The Arcane Discipline by Richard, Duc de Palatine

This publication is made available for scholarly purposes and does not necessarily imply any endorsement of the spiritual teachings contained therein.

Richard, Duc de Palatine (1916-77) was an Australian spiritual teacher whose work included the synthesis of esoteric, Masonic and religious authorities in an organization called the Sovereign Imperium of the Mysteries, later the Brotherhood and Order of the Pleroma. He was ordained and consecrated bishop within the Order of Antioch by Mar Georgius of Glastonbury (Hugh George de Willmott Newman) and established the church that later became known as the Pre-Nicene Ekklesia. He was succeeded on his death by Archbishop Count George Boyer (1921-2008), a noted esoteric teacher who in 1983 became a bishop of the Apostolic Episcopal Church. His wife Bishop Leila Boyer led the Pre-Nicene Ekklesia until her death in 2015.

The Arcane Discipline
Richard, Duc de Palatine
With a foreword by Archbishop Count George Boyer
Edited by Bishop Leila Boyer

This article was first published in 1965, reprinted in 1975 and again published by the Pre-Nicene Ekklesia in 1985 as being a valuable guide for those seeking the ‘Hidden Gnosis of the Soul’


Since this little book was written over 20 years ago by the late Richard, Duc de Palatine the content has influenced many new groups and has encouraged the quest for the “Hidden Gnosis of the Soul.”

We have decided to re-publish the thoughts and findings of a firmly established Prince of Light and master of many Disciplines in the hope that they will give hope and a new impetus to those who strive with the limitations of the human self.

The Arcane Discipline reveals the true path of the soul to the Inner Light and shows the reason why so many students of the quest fail to achieve real mastership of this planet’s resisting forces.

The work still carries on and will continue to do so until all mankind reaches its true purpose here – the manifestation of the Perfect Godhead in every being.  Throughout the ages our work remains protected from the changing scenes of humanly contributed systems and our Sanctuary receives the true initiate when he or she is ready to take a deeper look into the truth and reality of the Permanent qualities of the Divinity within.

Let us pray that the reader will discover something of value – a precious pearl to add to the countless treasures of heaven which sincere disciples gather on the way.

George W. Boyer
Grand Archon of the Brotherhood & Order of the Pleroma
June 1985.

The purpose of this book is to show the reason for the lack of purpose and achievement which one finds in the many systems of Spiritual thought.  It has been found that in most if not all systems there is to be found a lack of ‘The Arcane Discipline’ which has been proved to be the foundation stone of all spiritual endeavour. We have further endeavoured to show that the Brotherhood and Order of the Pleroma is the only system of training which is based upon this very ancient training which history affirms is as old as man himself.  It has been shown in the lives and achievements of the Great Spiritual Souls through the ages that this Discipline does work and has produced such great men as Pythagoras, Plato and Plotinus among hosts of others whose name and fame is known to us today.

In order to show the veracity of this discipline and teaching, we have shown how this Discipline formed the basis of the ancient Mysteries, the Gnostics and Sacred Schools of today.  We have also shown that Jesus and Paul also taught this Discipline and how it carried on through the centuries to become known as the Order of the Pleroma.

We have also tried to show what this Discipline will do for you and how the attainment of the Supreme Knowledge will confer upon you God-like powers and characters.

Readers are asked to draw their own conclusions from what has been given and to judge for themselves whether the Pleroma is founded on sound principles or not.  If you think it is, then you are invited to seek more information concerning the Arcane Discipline.

The Arcane Discipline
Every Mystery Religion and Philosophic System tells us that the Logos or Unknown God is ever passive; if the Deity is boundless, infinite, and unconditioned, it can have no thought nor idea, it therefore acts as the result of an inherent volition, and evolves in obedience to its own nature, and “according to the fatality of the law of which it is itself the embodiment.”  Therefore, everything in the universe is the embodiment of the logos and must, according to the evolutionary and emanatory process of unfoldment, be changeless in its directive power, yet changeable in its modes of expression.

The process of this unfoldment of the nature of the Deity is followed in precise degree by man.  This ancient system of spiritual discipline is as old as man and the details of it have come down to us through the Ancient Mysteries, more especially the Mysteries of Serapis, from which Christian Gnosticism took root.  There can be no doubt that there existed a Christianised form of the Mysteries which was carried on by the Gnostic Doctors and later the monks of the various Catholic Orders.  The basis for this Christianised form was undoubtedly the Arcane Discipline and this discipline remained in operation in the Church for about three hundred years.

That there is a great identity, nay, even continuity of the Mysteries within the framework of Gnosticism, or that the Arcane Christianity was the essential and natural adoption of the Serapean Mysteries of Egypt and Greece there can be no doubt, nor can there be any doubt in our minds that Historic Christianity is the direct outcome of the fusion of the principles of the Arcane Discipline and the great stream of pre-Christian Gnosticism.  History shows that the adoption of the Arcanum was through the introduction of Platonism into the Church of Egypt and therefore into the Gnostic stream.

G.R.S. Mead says: “It is a question of a few years physical enjoyment on earth and – if it has forgotten abuse – of the dissolution of the earthly body being followed by the death of the astral body, which thus is prevented from being united with the highest spirit of the triad, which alone confers on us individual immortality; or, on the other hand, of becoming immortal mystae; initiated before death of the body into the divine truths of the after life.  Demi-gods below, and GODS above…Such was the chief object of the Mysteries represented as diabolical by theology, and ridiculed by modern symbologists” (and we also add by the modern occult movement – including the Masons, Rosicrucians, Theosophists and the various bodies founded by ‘Swamis’ and lastly by modern Spiritualists of all shades.)  To disbelieve that there exist in man certain arcane powers, which by psychological study he can develop in himself to the highest degree, become a hierophant and then impart to others the same conditions of earthly discipline  is the height of folly, such men as Pythagoras, Plato, Plotinus, Iamblichus, Proclus, and many others knew and affirmed the reality of these powers and of the Arcane Discipline which every neophyte was compelled to undergo.

There is ample evidence also from the writings of Tertullian, Origen, Clement Alexandrinus, Cyril, Theodoret, Gregory, Chrysostom, and many others.  They all allude to the Arcane Discipline, in as precise terms as Plato, Plotinus, Proclus, and many others spoke of the Mysteries.  Clement tells us that “It is not lawful to reveal to the profane persons the Mysteries of the Word.”  Paul also hints at the supreme knowledge which was unfolded through the Discipline, when he says: “And I, brethren, could not speak unto you as unto spiritual, but as unto carnal, as unto babes in Christ.”  Jesus also implies that he knew of this supreme knowledge which was hidden from the uninitiated: “Unto you it is given the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them that are without, all things are done in parables: that seeing they may see, and not perceive; and hearing they may hear, and not understand.”  (Mark 4:11)  In John, Jesus said to His disciples: “I have yet many things to say to you, but ye cannot hear them now.”

The Christian Fathers spoke openly of the Christian Arcanum, as all students of Church history well know, but this is not so with the ordinary believer.  Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna, says: “…well versed in the sacred Scriptures and that nothing is hidden from you; but to me this privilege is not yet granted.”  Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch says that he is “not yet perfect in Jesus Christ.  For I now begin to be a disciple, and I speak to you as my fellow disciple.”  Paul also states: “Might I not write to you things more full of mystery?”  Clement again clearly states the rules of the Mysteries when he says: “The Mysteries of the Faith, not to be divulged to all.”

Plato also made it quite clear that it was not lawful for the impure or uninitiated to touch the pure and arcane supreme knowledge concerning man’s divine nature. There is also further evidence that Jesus charged his disciples to receive the “secret traditions of the true knowledge … but not enjoining us to communicate to all without distinction” which has been conveyed in the written word, this meant that the prophecies and oracles were always spoken in enigmas and parables to the untrained and uninstructed people.  In order to prove beyond all cavil that Jesus followed the Arcane Discipline and its system of grades of understanding, and those who still deny this claim, had better think again before they will dare to call us a falsifier of the genuine Primitive Christianity.

Origen, the pupil of Clement states in his DE PRINCIPIIS: “The Scriptures have a meaning, not only such as is apparent at first sight, but also another, which escapes the notice of most men.  For such is written in the forms of certain Mysteries, and the image of divine things.  Respecting which there is one opinion throughout the whole Church, that the whole Law is indeed spiritual; but that the spiritual meaning which the Law conveys is not known to all, but to those only whom the grace of the Holy Spirit is bested in the word of wisdom and knowledge.”  We could fill page after page with facts and figures to show that the Christian Church between 44 – 325 AD did follow the Arcane Discipline and the teachings of the Divine Nature of Man, they all come from undoubted authorities in the Church itself.  But our modern metaphysicians and occultists, having never investigated the true beginnings of the Chrestian Ekklesia, still in their arrogance and conceit, reject all attempts to teach them their homework!

Basileus says that those who retained the Arcane Discipline kept their doctrines secret, whereas their preaching was public. Origen, whom Socrates Scholasticus in his Ecclesiastical History terms “Expositor of the mystical tradition of the Church” obviously knew of the Discipline when he states: “To the literal minded we teach the Gospel in the historic way … but to the proficient (in the Arcanum) fired with the love of divine wisdom, we impart the Logos.”  Synesius, Bishop of Ptolemais, says that: “…the truth must be kept secret, and the masses need a teaching to their imperfect reason.”  Although it is obvious that the Catholic Church did not exist then as we know it today, it is equally obvious that the pro-Gnostic Fathers of the Church both accepted and taught the Discipline and were clearly of the opinion that more should not be given than the intellect could understand.  This was the opinion held by the Gnostics and Philosophers both before and after Anno Domini One.

Therefore, it is obvious to the reader now that the Primitive Church followed the same Discipline as was taught in all the Mystery Religions.  There is also clear evidence that such bodies as the Fratres Lucis, Holy Grail, Knights Templar, Rose Cross and the Illuminati obeyed the same Discipline.  Theosophy of the last century also closely followed the Discipline as was evidenced in Isis Unveiled and by the Pledged Pupils of H.P. Blavatsky. The Pleroma being formerly the Illuminati also adheres to the Discipline.

The writer of Isis Unveiled has shown this adherence, with irrefutable proof based upon extant documents concerning early Christianity, when she says: “ …that stupendous compound of unintelligible dogmas enforced by Irenaeus, Tertullian, and others, which is now termed Christianity itself must be included in the number.  Basilides and Valentinius preceded Irenaeus and Tertullian; and the two latter Fathers had less facts to show that their heresy was plausible.”  It was due to the Fathers who came after the Gnostic Fathers that Arcane Christianity began to be misrepresented and distorted, they desperately tried to decry the source of their own self-created dogmas and historical Jesus.  It has been well-established that the teachings of the Gnostics were deliberately falsified by Eusebius, Irenaeus, Epiphanus, Ambrose and Tertullian in their interpretations of these before the teachings could be called heresies.  The writer of Supernatural Religion has proven conclusively the spuriousness of the four gospels, or at least their complete transformation in the hands of Irenaeus and his champions, he has exposed the extraordinary forgeries of the Fathers with an unprecedented power of logic and historical facts.

There is further evidence given in the very old book Sepher Toldoth Jeshu  that it was a Gospel of the Gnostic Fathers, and from this can clearly be seen the link and identity between Jesus and the Mysteries of Isis in Egypt.  We know that Jesus studied in Egypt for six years and was initiated into the Mysteries and became a Hierophant of them, this has been verified in the Jewish Tulmud and the Gemera.  The fact that the Mysteries were brought forward into Gnosticism is clearly evidenced in the Gnostic work attributed to Valentinius – Pistis Sophia and in the Books of Hermes and further in the  Books of the Saviour and the Gospel of Thomas.

There is also to be found within the framework of the present canonical gospels and the Gospel of John, the outlines of this Arcane Discipline when we realise that Jesus gave his “public sayings” to the mass, but to his own personal disciples he unfolded the Arcane Wisdom by means of the Discipline.  Finally, there is the internal evidence in the Epistles of Paul to show that he also was an adherent to the principles of the Arcane Discipline and attained Illumination by means of it.  It is obvious from his own words he was either an Initiate of Egypt or in the Kabbalah, as we will find that many of his sayings can be found in the Egyptian Book of the Dead.  We can go further and state with absolute proof, that there is not one statement or act of Jesus which cannot be found to have its prototype in the Book of the Dead.  This alone shows either identity or that the Fathers copied their Jesus from the earlier Egyptian Son of God – Horus the Elder and the Younger, and that Mary is simply Isis in a Christianised form.  We also know that the Book of the Dead is about 5,000 years old, if not older, and in this we find the complete outline of the teachings of the Pleroma, although given in the form of a Mythos of Horus, Isis and Osiris, the teaching is identical, both are based upon the principles of the Arcane Discipline which is as old as the human race.

All of the above adds up to the fact that the pagan Mysteries were an offshoot of the Archaic Mysteries, and that the Wisdom and Discipline they contained was passed on to the pre-Christian Gnostics who in turn handed it down to Jeshu ben Pandira and from him it passed to the Christian Gnostics through St Paul and eventually finding its way into Historic Christianity through Valentinius and Basilides.  It was then deliberately changed from the grand Gnostic Mythos of the Soul into the carnal mythos of a man in time – Jesus of Nazareth, a man whom secular history ignores for four centuries until Constantine forced the Eastern empire to accept this mutilated version of the Wisdom and Discipline.  There are no grounds for our Christian brethren to deny this fact as history stands witness to the duplicity of the Church Fathers.  From that time there has existed a conflict between the Arcane Discipline and the Historic Church, between the pseudo-occultists and the spiritualists and the Illuminati of today represented by the Secret Schools and the Order of the Pleroma of today.

The earliest Christian writer, Justin Martyr, in his first Apology, states that “It is only through ignorance that men call themselves Christians instead of ‘Chrestians’.”  We find that the words Chrestos and Christos were borrowed by the Fathers from the temple vocabulary of the Pagans.  Chrestos, means a disciple on probation for the attainment of Hierophantship and, upon attaining that supreme Office he became known as a Christos, or one who has travelled the Path to the Summit; “when the fruits of the arduous labour, uniting the personality of evanescent clay with the indestructible individuality,” he became transformed thereby into the Immortal Soul, or as Plato says: “… we were ourselves pure and immaculate, being liberated from this surrounding vestment, which we denominate body, and to which we are now bound like an oyster to its shell.”

Paul also confirms the results of this process when he states that “ye form the Christos (soul) within yourselves.”  Thus, for Paul and for the Pleroma, the Christ or Christos is the “inner man” or the Sotor meaning the Logos or Saviour and this explains the true name of Jesus being Emmanuel, or God with or in us.  Thus the Gnostic term Chresterion means the seat of the inner oracle – the Divine Soul of every man.

It should now be obvious to the reader, be they a Christian or Mystic, that Christianity is the link in a long unbroken chain of exponents of the Arcane Discipline from the remotest ages to the present-day.  Hence the meaning of the words of Jesus, when he states that he came not to destroy the Law (Discipline) but to fulfil it in his person, as do all Enlightened Adepts.

We have endeavoured to show the descent of the Discipline from the time of the Gnostics in a series of articles which are running in The Lucis Magazine, and we have also shown, that, as a Theosophy, Christian Gnosticism rests upon the faculty of Illumination among those favoured souls who, by discipline or natural insight, could transcend the limitations of the entombed human Soul within the valley of death, to ascend and penetrate the cloud which hides man’s inner sanctuary of the Immortal Soul on the Mount.

The teachings of the Arcane Discipline show us that the way up to union with the Divine within man is divided into many stages, that men through these stages could become gods, and then finally God.  Only when a man has become a Christos can one say that the Divine is really consciously manifest in him, although partially, he has become a god whilst still in the mortal body, but as yet not fully with the Logos – the Immortal Spirit.  The man so blessed by his own labours becomes a Son of God, but not God Himself.  Therefore, all those who have not become the Christos although they have the Divine implicit in them it is not yet unfolded.  The Goal of the Discipline was becoming God which is the consummation of human evolution.  The Discipline also teaches that although the Divine exists in all mankind there are but few who know this throughout their whole being, and that the majority of men are entirely ignorant of its presence, but that these, too, can eventually be awakened to it.

The Whole of God is called the Divine Pleroma which embodies the visible and invisible regions of Nature and for man the whole of the seven vestures.  The Pleroma is yet another name for Nature, into which God infuses Himself to become omnipresent, omnipotent and even omniscient, man himself, being the god imprisoned within the Pleroma, has also latent within him the three-fold Powers of God, but in order for man to become God he must first become aware of and identified with the Divine Pleroma through his seven-fold nature.

This is the basis of the Arcane Discipline without which man remains imprisoned within the tomb of flesh within the valley of death, he must first die to his Godhead and descend into the valley to travel to the foot of the Summit and then climb its steep slopes before he can attain his Godhead again.  This knowledge is just becoming available to the western man with the re-emergence of the Gnosis, but there is yet a third stage which can only be attained by a few chosen disciples, who, by their own labours, have reached the Summit of the Immortal Spirit to become the Mediators between man in the valley and God in the highest heaven.

“The difference between Gnostic and popular Christian doctrine on this point is that whereas the initiated philosophers taught a universal creed and a possibility for all men, the popular exaggeration erected an exclusive dogma which asserted that Jesus was, and will be, the only Christ, and still further that he was Very God of Very God, thus confusing and confounding the verities of the Gnosis, and making the whole Universe and Godhead centre in Jesus alone.”  Thus, by the rejection of the Gnosis of the Soul, most of the occult and spiritual systems have perpetuated this Father-God conception in their slavish adherence to their so-called “Masters” and “Swamis”.  They do not realise that God, the Father or the Guide are all without exception identical to the Immortal Soul, it is this dependence upon these external Father-Figures which holds man back from realising his Godhead.  It is further shown that most of the present systems of thought are devoid of this Arcane Discipline and thus know nothing about the Divine Soul, and it is owing to this lack that most people will reject our teachings and the fact that we are all, from the ignorant native to the god, GOD.

This Discipline is divided into three types of men: (a) the ordinary man who is entirely dead to spiritual things; (b) those who are psychic, for although these are believers in things spiritual, they are believers only and require miracles and signs to strengthen their faith, they require the Father-Figures, such as Masters, Gurus, Adepts, Swamis, Guides, Bishops and priests and leaders.  One finds them among Theosophists, Rosicrucians, Masons, Spiritualists, Self-Realisation, Arcane and Philosophic Schools and others of like nature.  They are not able to think for themselves, but must have the Father-Figure to lean upon and the student must be inspired by the personalities of these before he will progress. This is the main reason why the spiritual movement is riddled with charlatanism, trickery, hocus-pocus, commercialism and pretended “pupils and masters.”

The third type (c) is the truly spiritual man or woman who is capable of letting go of all the above Father-Figures and man-made organisations, once he has done so he becomes capable of receiving and experiencing the knowledge of the Gnosis of the Real Self.  In spite of his advancement and the fact that he no longer needs people, he returns to the ken of man and becomes a Hierophant in order to impart the same conditions of earthly discipline to those who are capable of understanding and experiencing their Divine Nature.   Those who do accept pupils can only teach the Arcane Discipline in the same manner in which they were taught by their teacher and the teacher before him and so on until you have a long line of Hierophants stretching back over the centuries and moving forward into the future.  Each attained discipline becomes the teacher of others and they in turn will become the future teachers of the human race for so long as man needs to be taught, the principles will always remain the same.  The objective form through which the teaching is conveyed will be changed from age to age, but the Discipline will always be that which was pre-ordained by God to our glory.

In ancient days, the Hierophants exacted five years silence from their pupils although it would be too much to follow this practice in the Pleroma, almost, if not all, students would object to this rule.  If such a rule were ordered you would really find a spiritual atmosphere in the Groups, it would not be punctured by the chattering of uncontrolled tongues and the teacher would not have to answer silly questions which have already been answered in the talk or lecture.  It would also help those students who really want to know and would also clear the group of those who just love to hear themselves chatter much to the annoyance of others.  The reason for this rule of silence is obvious, after five years of discussions you would then find all your questions answered as the line of talk proceeds, but the western man is far too impatient to wait for it.  You cannot cross a river until you have completed your bridge.

Clement and Origen, the early Church Fathers devoted their efforts to prove that there was a Christian Gnosis – and Gnosis in its correct sense is The Science of the Soul – therefore, we find that Clement is a direct link between the Gnosis and orthodox Christianity.  All the systems which have appeared between the 4th century to the 20th century, are consequently based upon Gnostic Christianity and not upon Historic Christianity.  In fact, if the truth be known, Theo-Sophia really means the Science of the Soul, and it was Amminos Saccas who first used the word Theosophy, and Clement, the pupil of Saccas, used the term in relation to the Gnosis. H.P. Blavatsky, the founder of modern Theosophy also devoted her efforts to prove that there was a Christian Gnosis as is clearly shown in the two volumes of Isis Unveiled.

To show that what we call occultism today is simply a mutilated and misrepresented story of the Gnosis, if we shear away all the hocus-pocus which surrounds modern occultism we will find emerging the grand Gnostic Mythos of the Soul embodied in the Parable of the Prodigal Son, which simply tells how Lucifer is God’s eldest son (man), who left his Father’s house to seek for freedom and of how God loves him above all His creatures.  It tells how the man Lucifer descends the realms on his journey from the East and the dangers he must seek on the way, how he is abandoned in matter and puts on a robe of flesh and does eat the food of the world and forgot his high mission, and how repentance makes him change his mind and turn to higher things.  An eagle then descends upon him giving him comfort from his Divine Soul, and he remembers that he is a son of God.  He stirs in his tomb of flesh in the valley and as he wakes he has to lull the serpent of his own animal nature which guards the road to the Summit; he slays the serpent and turns his face towards the Mount and then journeys eastward.  During this journey he fights and conquers three Demon Knights and upon winning the last battle with the Knight of Doubt, he is given the glorious Robe of the Soul which he had left behind in his Father’s House.  The human Soul which is now unified with his Divine Soul is now placed higher than his brother-souls who have been lost in the valley and are waiting to be found.  He re-descends into the Valley of Death and strikes off the chains of his brother Souls and shows them the way Home.

A price is always demanded before one can become aware of the Father’s House on the Summit and that price is the complete renunciation of all that men prize and long for here in the dark tomb of flesh; the complete self-abnegation of the lower self; perfect devotion in the service of his brothers; the destruction of all personal desires and opinions and complete detachment from all earthly desires.  This is the first step demanded by the Discipline and unless you obey these injunctions, then you must wait for a more favourable opportunity in some future life.

The man or woman who desires to become aware and then unified with their own Soul must deal with the Serpent of their animal nature, unaided; they must also suppress and control their passions and emotions by the force of their own spiritual will, with the Power of the Divine Self.  This can be summed up as: purity of thought and life, the absolute unswerving devotion to God and Man themselves and finally as persistent effort and aspiration to reach the Summit of the Mount.

To accomplish this demand of the Arcane Discipline the aspirant must lighten or quicken the Soul in order to use the Power or Light of the Self to lead him through the dark labyrinth of human life, but if a man chooses his own way through the labyrinth, he will wander in the darkness and keep the exits locked to him and he will also find the tomb of flesh more difficult to bear.  There is no other path to freedom excepting through the Arcane Discipline. No person other than yourself has the power or right to turn the five keys to your own tomb of flesh, not even a master can do this for you unless you are prepared to pay the terrible price for your ransom from the Guardian of the Tomb – The Lord of Karma.

This has been clearly shown in the Ransom of the thirty pieces of silver which Judas demanded for the betrayal of Jesus.  The silver obviously refers to the forces which must be sent up and along the spinal cord of man.  As this force is carried up along the spinal cord through the Discipline, it will burn through the five chains which hold you here in the body, these five fetters are known as: the desire for earth life and its passions; the desire for sensational existence; the desire for emotional life; the desire for mental life and finally the desire of Soul life.  This can be summed up as meaning that all allusion to the personal self must be destroyed, doubt must be overcome by knowledge and superstition must be outgrown, and when these three are outgrown, the desire for life in form; the desire for life without form, pride of self or attainment; perturbability, and the illusion or mirage of the fleeting self must all be cast off.

Most students and in fact most men, are locked up in this tomb of flesh by their worldly desires, the grasping after the things of the earth, by sloth and indifference to the God within themselves.  The five chains or locks which hold them in the tomb are the uncontrolled power of thought; which creates impurity of motive, untruth, and pity for themselves; lack of discrimination between the real and the false, the love of worldly objects; then the six-fold mental chains: which are lack of mental control; lack of discipline in the body and senses; intolerance; lack of endurance and courage; disbelief in their immortal nature; the lack of balance in their vestures and finally love of the darkness of the tomb matter.

These chains are the gods of this world, they are the gods which every man must first worship and obey until he realises that they are false gods.  “Thou shalt have no other gods before me (soul).”  Among these false gods which man must first worship are money, possessions, love, sex, etc.   He will hold them in high esteem until sooner or later he finds that they are indeed false and that they have become the chains which bind him to the tomb of flesh and that only when he voluntarily lets them go will he become free to appreciate them to the full.  One does not lose them by giving them up; all one does is to change one’s attitude towards them.  They are only evil when you allow them to rule you.

The Arcane Discipline teaches you to cast off the fetters of the domination of the rulers of the world, and these fetters are: the delusion of self or body; doubt in your omnipotent Divine Self; the taint of belief in the value of mere morality; sensuality, the attraction for things; ill-will, the repulsion of existence; the lust for non-form; pride in one’s self and one’s progress; the pride in not being proud and finally, ignorance.

It will be seen that the chains and fetters which bind man to earth are the root of all his and the world’s sufferings.  It is, therefore, only through the application of the Arcane Discipline or Gnosis that man can become free.  Although the student must have a teacher to show him through the marshes of human life, it is fatal to have any emotional or intellectual attachment to the teacher, as this tends to sap every vestige of self-reliance and creates yet another false god.  The teacher will explain to you the Gnosis, a doctrine which is not usually expressed in writing but is passed on from one teacher to another verbally, as there are Truths too deep to be expressible in any written form.  These are deposited in the minds of a few of the wisest in every generation who become the teachers for that generation.

Let us try and show you by analogy what human life is really like and why you must have a qualified teacher to show you the way to the Summit.  If you have ever been at the mouth of the Mississippi River in an aeroplane you will see that it is mainly marshland between the bends of the river, you will see faintly showing through the marsh pathways of firm land.  When you land, however, and begin to move into the marshes you do not see these pathways and there is a danger that you will become bogged down and sucked into the mire.  You are a newcomer to the district and want to move through the marshes.  There are men who have explored the marshes and have discovered through trial and error the paths of firm earth which will take them through. It is only sensible, therefore, for you to seek out one of these qualified guides.

Now this marshland is like our human life and we must have a qualified guide to show us the way through the mire of human life towards solid ground.  In this respect the solid ground is the Divine Self and the marshland is the world we live in.  The mires which are everywhere in this world are slightly covered over with the green grass of glamour.  For a student to enter into the marshland alone is foolhardy, for although he may eventually win through, he would be much quicker and safer if he had a trained guide to lead him.  Hence we will see that the purpose of the Arcane Discipline is to lead us through the darkness of the labyrinth of human life and the Teachers of this Discipline are the Guides.  These Guides are sent to mankind every century and each one of these Guides has himself explored the marshland of human life and found the solid pathway which winds through to the dry land of the Divine Soul.

The Divine Soul is always waiting for his human counterpart at the very beginning of the winding Path through the Valley of Death and even though the human Soul knows not of the existence of his Divine Protector, his Immortal Soul has always known him and watches his efforts to pass through the Valley and reach his Light Source.  The moment the human Soul calls forth to his Divine Soul it will begin to direct his human steps in the right direction and will help to guide him through the labyrinth and speed up his progress.  The Soul ever watches over his human Son with the tender solicitude of a mother, in fact, the Soul is our spiritual Mother, the Soul is enabled to lead us through the marshland with wisdom and experience born of countless sentences of imprisonment by the Judge of Life.

It is due to the desire of the Soul, in accordance with the fatality of the law which is itself the embodiment, and according to the evolutionary and emanatory process of unfoldment which is changeless in its directive power, yet changeable in its modes of expression, that the Soul gains experience and knowledge of the valley of death.  He goes through the tedious process of becoming and assuming the clothing of flesh and of being buried in the sepulchre of matter, life after life, each life within the valley giving him a little more experience, but this process must continue until he has fulfilled his mission here on earth.  The very fact that the Soul returns again and again to the limitation of the valley of matter and endures the dreary conditions of life within the labyrinth, should prove to you that the only way the human counterpart of the Soul can get this experience and knowledge is within the body of flesh.  So the Arcane Discipline or GNOSIS is the manual for our life here and not for some vague heaven-world as stated by our Theosophists and Christians.

Within the heart of hearts of this human-personality of ours there lies hidden a Pearl of Great Price – The Divine Soul – and it is our work here in the valley to find this Pearl of Ourselves as it is our Lode Star which will ever lead us through the labyrinth of human life.  This Soul of ours is the Sword which will rise from the waters of the animal nature and give us the ability to slay the Dragon of our human nature.  We are the only person who can draw the Soul from the Rock of the Body and he who can do this becomes the King of the Realm.  Within the legend of the San Grael this drama can also be seen, we see how Sir Galahad, the pure knight was allowed to see the Holy Grail and sip from it the Eternal Life of the Soul and was thereafter seen no more by men.

The fact that we have been sent by the Soul to enter and dwell within the limitation of the tomb which is to be found within the valley of death, which is in other words, the Hell of the Christians, the Hades of Greece, Amenta of the Egyptians and the Labyrinth of Crete, etc., should again make it quite clear that we are here for a purpose and that purpose is to be perfectly human but at the same time be perfectly divine, to show forth our Divine Nature within the body of flesh.

This descent of the Sons of God from the Logos is shown in Ezekiel’s Wheel.  Hargrave Jennings observes: “All this is incomprehensible, except in the strange mysticism of the Gnostics and the Kabbalists: and the whole theory requires a key of explanation to render it intelligible; which key is only darkly referred to as possible, but refused absolutely, by these extraordinary men, as not permissible to be disclosed.”  Now the said Key to this riddle is Man himself, but this key must be turned seven times, we will give one of the explanations.

This shows the descent of the Immortal Spirit of  Man moving down five stages into matter to become nascent man – Adam or Scorpio, the emblem of sin and matter and then Sagittarius, Capricornus, Aquarius and Pisces.  These represent the first five stages through which the Heavenly Man must pass to become the earthly man through Virgo the sign of generation; then we have Libra or Enoch, who is half-divine and half-terrestrial, then on the ascent the man must pass through the conditions and qualities of Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus and Aries to complete the Grand Cycle of Necessity.  The balance between the two sets of five stages of the earthly man is the centripetal and centrifugal forces, as symbols of Good and Evil, the former force will drive the planets into the sun and the latter chase our Souls into the dreary labyrinth of matter, but the Balance or the Divine Soul is ever there to save us from complete destruction.

The meeting point of heaven and earth is man or Libra and he stands at the mid-point of evolution, this means that Jesus represents the long process of the evolution of the lower kingdoms of form in their process of becoming man and Christ begins the process of man becoming God again.

This is the great mystery of the Rose and the Cross: The Cross symbolises the human and spiritual nature of man and the Rose within the Cross, represents the Soul of Man, white at first and then becoming a Red Rose through the continual sacrifice of the Soul in matter.  As the Rose grows in stature, the Cross decreases until it becomes depicted within the Red Rose, then at the final stage of earthly life the Red Rose becomes the White Rose born out of the Cross of Matter.  This is the Rosicrucian explanation of Ezekiel’s Wheel.

The Arcanum was called a SOD and the Discipline was the same as that held by the Gnostics.  The most sacred of all Oaths was called the Sodalian Oath and was taken by the aspirant at the entrance of the Path and can be explained in this wise:  The neophyte for Light pledges himself to the Divine Self and to the Holy Spirit through the Hierophant, he promises that he will remain true to his great task.  There is not one known instance of a True Brother who has ever dared to break this Bargain or Oath to the Higher Self, but alas, THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF STUDENTS EVERY DAY WHO ARE BREAKING THEIR SACRED OBLIGATION TO THE REAL SELF.  One has only to enter any of the groups and there you will see them chatting about their ‘initiations’, their visions, etc., and even taking pride in telling others that they are “pupils of their Master,” the only pupil they are likely to become for this life-time, is to their human master, the subconscious mind.

This Oath is depicted in the Roman Catholic hymn which was adapted from the Sodalian Hymn of old, and runs:

Faith of our Fathers living still,
In spite of dungeon, fire and sword,
O, how our hearts beat high with joy
When’er they hear that glorious word!
Faith of our Fathers, holy Faith,
We will be true to thee till death.

It is obvious that the Roman Church has usurped this Hymn from the ‘heretics’, the Arcane Christians, for it was the Popish Church who put to the sword those who kept to the True Faith.  We may well ask: Are our modern occultists, especially our Theosophists, faithful to their Oath taken in either some past life or in this one?  The answer must be no if we are to judge by their actions, they are first to break it, simply because they are playing with spiritual things, the histories of these movements resound with hypocrisy, pride, egotism, and, like monkeys, they cannot keep their big mouths shut for one moment, given the chance, they will spew out all their Soul-secrets to those who are willing to listen to them.  There are also some members of the Pleroma who just cannot remain silent, they will learn to their cost, however, that it is prudent to remain silent at all times.

In spite of the failures which one meets every day, it is obvious that the Perfected Ones are not wanting; the steps are not hidden.  It is the heart that is wanting, the love that is lacking, the desire which is absent.  These are the things which keep us back, and not our ignorance of the Way to the Summit.  We have been sent to help you, but you refuse to accept our word, so you must go through the hard way and learn by pain and suffering, but those who have complete trust in their Immortal Self know that we are proving it in their very lives.

The sooner you learn that the traveller on the Path to the Summit wears no crown save that of thorns, there is no patting on the back by friends, but a deep scourging by the seven-thonged Whip of Retribution which makes the neophyte pay a price which the normal man or woman would shudder to contemplate.  There must be a payment of your past sins in some life, either past or present, you cannot escape this justice.  The price which must be paid is unsuspected by the average seeker, they know nothing of the cost which must be met in their lives for the possession of such dynamic Soul Powers, they really know nothing of the sacrifice demanded, and so, when the Law of Life demands repayment, most of them refuse.  This means that they break their Oath – and must then pay the forfeit.  The Divine Law does not allow for ignorance for, in this, as in all other departments of life, ignorantia non excusat lege.

As one writer states: “And this – for them – is the pity of it all.  It cannot be too strongly emphasised that these matters are not to be trifled with.  They are fire – spiritual fire – whose effects (when wrongly used) are unbelievably terrible.  This is not mere mystogogue’s rhetoric; it is only too terribly true.”  It is nothing short of criminal on the part of any teacher to allow the aspirant to enter the Path without indelibly impressing on him well beforehand that this Path to the Summit will either break or make a man, and there is a further fact, which is more terrible than the above, that when the aspirant has entered the Path, to leave it because he becomes swayed by his subconscious mind is worse than death to him.  We know that even a temporary deflection from his bargain will bring the most severe results upon him.

There is no throng to laudate you on your way, but only the mocking of the world of would-be seekers who believe and yet do not know, there is no state carriage to carry the Son of God towards victory, but simply the heavy cross of his sins, there are no friends to help you, only those who will give you the bitter draught of betrayal when you are stripped and bound to the infamy of the cross.  In spite of all this, you must not make one effort to save yourselves.  There is not one true Soul who has ever attempted to shirk this Thorny Path to the Crown of Victory, they have trust in the Divine Will of God, they have absolute faith in the omnipotent protection of their Immortal Soul, and the serene patience and endurance to face the end.

Where do we see these brave souls who have or are travelling this Path?   We see them not, they remain silent in the midst of their earthly sufferings but never for one moment have they ever lost faith in their Soul, they have conquered and attained the Summit of Glory, but never for one moment in time have these uncrowned Martyrs of Light permitted a call for help to go unanswered by them.  Where are these Princes of Light?  Are they to be found within the ranks of the pseudo-occult movements where egotism, pride of attainment, intolerance and separateness is the rule of the day?  No, they will not be found there.  They are to be found by those who have proved themselves worthy to become their pupils, nay, more than pupils, they become the beloved of the Elder Brother.

How many aspirants have earned the priceless privilege of becoming a Son of the Brother?  When the veils have been lifted for them and the Brother is revealed to them as the embodiment of the Light have then turned away because the price demanded by the Teacher is more than they can bear to pay?  The Teacher becomes the rock upon which the aspirant can seek safety from the turbulent seas of his own nature, how many pupils have judged the Rock according to their own lights, and finding not what they expected from the Rock, have slipped back into the aroused tempest of their animal nature and have slipped into the murky depths?  How many pretended teachers have ignored even the smallest cry for help, have turned away with disgust and allowed the aspirant to flounder amid the rocks of Life?  Very many, we are sorry to say.  Go to a boasted member of the Theosophical or Rosicrucian Society and plead for help, they will turn their back upon you.  When we, ourselves, have cried to our members for help, this has always come from the humblest member, from those who claim nothing, know nothing and yet have responded to the call of God in us to the God within them, they are the true aspirants for the Summit.  “Even as you have done it to these, my little ones, you have done it to Me.”  Thus the Great Reformer said.

For such are those who are racing towards the Goal and Victory.  Therefore, this omnipotent Power within man which gives him the strength and determination to succeed in his quest for himself is Divine Love, that Love which is long-suffering and kind: that Love which does not envy: that Love which does not make a vain display of itself, and does not boast.  Does not behave itself unseemly, seeks not its own, is not easily provoked, thinks no evil of man.  Love does not rejoice over iniquity, but will rejoice in the Truth: Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things, Love never fails you.  Love is the Power which allows us to see through the mirror of the flesh darkly, but soon we will come face to face with Love, we know in part, but soon we shall know even as I am known as Yourself.

Power is the greatest force which has been placed within all men, if he would but understand its Nature.  It is the Power which can and will transform him from a weakling into a god, by this inherent power of man’s soul he can command the powers of Nature to obey his wishes.  A man must have Faith in his own indestructibility as a Soul and his ideas must be exalted almost to madness, his brain powers must be increased far beyond the miserable status of modern society.  Before he can be permitted to use the Dynamic Powers of his Soul he must have attained the complete abnegation of the little self, he must become devoid of selfishness, love of power, of ambition, of lucre, and bent on doing good to the world in general.  This Power then becomes Love in operation, it will transform a man from a weakling to a mighty magician.

Therefore, the awakening of the omnipotent power within man can only be accomplished by the absolute obedience to the principles of the Arcane Discipline, the man becomes a God-intoxicated man, he becomes conscious of himself as God and acquires a practical knowledge of the hidden mysteries of Nature known only to a few, because they are so difficult to acquire without falling into sins against Nature.  This becomes logical when we know that God informs all aspects of Nature and that all forms share in His life, therefore, man being a manifestation of God must have the same powers within his very nature as that of God.

Do you think it possible that generations upon generations of Great Souls would have gone on deceiving themselves and the people for the pleasure of perpetuating a belief in “miracles” if this knowledge of the omnipotent power of the Divine Soul was not a fact?  Do you really think that the Mysteries and the Arcane Discipline was established to keep this mighty power reserved for the chosen few out of selfish reasons?  The answer is no, the mysteries were established to protect man from himself, to enable him to tap Nature’s forces without destroying himself.  The Discipline was established by Wise Men in order to gradually prepare man for this great gift, the Oath of Secrecy was imposed upon the aspirant for his own good.

We will meet living examples of men and women who have unconsciously tapped the source of this Power.  We will often meet both men and women of great promise and capability who have achieved nothing because they lack the complete trust in the omnipotent Power of their higher Nature. These unfortunate people are suspended betwixt heaven and earth, they are neither at home in things spiritual nor things of the earth, they eventually find themselves becoming inmates of mental homes or have to face a life of continual doubt and frustration.  In all these half-hearted aspirants for the Soul, there is a curious indecisiveness in all their actions and above all a nebulousity of their personalities that tells its own sad tale.  They have attempted the Path without the Arcane Discipline and they have paid forfeit, and from these torn souls we can learn how terrible this penalty is; they have, at least for this incarnation, lost their Souls!

“It is obvious that this must be.  Nobody seeks occult knowledge unless they are dissatisfied with earthly learning or wish for something it cannot give.  As they journey on the Path, they more and more see, not the uselessness, but the inferiority of mundane things.  Nevertheless, such mundane things are pleasant, very pleasant, and earthly desires are strong in us all.  If, when the call to sacrifice some treasured joy of earth comes to the aspirant on the Path, he is ignorant of the necessity for that sacrifice, he will very likely refuse to make it.  And then, by his refusal, he is cast out of heaven.  This is literally his state.  He wanders unsatisfied over the earth, knowing the impermanence of its rewards and therefore being disinclined to seek them, yet by his recoil from the rigours – or seeming rigours – of the spiritual world, he is cut off from both consolation and compensation from anywhere else.  Initiative; the mainsprings of action – is missing, and he can literally do nothing!”

How many letters we have received from our members who have expressed this very same condition, they refuse to believe that we have passed through the darkness of trial and tribulation and have attained the foot of the Summit, they refuse to believe that what we are doing and teaching is for them and them alone.  How many times have we called to Love in order to help them, and how many times has Love replied in these words: “You cannot help those who will not help themselves, all you can do for them is to show the way and the rest is up to them, if they cannot cut through the glamour of this world, then they will have to wait for another time, in the meantime you have a responsibility towards those who have the insight to realise that you can help them.”

Therefore those who love Him through their Souls will become the Word Made Flesh, the divinity shall dwell among and in us, and we shall see our own Glory like that of the First-born of the Father, full of grace (Divinity) and truth (God) and they shall become Gods walking the earth to save mankind.  Those who have become God do live as gods on earth, they are born in the right circumstances to help us, they may be a beggar or a prince, an adept or pupil, it matters not to Love, for Love must use the best material which is offered to it.  We must always look beyond the mere clothing and seek the Real and through the Real we shall see God within ourselves.

Therefore, the Logos, through His many parts, must descend into the limitations of the flesh to gain experience and knowledge before He can realise His own nature.  It is Love which makes Him sacrifice Himself for us, and it is Love which gave us life and being in the tomb of the valley of death, the Logos through us must die to His own region to become alive in the valley, He must fall asleep in us and it is only we who can awaken the sleeping God and ascend with Him to freedom.

Within the underworld of ours in the body embalmed and buried in the tomb of flesh we are beset by shadows, some terrible to behold, the monsters of the darkness which lie in wait for the faint-hearted ones, the demons of lust, envy, greed, gossip, jealousy, pride, etc. They are all there within ourselves waiting to devour us, there are the bats who love darkness and mystery, there are the jackals waiting to tear us to pieces with their teeth, there are the snakes of deceit and temptation, the vampires who will suck us of our self-reliance.  Then we have to face the fleeting shadows and mirages are ever enticing us away from the beauty and Love of the Divinity within, all these and many more are ever ready to lure you to their den of iniquity, they are clothed in the flesh of human beings who survive upon uncleanliness such as: gossip, scandal-mongering, jealousy, pride of all kinds, greed for lucre, murder and sexual hypocrisy, etc., they are all demons created by your own uncontrolled imaginatory powers of the mind.  But true Love and Faith will cause them to flee from you.

We can conquer these self-created demons within our own nature simply by following the dictates of the Arcane Discipline, through this Gnosis you will awaken the Champion from its long sleep and it will then help you to do battle with these mirages.  The Champion will not come to your aid, however, if you will worship the gods of this world before Him, you cannot serve two masters, you must choose between the Ruler of the Body and Divine Self, the choice is yours and yours alone.

Think not, my Brothers, that you can escape from the thorns and sharp rocks which you have created, they will cut your feet every inch of the Path you follow, there will be many who will make a point of showing themselves as your friends, but be ever on your guard for the snake which lurks behind their profession, be not flattered by others, lest in flattery you are led into the mire of iniquity.  Trust all people but not their human nature.  Be kind and have compassion upon those who misuse you, where ill is done you, return love, pity them not, for pity is like a leech which will suck them dry of self-reliance.  Far better to heal them of their sufferings for their acts will be all but more than they can bear in one life.

The Arcane Discipline teaches you to live and gain the best from your personality, do not penalise it by adopting false habits of mind, emotions and body, do not pander to its wants lest it will devour you, be stern with it and make it work for you and obey you, the Divine Self.  All forms of psychism, yoga practices, etc., are dangerous to you, they are one of the many mirages of earthly life.  Never for one moment lose sight and faith in your Immortal Nature for that is your only true protection from the demons of the body and the only Power which will grant you Immortality.

It is because the principle of the Arcane Discipline have been either ignored or unknown by the many systems of thought, that you find so many people being caught up in their glamourising traps, they profess to teach, yet teach not, they claim to give, but give not, they claim to know and yet know not.  They are suitable for children who just cannot think for themselves, and when their people begin the process of thinking for themselves, they leave the kindergarten, however, when they enter a Brotherhood which does teach the Arcane Discipline and can demonstrate the Soul-Powers.  They believe it not, they claim that it is a mirage, but then fail to realise that it is the same system of discipline which was founded when man came to earth and is the same today.

The Order of the Pleroma can state without any fear of contradiction, that it is the first body to publicly proclaim the Arcane Discipline and that its Leader can demonstrate the Power of the Soul, yet in spite of this, there are people who claim that it is new and different and they will have nothing to do with it.  In fact, it is neither new nor different as history affirms.  The Pleroma is simply restoring the principles of the Discipline which have been hitherto practised in secret.

My brothers, from the day you attain Illumination of the Soul, when you have awakened the Soul out of its long sleep in the tomb, your battle with the demons of the animal self will become fierce, you will have to face the uncharitable acts of those who publicly profess to be ‘pupils’ or ‘advanced’ in spiritual work. You will find them tearing you to pieces behind your back for they will lack the moral fibre to face you.  Curse them not, but bless them greatly, for every scourge they render you gives you more strength, every cup of betrayal will help you to develop discrimination, every action of mocking will reveal to you the snake of the human nature, every cross you have to bear will make you all the more determined to carry on, every deserting friend will make you realise that there is only one Friend and that is the God within your own Soul.

Little do you know of what we have had to put up with from the little minds of misguided people who have come to us professing to know the Light, only to reveal that they are so encrusted with their own importance that because we do not conform to what they considered a teacher should be, they have turned away and in doing so have revealed the blemishes of their own nature.  They have seen in the aureole of the Divinity their own faults and have mistaken the reflection from ourselves to be in us, but actually speaking, an Illuminatus becomes a very clear mirror which will reveal the defects of those who come near it.  Pride and conceit debar them from realising that what they are seeing in us is only themselves as in a mirror.  By this means they are able to see their hidden faults and give themselves the chance to do something about them.

To be misunderstood and slandered by smaller minds is the penalty to be borne by the Illuminatus who has obeyed the principles of the Arcane Discipline.  When this comes your way, be not angry with them, but bless them, for by their acts they are really helping you and also themselves.  This is the real meaning of the Ransom of Thirty Pieces of Silver taken by Judas, the animal nature within you, but you will say for them with your whole heart: “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”  They are the ones who have sinned and should be healed.

This, my brothers is the terrible price you must pay if you desire to become the Light, it is only through suffering and anguish that you will master the demons of your own nature and attain the Victory.  But, we wish to make it quite clear to you, there is no need for this pain and anguish if you are prepared to obey the injunctions of the Arcane Discipline and are also prepared to accept our assurances on this point, so long as you realise in your mind that we are here to help you, then you can avoid this difficulty.  If you try the Arcane Discipline on your own, then you are asking for very serious trouble. You can cut the link between the human and the Divine and the human will become a soulless creature which will eventually be cast into the Eighth Sphere to be totally destroyed.

Let us make this absolutely clear to you, you cannot come to the Arcane Discipline through the Pleroma unless you have gained sufficient experience in the past.  You must have reached the required standard before your Soul will allow you to enter the ranks of the Pleroma, since the Pleroma is a power-house, and it is dangerous to touch the live wires without pre-training.  Unless you have this training, there is the grave possibility that you will burn the delicate nervous system of the body and find yourself in a mental home.  Before you joined the Pleroma you made the Pledge to the Divine Self that you would accept the training given by us and that you would obey the Arcane Discipline.  That is the bargain you have made, and woe betide you if you attempt to break it.

Think not that just because you leave the Pleroma for some stupid reason and join another society in the hope of escaping the business of paying this just debt to the Real Self that it will be so.  Far from it, you have broken your Pledge and punishment for this act will only accumulate more Karma which will make your remaining years in the body harder to bear.  Hence those who wander from one system to another for petty reasons are those who are very young in Soul experience and should never have come into this work, but those who remain faithful to the Teacher of the Arcane Discipline are those Souls who will manifest the Good and Beauty of the Real Self.

The absolute Truth of the Self is never what we think it to be; it will never conform to what we think; we must conform to its Laws if we are to attain the truth of the Self.  All aspirants have two paths open to them; either they remain with speculations and opinions which one can find in any occult book in a library; or they will leave the speculations alone and seek the Source of Truth within themselves.  Let it be clearly understood, if the many systems have the Truth as they claim, why is it that none of them can demonstrate in their own lives the Truth?

Again we say, you were allowed or will be allowed to enter the Pleroma, not because it is just another society but because it was considered by your own Soul, that you were sufficiently experienced to let go of the world of make-believe to seek for and to become the Reality. Therefore, the choice is yours.  Either you continue your efforts in the Arcane Discipline through the Pleroma and eventually realise the Truth, or you may wander among the conflicting opinions and in the long run gain nothing but disillusionment and uncertainty.

Please understand that we who follow the Arcane Discipline and have achieved the goal of its endeavours do not beg anybody to join us; that would be stupid to the point of being ridiculous.  What we ask is that you use your common sense.  The choice is always yours and not ours; if you cannot continue with the training given, then there are always others who will take your place in the ranks of the Leaders of Humanity.  An individual is of no use to the light unless he or she is willing to accept the ancient Arcane Discipline.

It is extraordinary to find people who desire to know the Truth and above all to become the truth as a personal experience, making excuses for not pursuing the only avenue available to them to know, but rather stopping themselves by accepting the promptings of the Serpent Mind.  There is only one way in which to realise this Personal Truth and that is within and there alone. This has been clearly demonstrated by all those great Souls who have spoken about and obeyed the Gnosis of the Arcane Discipline.  But in order to experience your own Nature you must strip yourselves of all outward attachments such as knowledge and desire and prepare the personality for the manifestation of your Divine Nature.  The method we are teaching is the same as that which has been taught by the greatest minds who by this method have attained the light of Themselves.

Only a damn fool will ignore this tremendous possibility, but we are all human, and to err is human.  We too, erred in our youth, we ignored the call of the Self for many years and during that time we passed through a period of pain and anguish because our love for the things of this world held us back, however, slowly but surely the Divine Self began to guide us into the right channels, we had to leave all organised societies alone and stand on our own feet, then the principles of the Arcane Discipline were conveyed to us during the sleep state, and in 1956 we had reached the end of our training, then the Soul descended into the human tabernacle and manifested to the public as Illumination.

Now we can look back and see what a damn fool we were, and how in our blindness we put off the day when we could experience the joy and security of the Self, then the Self said: “My son, you have accomplished the first stages, you must return to mankind and teach them also of the joy which is yours.”  So we obeyed the Will of Him who sent us and took over the Grand Hierophantship of the suspended Order of the Illuminati which eventually became the Order of the Pleroma, from which time we have been teaching and demonstrating the Power of the Soul within the body.  We rule the Pleroma through the Power of the Self so if we have done this, what can you also do!

We have learnt compassion for others, have ceased to judge others by their errors or because they have done things according to our imagination, for to do otherwise would manifest an appalling lack of spirituality on our part.  Judge no man from the personality levels, but judge him or her from the Soul, that which is shunned in this life will have to be met in some future life, those who judge now, will be judged in the next, those who misuse others in this life will become the victims in the next.

It is possible for man to attain to spiritual freedom from the chains of earth in our lifetime, that is if he is prepared to obey the injunctions of the Arcane Discipline as taught by the Pleroma.  Unfortunately, those who are to accomplish this in one life, are very few indeed, perhaps in a thousand years one has been able to attain complete freedom?  But many more are able to attain partial freedom in one life through the Discipline.  All we can do for the moment is to make the effort and abide by the Discipline and know that obedience to the Divine Law will carry us onwards to Perfection.

The Princes of Light ask of each one of us that we TRY, and if we fail that we pick ourselves up and try again and to do this time and time again until we do attain.  The evil lies in our refusal to make the attempt again, no matter how many time we may think we fail.  Each failure made and each attempt to continue creates the Golden Stairs upon which we can climb the heights to God.  We can only learn by trial and error through the teachings and practice of the Arcane Discipline.

Finally, the teachings of the Arcane Discipline can be summed up in these words; it is in this teaching that the Pleroma becomes different from other systems of thought: Man has a Divine Soul which is the Real Man; in order that you may become a human being, the Soul dies to its own region and is born in this earthly region within the Tomb of Matter in the valley of death – our earth life.  The Soul only puts a portion of Its life into the tomb, but it still remains a Soul.  The Soul of Man is he “who is without father, without mother, without beginning nor end of days.”  The Soul is then the sum-total of all its earthly experiences which it gains life after life in the various tombs of matter. This means that the Essence of each life is absorbed by the Soul; this is the method whereby the Divine Soul is able to unfold its latent God-potentials.  When the Soul has developed to a certain point, then it seeks to take over its human counterpart and if the human counterpart is willing to allow this to happen, then the Soul descends fully into the personality and vouchsafes to it Its Wisdom – the man then becomes an Illuminated Soul – a Master Among Men

You will always remain in a state of uncertainty and disillusionment so long as you do not recognise the existence of the Divinity within your own nature.  It will be of no value for you to study and philosophise about your divine nature and your identity with the Supreme Soul of the Universe; for you cannot know the Immortal Self as long as the spirit of holiness and absolute Truth is not active within yourselves.  So long as you judge all things from the world of the Shadows and the Valley of Death, you will never touch the hem of your own Divine Garment. Therefore, your blind occultism cannot abolish the inherent faith of man in the All-Seeing God Principle, without adoring in its place the blind intellect of the animal man.

Therefore, the Arcane Discipline as taught in the Pleroma is to help you to eradicate these barriers in your mind and body, to prepare the whole of the personality to receive the down-pouring of the Good and Beauty of our own Divine Soul and this has been done by preparing a balanced system of teaching embodying the moral qualifications and the gradual revealing of the Gnosis of the Soul.

“Finally, we teach that the mortal man through this discipline called the ARCANE DISCIPLINE could have intercourse with God and superior spirits, and consequent attainment of superhuman knowledge by metaphysical and alchemistical process, which liberate the mind from its finite consciousness, to become one and be identified with the Immortal Spirit.”

The conception of a secret and unknown international conclave composed of men and women of the highest intelligence, who are spiritually transformed by the profundity of their knowledge, is both an extremely ancient and an ultra-modern one.  These men and women ever seek to protect their powers and knowledge from the curiosity and greed of other men, and above all reserve the right to use their inherent powers for the good of mankind at the right time.  Or else they seek to conceal their knowledge for a number of years and to allow only fragments of it to be published, and even then, only under a double form of writing, one meaning within the other.

Such a conclave of noble souls has always been known as the Ecclesia Spiritualis and represented a society of human beings who had reached a higher state of divine unfoldment than the mass of humanity, and by this unfoldment possessed similar internal characteristics which enabled them to recognise one another at all times.  These beings embrace all the higher potentialities of the human mind and spirit, they are elected to the Conclave by co-option; they are a permanent and continuous society of human beings of exceptional faculties – they have always been feared by officialdom and the established churches – an open conspiracy, in actual fact.

This Ecclesia comes naturally into being each century, and consists of men [and women (Ed.)] of superior intelligence seeking like souls with whom it would be possible to converse and work together in harmony.  Such men are not to be found within the intellectual or academic spheres of human endeavour, outwardly, they appear to be one of the mass of humanity, within, a storehouse of knowledge and power.  These Men and their ideas could only be understood by a limited few in the whole world.

The members of the Ecclesia have, or have nearly, annihilated the importance of and attachment to the human self, and have devoted the whole of their lives to the welfare and advancement of humanity.  They were, and are, able to effect this practically impossible task of being concerned exclusively with the study of Nature and man in relation to the Divine Ideal; but, because of the demands made upon the individual, such a study was illuminating and practical only to the minds of a different calibre from that of ordinary men.  When such exalted minds are brought to bear upon the study of man and nature, they attain to a knowledge and identity of all things and perfect wisdom.

All the far-reaching discoveries regarding the nature of matter and energy, the nature of man and his inherent divine nature, and the laws which govern the Universe and Man have been made possible by the few in spite of the opposition by the majority.  Such discoveries, were worked on by civilisations that have disappeared, had they been preserved throughout the ages, such events could only have been attained by people of superior intelligence through the means of a language utterly incomprehensible to the ordinary man.  By way of the Ecclesia from one age to another, this knowledge has been transmitted through a succession of men of exceptional gifts able to communicate with one another; they are well aware that it is not in their interests or in that of humanity, to display their gifts and powers openly before the majority.

The Ecclesia, or Arcanum, being the spiritual elite, are not anxious to attract attention if only to avoid meeting with obstruction, and would, therefore, have something better to do than plan at being conspirators against the establishment.  The emergence of the Ecclesia in every century was forced upon these men, and if they used a double language, it was because the ideas expressed in this language are inaccessible to the ordinary mind.  “So long as men cherish the dream of getting something for nothing, money without working, knowledge without study, power without knowledge and virtue-less asceticism, so long will pseudo-secret and initiatory societies continue to flourish, with their imitative hierarchies and their mumbo-jumbo that imitates the real secret language, the language of technicians”.

So, the Technicians of Nature and the Spirit can only be found within the Disciplina Arcani of every age and clime, unknown to the majority, but wielding tremendous power and authority by which they change the face and thinking of one century to another.  By such means, mankind takes one step at a time, but always in the vanguard are to be found the Elect, sometimes as scientists, sometimes as great religious leaders, great politicians, kings or philosophers, always taking great pains to hide from their associates their real nature and purpose, possessing the keen vision and courage of a pioneer, facing great odds and sacrifices in order to establish a norm which will be followed by those who come after.

Such men and women, spiritually, are equal in rank in their Divine Nature, but unequal in their spiritual experience, their leader if he is a leader, embodies the stage which their human consciousness seeks to attain.  This being becomes a living dynamo of spiritual force, fearless, outspoken, having no respect for any man or his opinions, knowing that he is the embodiment of the Power of God.  He drives his brothers on relentlessly, reducing their human importance to nothing, having no pity for their struggles and in many cases deliberately intensifying their struggles and frustrations until they reach a point where they find that letting go of the attachment to the self is the only way to alleviate the internal conflict.  By reducing the self to zero, the dynamic energy of the Mediator enables each other to open  the door to the inherent Spirit, then the Conclave is at complete oneness, thinking alike, acting alike in order to advance the purpose of the Army of the Elect.

The Descended God now takes up its abode within the human temple of the leader of the Conclave, this becomes possible through the discipline and training given to him in his early years.  Such training he now passes on to his younger brothers of flesh, egging, spurring, encouraging, and even coaxing them to strive a little harder to allow their own God to descend through their vestures into their mortal temple, until they too become the descended God.  The Conclave is now complete and ready for the work ahead, a work which will have to be done silently and steadfastly, knowing that martyrdom must be their lot, mocked at by the credulous, spurned by the intelligentsia and persecuted by the established churches, but working unswervingly to accomplish the Purpose of God on earth.

From this can be understood why so many, with high hopes, fail to pass through the Door from sensory-intellectual knowledge into spiritual action; why the majority fear to let go of that which they “feel” is true, why they find it difficult to lose all attachment to the little self, and why they fear to be “different” from their brothers.  So long as their society confirms what they already know, they are content with the shell of Truth.  But, once the Light is able to pierce the darkness of their presumption, their conceit, arrogance of self, their attachment to the importance of the self, their opinions, then the spiritual earthquake occurs, their supposed world appears to crumble around them, all that appeared to be true and solid is revealed in its true perspective and they struggle with all their heart and mind to reach and enter the absolute surety of the Ecclesia.

But before they can even reach the Doors to the Ecclesia, their life must be turned upside-down, all their truths and knowledge must be blotted out of the mind, life as a mortal for them must lose its purpose.  Once they have accomplished this stupendous task, a Stranger appears by their side, one who points the way to the safety of the Spiritual Self.

They die utterly to the (Spiritual) Self and are reborn in the Spirit, and the Power and Knowledge of the Soul can now be granted to the purified human consciousness.  Such faculties lift them out of the ranks of the human army, they stand alone, the laws which they follow are too austere for their former friends, their knowledge being subtle to be grasped by their friends, they seek companionship among those of their equals and there find harmony, trust and true love.  From that height, they look back to the humanity they left behind and see the sufferings, the frustrations and pains which mankind continually creates for itself, being pulled from pillar to post, crying out to God for help.  Then is born a deep Love for humanity and the desire to help where they are permitted.

They now have before them the panorama of history wherein they see how the majority has treated those who have turned back to help, they have learned prudence and what the mind does not know the heart will not grieve.  They labour very quietly and unassumingly amongst the people, their true nature always beyond the people’s comprehension, but, by their unselfish efforts, the hearts and mind of the majority are slowly guided to the next step.  One tells another, then there are two, the two tell two more, then there are four, and so, as each century comes and goes, this number is increased, the ideas are planted, but it is left to others to take up the seed and cultivate it.

Such a Conclave or Ecclesia stands behind the Pleroma, in fact, it is the core of the Pleroma itself.  The Brotherhood and Order are the stages through which the aspirant can move towards the Ecclesia, which is the authority for the Pleroma on earth, a compact body of former members of the Pleroma, pledged to work and help one another in order that the aims and objects of the Pleroma may be fulfilled, before the Leader vacates his human body.  These beings do not need the Pleroma, but the Pleroma needs them, they become the Hidden Guides of the outer Pleroma and will steer its efforts along the pathway destined for it.

The Pre-Nicene Catholic Church is also a part of the Ecclesia and is yet another Door, which leads to the Ecclesia.  But the Church is closed to those who still harbour prejudice or suspicion against the Ceremonial Church, for such faults will keep the Door to the Ecclesia closed to them.  They must realise that the Father of All has always arranged many channels on earth through which His Sons may reach and become one with Him.  To have prejudices and suspicion in one’s mind about the Church, must also brand God the Creator as being stupid and blind to the needs of His people.

The Door to the Ecclesia is never closed to the honest aspirant; it is the aspirant himself who keeps the door closed.  The Door can only open when you have taken your foot away from it and allowed it to swing open of its own accord.  The foot, which keeps the Door closed to the Ecclesia, is your human nature, and only when you have annihilated the importance of the self will you be able to take the foot away from the Door.  No matter how much you desire to strive to enter “the straight and narrow way” which leads to the Ecclesia, it will avail you nothing if you cannot let go of your human nature.

If a man cannot respond to any cry of help uttered by his brothers or from the Pleroma, then how can he respond to the deep and agonising cry of humanity?  If a member cannot be trusted to pay his dues to the Pleroma each month how could the Brothers of the Ecclesia trust him to carry our his responsibilities to humanity? If a man’s word of honour, given in writing or by word of mouth means nothing to him, how could the Brothers rely upon your prudence in dealing with God’s Power for humanity?  If a man is continually judging the Divine Truth by what he has read in books, or gained from hearsay, how can the Divine Truth flow from his Soul into the mind without being polluted and distorted by counterfeit ideas?

During your sojourn in the Pleroma, your actions of mind, emotions and acts are assessed according to the immutable Law of the Ecclesia.  If you have failed to implement in your life the simple ethics and morality as taught by the Pleroma, how could you obey the stern and immutable law of ethics and morality which the Brothers are pledged to obey?  If you refuse to honour your dues to the Pleroma when called upon, how could the Brothers trust you to honour the cries for help from humanity?  If your mind is full of your own importance, how could the Brothers trust you to help humanity as being the first importance?

If you desire to aspire to the Ecclesia, then it is your responsibility to obey any call for help, whether from your own Society or from your brothers.  You must make an effort to give what you can, and then forget what you have given.  This is the way of life followed by Richard, your outer leader, he strives with all his strength, might and health to teach you, he gives what he can and then forgets what he has done for you, even to the stage of ruining his bodily health, ebbed out in your service.  If you also wish to become as he is, then you must change your whole attitude towards life and your brothers, service must be your watchword, no longer must you grab what you can and then refuse to pay for it.  In order that the Ecclesia can still be available to you, you must make sure that Richard is well looked after, otherwise with his death, the Door will close again for this century.  The rest is up to you.