This is my official website. Other websites that I maintain are listed under the category “Other John Kersey sites”.

In the posts below there will be found links to recordings of piano music on YouTube and on my record label, recordings and transcripts of speeches, transcripts of books and a selection of opinion pieces on music and culture. I have also given detailed information about the academic and professional qualifications I hold and the honours and awards I have received, in order to establish an accurate and verifiable source on these matters, and provided an account of my religious ministry. It is my hope that visitors to my website will find this useful and interesting.

I have maintained a public internet presence for some twenty years now. My long record of advocacy – musical, educational, religious and political – for causes that are strongly opposed to mainstream cultural, commercial and political interests has brought vocal opposition from those who disagree with my opinions or who find them a threat to their vested interests. I was targeted by cancel culture many years before it became fashionable. I continue to believe that the best reply to this is to continue to create, to defend and to encourage, in pursuit of those things that give life and hope to the human spirit and bring honour to our Creator.

Occasionally, people with political axes to grind publish malicious libel and lies about me. Generally, I do not consider these matters to be worthy of response, but since at least some of my visitors are drawn to my website by this, they may like to read the following statement. Concerning other political opponents, there is information here.

Along with a number of other conservatives and nationalists, I have found that the largest technology platforms, often colluding with government, have increasingly sought to marginalize and discredit dissenting voices. In the years to come, it will be up to us to create alternatives that will preserve our values, even if this must be done away from the mainstream.