tarantelle in A flat major, op 85 no 2; E.C. Martin: Six Mazurkas and a Russian Valse (c.1830); Theodore Mauss: Chrystabel, Polka de concert; Thomas Valentine (1790-1878): A Chinese Bell Dance, Composed and Arranged as a Familiar Rondo for the pianoforte; Amy Woodforde-Finden (1860-1919): Kashmiri Song (Four Indian Love Lyrics) (transcription for piano by the composer) (3’47”). Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 11

Kersey, J. (piano), Romantic Discoveries at the Opera Volume Two Edward Francis Rimbault (1816-76): Dramatic Fantasia on Donizetti’s “Torquato Tasso”, no. 1 from “Three Dramatic Fantasias on celebrated airs”; Christian Rummel (1787-1849): “O Nume Benefico” from “La Gazza Ladra” by Rossini, transcribed for the pianoforte; Edward Sydney Smith (1839-89): Fantaisie Dramatique on Meyerbeer’s “Robert le Diable”, op 78; I. Tomlinson: “Tutti Unite in Dolce Affetto” from Paer’s “The Freebooters” arranged for the pianoforte (c.1830); Ignace Xavier Joseph Leÿbach (1817-91): Fantaisie brilliante on Wagner’s “Lohengrin”, op 125; Friedrich Wachs: Fantaisie on Rossini’s “Moses” from 20 Miniature Fantaisies; Edward Francis Rimbault (1816-76): Meyerbeer’s Marche aux Flambeaux arranged for the pianoforte; Edward Sydney Smith (1839-89): Second Paraphrase on Mendelssohn’s “Hymn of Praise”, op 98. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 10

Kersey, J. (piano), Romantic Discoveries at the Opera Volume One Wilhelm Kuhe (1823-1912): Fantaisie on Meyerbeer’s “Dinorah”; Stephen Heller (1813-88): Rondino brilliant on the cavatina “Pauvre Couturier” from Halevy’s “Les Treize”, op 15; Franz Hünten (1793-1878): Fantasie on Verdi’s “Nabucco”, op 127 (transcribed by John Kersey); Eugene Ketterer (1831-70): Fantaisie de salon on Meyerbeer’s “L’Africaine”; Joseph de Pinna: “Giovinette che fate all’amore” from Mozart’s “Don Giovanni”, no. 14 from British and Foreign Popular Airs adapted as familiar Rondos and Variations for the pianoforte; Ignace Xavier Joseph Leÿbach (1817-91): Fantaisie brilliante on Bellini’s “I Puritani”, op 48; T.B. Phipps (fl 1830): The Beautiful Air Tyrolienne in the Opera of “Il Bravo” or “The Red Mask” by Thomas Cooke, arranged for the pianoforte; Ignace Xavier Joseph Leÿbach (1817-91): Fantaisie elegante on Gounod’s “Faust”, op 35; Wilhelm Kuhe (1823-1912): Galop di Bravura from Howard Glover’s opera “Ruy Blas”, arranged for the pianoforte. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 9

Kersey, J. (piano), Unknown Piano Music of Charles Valentin Alkan (1813-88) Il était un p’tit homme – Rondoletto, op 3; Variations on a theme of Donizetti “Ah segnata è la mia morte”, op 16 no 4; Variations on a theme of Bellini “La tremenda ultrice spada” op 16 no 5; Variations quasi fantaisie sur une barcarolle napolitiane, op 16 no 6; Réconciliation – petit caprice en forme de zorcico, op 42; Désir: petit fantaisie; Palpitamento (composed in 1855; unpublished); Nocturne no 3 in F sharp major, op 57 no 2; Les Omnibus – Variations, op 2. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 8 (note: these recordings are not the same as on CD30).

Kersey, J. (piano), Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 6  Dedicated to Dr Kenneth Robinson Martin, who funded the recording.

Kersey, J. (piano) Liszt: Legend no. 2 and late piano works Legend no. 2 – St Francis de Paul walks on the waves; Sunt lachrimae rerum; Aux cypres de la Villa d’Este I; La lugubre gondola I and II; RVW-Venezia; Nuages Gris; Unstern-Sinistre-Disastro!; Mosonyis Grabgeleit. Romantic Discoveries  Recordings CD 5.

Non-commercial recordings

Kersey, J. (piano) Jonathan Dove: For Gerard Hastings (first recording). Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD single CD 4 (recorded for the composer and the dedicatee).

Kersey, J. (piano) Plays Chopin (live recordings) Polonaise op 26 no 1; Mazurkas op 67 nos 2 and 4, op 17 no 3; op 68 no 2, op 63 no 1;  Nocturnes op 62 nos 1 and 2, in c sharp op posth; Barcarolle op 60. Romantic Discoveries Recordings CD 3. Charity recording for the International Knightly Order of St George.

Kersey, J. (piano), Post-War British Piano Sonatas Sir Arthur Bliss: Piano Sonata; Stanley Bate: Piano Sonata no. 2 (first recording); Bernard Stevens: Sonata op. 25. This recording was made as part of a proposed Royal College of Music project to focus on neglected British music, but was not issued commercially. Available on my YouTube channel at

Kersey, J. (piano); The Latymer School, Edmonton, First Orchestra/Elliott; (also other soloists), Concertos at Latymer 1991; Includes John Kersey as soloist in Liszt: Piano Concerto no. 2 (live recording). Issued by The Latymer Music Society.

2. Books, articles and related outputs

Since 2012, I have published most of my output concerning church history, theology, chivalry and education online rather than in print form. The chief websites where I am a principal author are those of the Abbey-Principality of San Luigi (, the Western Orthodox University ( and European-American University (

The list below therefore comprises mostly traditional print publications from earlier years.

My books currently in print are available from European-American University Press

Books by John Kersey available from European-American University Press

a. Key citations of my work

Feuchte, Paul and Andreas (2010) Die Komponisten Eduard und Richard Franck, Leipzig, Pfefferkorn Musikverlag, 431pp.

Cites my recordings of the piano works of Eduard Franck.

b. Authored books and monographs

Kersey, J. (2015) The Radical Traditionalist Today: Talks and Essays, European-American University Press, 242pp.

Kersey, J. (2011) Joseph-René Vilatte (1854-1929): Some Aspects of his Life, Work and Succession, European-American University Press, 354pp. 2nd revised ed., 2012. 3rd revised ed., 2013, 4th revised ed., 2017.

Kersey, J. (2010) Archbishop Harold Percival Nicholson: A Celebration, with extracts from his writings, Ecclesia Apostolica Divinorum Mysteriorum, 130pp.

Kersey, J. (2010) Arnold Harris Mathew and the Old Catholic Movement in England 1908-52, European-American University Press, 278pp (revised, condensed reprint of A History of the Old Catholic Movement in England). 2nd revised ed., 2013.

“I highly recommend this excellent study to all interested in Truth.” Archbishop Francis Spataro.

Kersey, J. (2010) A History of the Old Catholic Movement in England, European-American University Press, vol 1 (522 pp); vol 2 (Supplement) (126 pp).

Kersey, J. (2009) The University Outside State Control, European-American University Press, 310pp.

Kersey, J. (2007) The Apostolic Succession in The Liberal Rite, European-American University Press, 276pp.

Kersey, J., (2007) A History of the Central School of Religion, European-American University Press, 75pp.

Kersey, J., (2000) A Student’s Guide to EDEXCEL GCSE Business Studies and Information Studies, Mander Portman Woodward (internal publication), London, 105pp

Kersey, J., and Groves, N.W. (2002) Academical Dress of Music Colleges and Societies of Musicians in the United Kingdom, The Burgon Society, North Walsham, 75pp.

“How very impressed I was by the scholarship and quality of the book.” Dr John Birch, erstwhile Professor at the Royal College of Music and Organist of Chichester Cathedral, in letter to the authors.

Kersey, J., (1999) A Student’s Guide to NEAB A-level Music, Mander Portman Woodward (internal publication), London, 90pp

Kersey, J., (1997) Provisional Catalogue of Letters in the Royal College of Music Library, Vol. 1, Royal College of Music (internal publication), 46pp

Kersey, J., (1997) Provisional Catalogue of Letters in the Royal College of Music Library, Vol. 2, Royal College of Music (internal publication), 28pp

c. Edited books and monographs

Williams, B.M., edited Kersey, J., (2008) Two Works by Archbishop Bernard Mary Williams, Second Archbishop of The Old Roman Catholic Church in Great Britain: A Summary of the History, Faith, Discipline, and Aims of The Old Roman Catholic Church in Great Britain (1924); A Pastoral Letter for Advent, 1920, European-American University Press, 44pp

Leadbeater, C.W., edited Kersey, J., (2007) The Science of the Sacraments, European-American University Press, 495pp

Leadbeater, C.W., edited Kersey, J., (2007) An Outline of Theosophy, European-American University Press, 59pp

d. Articles in edited books

Kersey, J., (2000) Contributions to Routledge Encyclopedia of Contemporary Italian Culture, ed. Moliterno, Routledge, London etc.:

Articles: Paolo Arcà (p 22), Aldo Clementi (p 116), Lorenzo Ferrero (p 226), Salvatore Sciarrino (pp 533-34), Goffredo Petrassi (p 435), Gianna Nannini (p 393), Alessandro Solbiati (p 549), Giacinto Scelsi (p 532), Franco Donatoni (p 177), Massimo Ranieri (p 496), Anna Antonacci (p 19), Katia Ricciarelli (p 510), Cecilia Bartoli (pp 51-52), Claudio Abbado (p 1), Riccardo Muti (p 392), Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa (pp 316-17), Mario Lanza (pp 322-23), Luciano Pavarotti (pp 424-25), La Scala (pp 529-30), Opera (pp 409-11).

“…as a source of reference this new Routledge encyclopedia is indispensable. Furthermore it should be studied by all those who influence policy in the fields of politics, commerce and public opinion, for it provides insights into the richness and complexity of life in contemporary Italy.” Rivista

e. Introductions and prefaces

Kersey, J. (2020), Preface, in La rivolta dei “Boxers” nella Cina dal 1899 al 1901 , Scotto di Tella de’ Douglas, Aracne Editrice, 760pp.

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f. Articles and papers

The majority of my articles for the former Libertarian Alliance blog have been published in the book The Radical Traditionalist Today – see above.

A number of my educational articles have since been collected in the book The University Outside State Control – see above.

As sole author:

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In collaboration with others:

Danzig, S., and Kersey, J., (2005) Does the value of your degree depend on the color of your skin? The acceptance of the three-year Indian Bachelor’s Degree as the equivalent of a Bachelor’s Degree from a Regionally Accredited Institution in the United States of America (Immigration Law Weekly, 20 October 2005), 14pp.

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EAU CER Report (2007), No Campus? No Problem! Why the virtual university doesn’t need a traditional campus, Amos Bronson Alcott Center for Educational Research at European-American University, European-American University Press

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EAU CER Report (2007), State licensing of private universities in the United States – a discursive examination – Part I, Amos Bronson Alcott Center for Educational Research at European-American University, European-American University Press

EAU CER Report (2007), State licensing of private universities in the United States – a discursive examination – Part II – Oregon and the ODA, Amos Bronson Alcott Center for Educational Research at European-American University, European-American University Press

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EAU CER Report (2007), Wikipedia woes: what happens when the neutral point of view isn’t neutral? Amos Bronson Alcott Center for Educational Research at European-American University, European-American University Press

3. Invited lectures

My speeches to the Traditional Britain Group are recorded in video and text format at this link.

Kersey, J., (2022) Speech to the 2022 Richard Edmonds, Colin Jordan and John Tyndall Memorial Meeting, Preston. Transcript available at this link.

Kersey, J., (2015) Music in education, National Liberal Club, London. Transcript available at this link.

Kersey, J., (2007) Deserting the muse: what happened to music education? Institut Français, London, Café Philo series. Transcript available through European-American University Press.

“…a dense and brilliant talk. You managed to keep the audience suspended to your every word for more than an hour.” Christian Michel, convenor of the Café Philo series.

4. Conference contributions

Kersey, J., (2003) The role of assessment of prior learning and experience in the modern university at Ansted University Annual Convocation at London Metropolitan University, London Metropolitan University Holloway Road campus, London.

5. Review articles – music

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