Alchemical Physical Regeneration by Richard, Duc de Palatine

This publication is made available for scholarly purposes and does not necessarily imply any endorsement of the spiritual teachings contained therein.

Richard, Duc de Palatine (1916-77) was an Australian spiritual teacher whose work included the synthesis of esoteric, Masonic and religious authorities in an organization called the Sovereign Imperium of the Mysteries, later the Brotherhood and Order of the Pleroma. He was ordained and consecrated bishop within the Order of Antioch by Mar Georgius of Glastonbury (Hugh George de Willmott Newman) and established the church that later became known as the Pre-Nicene Ekklesia. He was succeeded on his death by Archbishop Count George Boyer (1921-2008), a noted esoteric teacher who in 1983 became a bishop of the Apostolic Episcopal Church. His wife Bishop Leila Boyer led the Pre-Nicene Ekklesia until her death in 2015.

Alchemical Physical Regeneration
Richard, Duc de Palatine
Edited by Bishop Leila Boyer

Man must seek to discriminate between REAL and FALSE knowledge. That which is real is Gnosis or Wisdom; that which is false is the speculation of the human intellect.  The only way, therefore, of exposing the pretensions of false knowledge and to destroy occult and religious superstitions, old and new, that prey upon and paralyse the human mind, is to examine religion from the ROOT – that root being MAN himself, both in his visible and invisible anatomy.  Man must begin by STUDYING the foundations of his beliefs, then he will KNOW their original meaning.  Once an understanding of their original intention is acquired, he must DIGEST what he has been given, and then FOLLOW this in action.  For it is only through these three phases of human activity that we can gain first-hand knowledge and experience with the assistance of the modes of expression which were first expounded by the Divine or Illumined Instructors of the human race.  These modes of expression were obtained by those Teachers from their primordial source – MAN.

Duality Must be Resolved into Unity
If the student has followed the operations of human activity, he will realize that the Cosmos and Man are first guided and worked from within outwards.  Then he will realize that the myths, allegories, and symbols contained in all religious and philosophical activities are simply the outward and visible ideations of the Whole Man.  This interpretation can be realized in the story of the duality of the Christ and Jesus in one person.  This duality in its many layers of understanding represent the relationship between the Soul and its reflection – the human soul within man.  Regeneration is, then, the process whereby the human Soul restores itself to unity with its Divine Counterpart – the Christos.  “Seek and ye shall find,” says the Christ of the New Testament.

There is within the cranium of man an ‘Inner Eye,’ called the “eye behind the physical eye.”  It is also said that the physical eye is the window of the Soul. This Inner Eye is attached to the pineal gland located in the forehead of man by a web of delicate wires or nerves, which we call the WEB OF LIGHT.  Above the pineal gland is the organ called the Optic Thalamus, which is called in the Gnosis, the organ of Light or Soul.  In Alchemy it is known as the ‘Eye of the Chamber.’  This Eye is the Christos which resides within the inner core of man’s being.

Man’s Inner Eye
In The Egyptian and Grecian Mysteries this Thalamus was called “The Light of the World”.  This ‘Inner Eye’ is referred to in the New Testament by veiled hints such as: “The Temple needs no Light of the Sun,” and again, “If thine eye is single, thy whole body shall be filled with Light.”  Once the student has reached the appropriate stage of his training, he becomes Illumined or overshadowed by this Inner Eye and the body is filled with Divine Light.

Dr. Santee in his “Anatomy of the Brain and Spinal Cord” describes the Thalamus as the Optic or Eye, and says: (it) “is the great ganglion of the inner brain, sometimes called the bed or chamber, projecting backwards over the mid-brain; laterally it rests against the superior lamina of the internal capsule, which separates it from the lentiform nucleus.  It is shaped like an egg, with the small end directed forward.  It measures 4cm, or about 1½ inches in length, and 2cm, or one inch in width and thickness and has an interior and posterior extremity and four surfaces.

“The posterior surface (dorsal) of the mid-brain, though free, is entirely concealed by the cerebellar and cerebral hemispheres.  It forms part of the floor of the transverse tissue of the cerebrum and is covered by pia matter.  The lateral sulcus bounds it on each side, from the sulcus laterals it elevates abruptly toward the median, where it presents a longitudinal groove.  This produces two ridges which are sub-divided by a transverse groove into FOUR EMINENCES or I.N.R.I., of the Cross, the colliculi of the corpora quadrigomina, on either side, anterior and a little lateral to the quadrigominal colliculus by an oblique ridge, called the brachium inferius.  The nearly parallel longitudinal ridges below the corpora quadrigomina are formed by the brachia conjunctive of the cerebellum, the bottom of the groove between them is formed by the superior medullary volum of Vieussens, when the trochlear nerve (fourth) is seen issuing.

1: Corpora quadrigomina and brachia   2. Pedunculi
1: Tegments   2. Substantia nigra   3. Bases Pedunculi
“The four colliculi of the corpora quadrigomina and the four brachia connecting them with the geniculate bodies constitute the quadrigominal lamina, which forms the greater part of the posterior surface of the mid-brain; it is also called the tectum.  This lamina quadrigomina presents a small median triangle between the superior colliculi and the habenula, called the sub-pineal triangle in which the pineal body rests, the lamina is invested with pia matter.”

Man Mirrored in His Ceremonies
The most extraordinary claims of the modern Rosy Cross, Kabalists and Christians, is that they tell us nothing of this triangle and pineal gland which is shown as the “Hidden Eye” within it.  However, the physical ceremonies of these organizations attempt to externally represent the Temple of the Living God, which structure we have just described above in medical terms.  This operation can still be seen during a High Catholic Mass.

Let us see what Santee has to say of this Hidden Eye or the Pineal Gland: “The ancients, from time immemorial, have considered the pine tree as the most sacred of all trees.  The pineal gland or Corpus Pineale, is shaped like a pine cone, and the ancient physiologist who gave it its name, must assuredly have understood its great esoteric function.  It is 6mm (0.25 inches) high, and 4mm (0.17 inches) in diameter, joined to the root of the third ventricle by a flattened stalk, the habenula; it is also called epiphysis and conarium.  It is small, reddish and the size of a pea, its interior is made up of closed follicles surrounded by ingrowths of connective tissue.  These follicles are filled with epithelial cells mixed with calcareous (lime) matter, the brain-sand (acervulus cerebri).  These calcareous deposits are found also in the spinal stalk and along the choiroid plexuses.”

Man and the Great Pyramids
The real meaning of the Great Pyramid will reveal to us the meaning of the Sacred Claustrum and the Stone of the Christos.  Before we enter the King’s Chamber we enter the anti-room and we find the ‘granite leaf’ which are these four grooves which correspond to these four eminences, the colliculi of the corpra quadrigomena in the mid-brain, the anti-chamber of the head.  We then find that the first Chamber, that of the Queen or feminine pituitary gland, and then go on to the higher King’s Chamber, the masculine pineal gland.  The Well which connects the King’s Chamber with the subterranean grotto, corresponds in anatomy to the left sympathetic system, and the grotto is the sacral plexus, where the first crucifixion of the Seed (Jesus-Esse) takes place.  This plexus is the dividing line between the beast-body or the Adam of Earth and the Divine Soul residing within the heart shaped cerebellum.  This is one of the inner meanings of Hiram Abiff by whose death (generation) the Word was lost.

The Oil of the Soul
The Christos has said “I am the Light of the World.”  This refers to the Seat of the Soul within the cerebrum. This word is made up of two words – ‘ceres’ meaning wax and ‘brum’ meaning a whirling wheel, and this is also verified by the fact that our word ‘world’ comes from the word ‘ whirl’ as derived by Dr. Santee.  This now becomes very suggestive to the student.  The Divine Essence or the PIA MATTER in this light emanating from the whirling sand of the cerebrum and thus fills the brain with light.

If this ‘pia matter’ is furnished to the brain by the tithes, the pineal gland becomes like a rock, and seems to have an aura.  This aura is caused by this matter passing up through the channel along the stalk to the cone (perhaps this is the real meaning of the pun upon the Latin name of Petra or Peter the Rock), the vibrations of the pineal gland are vivified or illumined, and pass through the convex lens in the cerebrum, focalised in the “All-Seeing Eye” within the triangle.

A hint may be given here: the Celtic Cross is shown with the four eminences; the circle which is shown behind the cross is the “whirling wheel” and the Eye within the Centre is the All-Seeing Eye of the Divine Soul.  Some of the inscriptions found on these Crosses give various hints of the Christed-Seed crucified within the Cross of Matter or the beast-body.

Learn the Meaning of Jesus or Christ
According to the Timeless Law of God, or as it is known in the East – Karma, error cannot be sanctified by age or custom, so until the student casts aside prejudice and dogma and seeks the Truth of the meaning of the words “Jesus” and “Christ”, he will not understand the Bible as we now have it.  We have discussed these two names fully in our two books “THE GREAT PARABLE” and “CHRIST OR JESUS?”

Constantine the Great at the Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D. was told by the Bishops of his time that there was no forgiveness for the crimes of which he was guilty, so to make sure that he would be saved, he commanded the Bishops to devise a plan of salvation in order that the blood of the innocent and mythical Christ might save him from eternal damnation.  By this means the process was set into motion to destroy the Gnostic Christos within and replace this ideal with that of the physical Christ, hence the reasons why the theologians have not been able to agree upon the true nature of the Christ.

The Seed of Life
Now the Greek word for “Jesus” comes from the word “Icthos” meaning a ‘fish’ and our medical doctors tell us that our creative sex-force has the odour and taste of a fish.  Since there is no “J” to be found in the Jewish language, Jesus becomes “Esse”, thus by adding the letter U, we have the meaning or idea of the “creative esse or seed.”  In this light, we can see that the principal gods of the Greeks, Hebrews and Christianity refer to the “seed of life.”  This means that Jesus refers to this creative seed of life, or the Kundalini Serpent Fire in the spinal cord.

Christ then refers to the oil consistency or ointment within the force as it has been shown by the smear over the doors of the Israelites in the story of Moses.  The fact that the prototype for the legend of Moses appears in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and in the remains of the great Sumarian culture, from which the main parts of the Old Testament can be traced, indicates a uniformity of myth and legend about the workings of the Divine Soul within the human body and how the Soul can and will conquer the beast-nature.

The Seed’s Journey
At the age of twelve years in the life of every man and woman, this Esse begins to move up the spinal cord from the sacrum to the cerebrum through the cerebellum, hence we find Jesus in the Temple within Jerusalem or the cerebellum after he returns from Egypt, which always symbolises the generative organs of the body.  There is an old legend in the Church that no man should become a bishop before the age of 49 years (7 by 7 = 49), and in the man who is wise and seeks to become a Sage or Illumined One, this creative-force ceases to yearn for the wisdom of Egypt, the beast-body, but seeks the wisdom of the Over-Soul.

During every month in the life of every person, that is to say after the age of puberty, about the end of 29½ days when the moon is in the natal Zodiacal sign in which the sun rose at the time of birth, there is a psycho-physical seed or “Son of Man” formed in the solar plexus or the pneumo-gastric plexus, commonly called the “House of Bread” in the likeness to the placenta.  This Esse or Seed will then either find its way up the spinal cord to the thalamus or it will find its outlet in sexual activity.

This Seed Will Redeem Man
The name of the town of “Bethlehem” comes from two words: ‘Beth’, a house, and ‘lehem’, meaning bread; therefore Bethlehem refers to the solar plexus.  This is another meaning of the saying: “Cast thy bread upon the waters and it shall return to thee after many days.”  In Santee’s anatomy, we find that the ‘waters’ refer to the blood and nerve fluids which carry the Fish or Seed on its Divine journey to regenerate the body; therefore this Seed or Esse will save and redeem man from his animal passions.

On the journey up the spinal cord the seed reaches a point called Nazareth where it is cooked or prepared for the work of spiritualising the whole of the body.  Hence we find that any materialised thing is bread, or masso of Catholicism, maso of the Masons, or dough the foundation for bread.  Thus the Catholic Mass, means the materialisation of the divine manna from heaven and in the body – Nazareth.  Since there was at the time of Christ no such village as Nazareth, we can assume that the word NAZAR meant a Wise Man or Sage, or one who had cast the two tablets of the thalamus at the Golden Calf of human generation.

Jesus – a Just Man
Thus the Catholic Mass, means the materialisation of the divine manna from heaven and in Masonry, this word Maso or Hiram Abiff has the same meaning.  It will now be seen why the Mason and Catholics are not in agreement.  For instance the letter N is an abbreviation of the 14th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, NUN the Fish.  Therefore, Joshua and Jesus means the same thing – a fish.  By adding the letter N to Maso, the meaning of the prepared fish in the thalamus becomes clear and some light is shed on the reasons for the Catholic priesthood strenuously objecting to publicly revealing the real meaning of Jesus.

Here the Gnostic and Catholic priesthood were and will always be at variance with each other, for the simple reason that Jesus for the Gnostic was a Just Man, or one who had attained the Christos stage of evolution; whereas the catholic considers Jesus as a Man born in time.  Paul considered that Jesus was a man born out of time; hence, Jesus for Paul was a spiritual divinity and not a physical one.

The symbol of the Fish in Christian Lore
It is interesting to note that the Christ seemed to concentrate upon the symbol of the Fish, as we know that the supposed disciples were called fishermen.  The money to the Gnostic funds were taken from the mouth of a Fish and the sign of the two fishes was their secret symbol of recognition.  The bishops of the church wore a Mitre shaped like a fish’s head.  In the Catacombs of Rome are to be found various forms of lamps, all of which have the symbol of the two fishes – the thalamus, or the symbol of XP, the ancient symbol of Icthos.

This is again one of the underlying meanings of the five loaves of bread and the two fishes, just as Jonah was a devotee of the worship of the Dove (Holy Spirit) being swallowed by Dagon the Fish, the god Moloch of the Canaanites.  Thus the Dove is the symbol of peace, calmness, and attributes of a Just Man.  It was at the Baptism of Jesus in Jordan (spinal cord) that the Dove or Germ was seen descending from the grey matter of the brain, hence the meaning of the sex desire in man.

Man Must Save His Seed
Thus for a man to be saved, he must save his seed of Jesus.  The Catholic Church in imposing celibacy upon its priests and bishops was only following the stern rule of the Gnostics, Essenes, and the Hierophants of the Mysteries of Serapis, who were also called by Hadrian, ‘Bishops of the Christos.’  This indicates the meaning of John when he says:  “He that is born of God cannot sin (or fall short of the Gnosis) for his seed (fish) remaineth in him.”  John was obviously a Gnostic trained in the Platonic School of Philosophy.  This rule is still kept by the Orthodox Church and the Sufis, when they say that you can only become a Just Man after you are married, and with the spouse’s consent, otherwise celibacy is demanded.

The age of puberty is then about the age of twelve years, and up to that age a child does not understand moral responsibility, hence the story that Herod the king sought to destroy the ‘first born’ or the first seed at the age of puberty, bearing in mind that Herod was dead four years before the birth of Jesus of the Gospels.  Again, we see the same glyph in the story of Moses being found in the waters of the spinal cord and Pharaoh, meaning the desire nature, seeking to destroy the first born.  This is shown in the story of Her-Bak, when he is presented to Pharaoh before entering the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Mysteries, Pharaoh says: “You are fortunate, Her-Bak: you will never be King! You can free yourself from the slavery of the Earth; your kingdom will be superior to mine…if you go your own way”!

Geography of the Bible
This means that Egypt is the kingdom of desire below the solar plexus and that which is above the Red Sea (blood), it was also symbolised by Taurus the generative power.  The land which is above the Red Sea is called the Land of Canaan or Heaven, hence the saying that the “…kingdom of heaven is within you.”  Therefore the Balance or Libra is to be found within the higher and lower nature and the solar plexus being the centre represents Enoch, who was half-man and half-fish.

The River Nile is the spinal cord and the Daughter of Pharaoh refers to the City of Jerusalem.  Moses means “drawn from the water” just as the fish was drawn from the water.  This is the sign of Pisces, or the Two Fishes, for as Thomas Vaughan claimed, we have two fishes within our human nature.  Moses in this respect refers to the generative seed and his Laws refer to our life in the physical region of life.  The Pillar of Fire and the Crossing of the Red Sea all refer to the sign of Taurus the Bull, the sign of generation on all regions of the personality.

Jesus means the “God of Salvation” which comes from the word ‘saliva’ (see Greek lexicon or works of Pythagoras) which saves the body by digesting or preparing the seed-fish; this saliva is a smear or ointment.  The ‘Sal’ or SOL is the salt which saves the food or ointment.  When Jesus is baptised by John in the Jordan, this refers to the baptising of the fluids – Christ – which are the substance of the spinal cord, and if lifted up, it becomes “…my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”   Iohannes refers to the fluids of the body; his Gospel tells of the Spiritual Man – the Soul using the fluids to enter into the body of Jesus, for, if a man lives in wickedness, the human Soul will lose its Divine Soul or Christos.

The Alchemists studied the arts of astrology, biology and biochemistry and these, if applied with wisdom and understanding, will lead us in the great Alchemical Laboratory of the “fearfully and wonderfully made human temple – the Temple made without hands and without the sound of a saw or hammer.” It is within this wonderful Temple that we must seek the Christos.  It was under the alchemical symbols that the Brothers of the Rosae Crucis, Brothers of Light and the Hermetical adepts sought the great Mystery of Life and Light.

Alchemical Interpretations
For them the redeeming Son of God is the ‘Esse’, the Universal Solvent of the Alchemists, and through this Esse or Jesus of the Universal Intelligence moves and brings man to his Goal – Illumination of the Temple of the Living God. This was called the Philosopher’s Stone or the Elixir of Light, which is carried through the lungs into the arteries.  They are the air carriers, where it unites with the inorganic cell-salts, then materialises (cooks) and forms granules, and is then deposited as flesh and bone for the human Temple.  Hence the allusion to the seven years of plenty and seven years of famine, inasmuch as it takes seven years for the whole of the atoms of the body to be changed.

For the student of Illumination to realise the power of the Divine Eye within his own thalamus, it will be necessary for him to know that in the WORD and JORDON, the ‘or’ refers to the gold of the precious substance of the Seed or Esse.  Hence when the alchemists speak of the transmutation of lead – crude sex-force – into gold, the Seed of Redemption, they are referring to the alchemical processes of the Christed Soul within the body, and their symbols were:

Gold                 (Sun)               Sulphur           Sal Ammoniac

Silver               (Moon)            Salt                  Sublimation

Copper            (Venus)           Water              Sublimate of Mercury

Iron                 (Mars)             Fire                  Realgar

Mercury         (Mercury)       Aqua Fortis     Vitriol

Lead               (Saturn)           Earth               Retort

Tin                  (Jupiter)          Air                   Common Salt

A Key to the Gospels
This contains the Key to the meaning of the Gospels in relation to the workings of the Divine Seed.  How it helps the student to attain Illumination or ‘mystical experience’ is in its literary and graphic meanings.  The literary is the method of applying fanciful names to substances and the graphic refers to the applying names and actions to the various parts of the body and its functions.  But we must always keep in mind that this process must never be forced; it will occur when the student has applied the teachings of the Arcane Wisdom or Discipline to, and in, his daily life.  To try and force this process by any external means is only to court danger.  The danger only passes when the student has purified the three-fold nature of the beast-body.  It will then occur automatically.

The word ‘Jordan’ through the letters OR becomes the Hebrew word for JUDGE.  This means that the Creative Power operates through the precious substance and produces judgement or Wisdom, the location of this OR or Gold is to be found within the upper brain, the cerebrum, and this is the grey matter or the ‘Precious Ointment’ or the Christed Seed.  St John calls it the WORD, and this has the same meaning as the Masonic use of this Word. Thus the Lost Word of the Masons is the symbol of the animal thought which eats of the Tree of Life by desire.  This means that you are losing the gold or the OR of the body.  This now reveals yet another meaning of the Garden of Eden and the Forbidden Tree of Knowledge.  Again, in Masonry, the word ‘Hiram’ means high born, and, if the body is squared correctly, the Divine Seed will pass up the 33 degrees or vertebrae of the spinal cord until it reaches the pineal gland and then Illumines the Single Eye of the Thalamus.

Many Meanings in the Biblical Stories
By the conservation and transmutation of the creative seed by a correct and balanced living, the pineal gland becomes firm and hard like a rock (Tetra or Tyre) and has the same meaning as Peter or Petra – a Rock or Pineal.  The ‘Chair of St Peter’ is the thalamus and the two lobes are crossed like Two Keys.  These symbols have been taken over by the Catholic Church without knowledge of their meaning. In Masonry we find that Hiram Abiff was resurrected during the delay caused by searching for his body; in other words a month or 29½ days has passed and another seed is born which the candidate for Initiation is admonished not to slay.

In the drama reported in the New Testament, in the Garden of Gethsemane, Peter cuts off the ear of a soldier who represents the world of the desire nature, but Jesus puts it back.  The meaning of this subtle act should be quite clear to the Mason and to the Illuminee.  Peter assumes two meanings as the drama is played out within the body; First in the garden he is shown as the Rock cutting off the ability to know the Wisdom, then later, with his three-time betrayal of the Christos, he is made to symbolise the desire nature of the three regions or sheaths of the personality.  The rest of this explanation belongs to the Esoteric Tradition of the ages.  The above shows that the meanings of the various personages who play their parts in the Gospels are inter-changeable and only an Illumine or a pupil of an Adept can possibly know all the layers of meaning involved in this drama.

Let us press on …The upper brain furnishes all that man contains and Jesus is not the Saviour until he becomes Christed of John in the Jordan (spine).  The Dove then descends down the spinal cord and enters into Jesus, thus making Jesus the Christed One.  So it will be seen that there are two fishes within man: one was Jesus the Carpenter – the human man – and the other the Christed Jesus who becomes the conscious Son of God.  To us it means that Jesus is the human Soul and the Christed Jesus is the Divine Soul united within the waters of the body by means of the ESSE of the Seed of Jesse.

By re-reading THE GREAT PARABLE, it will be seen that when the Christed Seed crossed the two nerves at Golgotha located above the Pons, the veil of the temple or the ‘shimmering web of atomic substances’ is rent and the earthquake occurs.  The whole of the body is re-oriented and the dead matter of the body or tomb comes forth.  This means that the generative cells of the body are quickened, and the body becomes spiritualised, and the Divine Eye of the Soul now shines forth into the darkness of the Virgin Matter of the body and illumines it.

To crucify means to add to or increase a thousand-fold, hence one of the reasons for David dancing before the Ark of God and his thousand wives.  However, he is naked, showing that man is divested of the desire nature.  The Ark of God is the Thalamus with its two lobes symbolised by the two Cherubim whose wings are spread over the opening of the Ark in such a way as to symbolise the Lingham and the Yoni, thus, the Ark of the Covenant was a phallic symbol.

Symbols of the Divine Eye
The Lord Buddha wears a thousand petalled headdress over the pineal gland or the Divine Eye, and the Crown has a thousand petals or spokes.  The winged headdress of the Egyptian Pharaohs also had the same meaning.  The Orb with the two wings symbolised the Flight of the Soul from the body by means of the Asp, the Serpent of Kundalini of the Hindu.  The plumed headdress of the Mayans and Aztecs mean the same thing.  The Tiara of the Pope with its three crowns also has the same meaning, the two lappets which hang down the back of the crown symbolize the two lobes of the thalamus.

The Crucifixion
When the crucifixion takes place at the moment of Illumination, the two nerve energies are crossed, they are the Two Keys of St Peter which will unlock the Holy of Holies. When they cross, they set afire the oil in the cerebrum, thus lighting the whole of the body, just as Moses saw the Divine within a burning bush on the top of the Mountain of Horeb.  Yet the bush was not burned, indicating that it is spiritual fire.  This fire also burns out upon the Two Tablets of Stone the Divine Law for man, the two tablets, of course, representing the two lobes of the Thalamus.

By means of crossing the two impulses within the Divine Seed, power and light is given to the pineal gland at such a rate that it causes the ‘Light of the King’s Chamber’ to fill the whole of the body with Light and send its vibratory forces out along the optic nerve to the physical eyes and thus heal the blind and, if directed along the other nerves of the body, will cause a transmutation of the elements within the body into that of pure Gold.  Hence the Anglo-Saxon WORD is simply two ‘Vs’ placed one on top of the other, making a figure of man, and the OR meaning the vital substance of the body and D is the door through which the Divine Soul enters into the thalamus and illumines the body. Therefore, it is this ESSE or Christos which vivifies the Seed and causes it to germinate within the solar plexus.  There is no Hebrew equivalent for the letter W, but some of the Kabbalists claim that it is the symbol for Celestial Water.  This means that in the original manuscripts, the words WORD and JESSE could not be.  We wonder what the original words were?

Alchemy, then, is the Divine Chemistry of the Body, and those who followed this Quest and achieved its objective were the Christian Mystics who knew the true and original meaning of the Christ and Jesus.  Although we have not given the whole story, we hope that we have given you sufficient hints to encourage you to make your own investigations into this wonderful but very personal story.

This article was first published as a Monograph of The Brotherhood and Order of the Pleroma, The Disciplina Arcani in 1972.