Walter Niemann: Suite after words by Hermann Hesse, op. 71

“From the lighted windows of the garden house came piano music. It flowed weakly, muffled, through the red curtains of the open windows, together with the warm glow of the lights, and flew joyfully and lightly over the wide stone steps of the park entrance, over roses and jasmine. Becoming very light and quiet, the graceful music flew sideways through the twilight roundabout and over the park paths into the deeper darkness of the beech thicket. There the yellowest bars with the fluttering last waves of the floral scent scattered gently and, swaying apart, lost themselves in the blackness of the massive foliage, in the mildly transparent blue moon of the sky, in the loose, undisturbed, swaying calm of the warm night.”

Hermann Hesse, June Night.